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It's funny how most of these people asking what can Apocalypse do to Thanos, but what can Thanos do to Apocalypse without prep or prep weapons? Thanos has more raw power than Apocalypse and has done way more things but that doesn't give him an automatic win over Apocalypse.. How is he going to kill Apocalypse without the ax? Does Thanos normally carry around weapons that can crack Celestial armor? Someone said that Apocalypse loses to Superman level characters, which is false, then someone else said that Apocalypse is overrated on this site, which is also false, if anything he is underrated because people think that he is just an earth villain... So what? Some of the "Earth villains" could defeat Thanos, not a lot but a few... So what if he fights the X-Men, some of the X-Men could defeat Thanos without prep.. With prep Thanos would probably win easily but this battle doesn't have prep and last time I checked Thanos doesn't know nothing about Apocalypse celestial armor so how is he going to crack it? Thor knew to strike Apocalypse hard and fast from behind or the fight would have went different. The fact that Evan was able to one shot Kluh (Hulk's Hulk) and only being Apocalypse for a small amount of time is impressive... Thor or the Absorbing Man didn't even k.o Apocalypse and they had a plot device.....

So what that Apocalypse and Thor fought before, Evan is a clone of En Saba Nur... He doesn't have the same memories as the original Apocalypse, if you read X-Factor where they killed the kid Apocalypse you would know why he doesn't have any of his memories...

I see people ignoring the fact that Warren with Apocalypse's armor was able to beat Jean with the Phoenix Force, and we all know how powerful the Phoenix is correct? Even the Phoenix 5 was able to stomp the Avengers but it could not beat someone who has Apocalypse armor...

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It's like Batman using Superman's weakness and people saying that since Batman whooped him then someone in Batman's league can also whoop Superman.. Batman had to use Superman's Krpytine against Superman, it was not because Batman is stronger... Same with Thor and Apocalypse.. Thor used a weapon that can kill a freaking Celestial on Apocalypse and still was not able to kill him, if it was not for the Ax then he would not of stood a chance.... As far as him just fighting X-Men, well he fought more than the X-Man and even some of the X-Men he fought are not weak... He also has thrown Loki in his celestial machine like nothing and had Loki running in fear from him, he has fought the High Evolutionary and pretty much won that fight, he fought Cable and has ragdoll Cable easy at times, and Cable has held his own with Silver Surfer while using his TK to hold up an island at the same time he fought Surfer... He has beat Stryfe when Apocalypse was at full power and Stryfe has beat Cable and Nate Grey at the same time before... So I have no idea even with scans on my page (that everyone can look at) that people still want to lowball and say he just fights X-Men characters which is false... Oh, and he was also able to hold She-Hulk and choke her using one hand...

Now, if Thanos and Apocalypse ever did fight then most likely they might make Thanos stomp him but only because Thanos is part of the MCU and Apocalypse belongs to Fox, but so far unless Thanos has prep or knows about his weakness then he is not going to hurt him at all.... People can keep saying Apocalypse "ran" from Namor, but Thanos was arrested by New York PD, so which is worse lol?

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@zhurong said:

@kingant27: For one, he has way too many abilities for Apocalypse to handle and he will be highly resistant to what Apoc can dish out. Thanos have survived mere galactic busting attacks. Apocalypse recently lost to Thor badly whereas Thanos beat Thor with relative ease.

If Thor does this than Thanos STOMPS Apoc.... (Even though the Axe is enchanted specifically for Apocs armor & Thor was inverted or whatever & was unhinged but he used no other power but strength & the axe). Thanos should make quick work of Apoc IMO

This is from Axis and I have the whole issues of it and Thor won because his ax is the only thing that can hurt Apocalypse ( If you have Uncanny Avengers volume 2 you would know why) also Thor got him from behind as well.... I mean he still did not kill Apocalypse and the Apocalypse Twins used the same Ax to one shot the Gardener Celestial... Apocalypse still got up to one shot Kluh after all of that until the Absorbing Man absorbed the ax and also used it against Apocalypse... In Uncanny X-Force Archangel with the same tech as Apocalypse was able to beat Jean Grey (with Phoenix powers) as did Weapon X as well... So has Thanos ripped apart Celestial armor without tech and just his own powers? Thanos wins with prep but without prep it will not be so easy... May I add that Thor was going to use the same Ax to kill a Celestial also in Uncanny Avengers volume 3? It was not Thor's might that hurt Apocalypse it was the cursed Ax that cracks and can kill CELESTIALS!!

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You should make a Batman vs Shredder!!

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Apocalypse wins unless Maestro has Unworthy Thor's old ax or the Life Seed... Apocalypse tanked multiple hits from an Unworthy Thor in Axis (not Uncanny Avengers) and Thor had to sneak up on him to hit him.... His hammer would have been unless and Thor knew that which is why he used his ax.... The ax is able to penetrate celestial armor, the Apocalypse Twins were able to kill the Gardener Celestial with one hit of it, and the reason the ax is so powerful is because in Uncanny Avengers volume 2 it shows a back story of Apocalypse and Unworthy Thor fighting, and Apocalypse stomped him so he went to Odin to seek help and Odin told Thor to just leave Apocalypse alone.... We all know how Thor hates losing a battle, so he spoke to Loki, who was really Kang, and he told Thor there was only one thing that he knew of that could crack Apocalypse celestial armor, and it was a curse spell that Thor had to cast upon his ax... He fought Apocalypse again and even then Apocalypse was knocking him around, but Apocalypse didn't know he had a spell casted upon the ax that could crack celestial armor, so Apocalypse was toying around with Thor not knowing of the spell and Thor finally was able to hit Apocalypse with the ax...

In Axis, they fought again but this time, as I said, Thor snuck up on Apocalypse and hit him with all his might so Apocalypse was hurt badly, which is why Thor won that fight, Evan had just turned into Apocalypse and didn't know about the spell or ax at the time, so Thor had prep and advantage.... This is no jobbering on Apocalypse's part since one of the only things that can hurt him is the ax and the Life Seed, and since Thor had to sneak up on him... Even then Apocalypse was still conscious after Thor repeatedly struck Apocalypse, and after that Apocalypse was even able to knock down Kluh (Hulk's Hulk)...

In Uncanny X-Force, there is a story called "Dark Angel" in the story Archangel was turning into the new Apocalypse and used the same celestial armor as En Saba Nur, which he was able to knock out A.O.A Jean Grey with the Phoenix Force avatar... Also in the arc the Uncanny X-Force went to the A.O.A to get the life seed so they could stop Warren from destroying the world... When they got there, they came across a new Apocalypse, Weapon X, who also had the same powers as En Saba Nur and his celestial armor, and he also knocked out Jean Grey easily... Also if I might add, there is a scene where it talked about how A.O.A got the Life Seed, and it confirmed he killed the Gardener Celestial in that timeline... It never said how he did it, so I really don't use that as a feat but reading the original A.O.A Apocalypse always wants to prove he is the fittest, so it seems likely that he with his powers killed the Celestial, but we still do not know though.

Point is that the Life Seed and Unworthy Thor's ax is the only thing that can kill Apocalypse... Rick Remender has made it to where the universe needs Apocalypse and he is like some evolutionary force, and has celestial armor which is why it is so hard for him to be killed unless he isn't at full power, but it is only fair we use him in this battle at full power.. Apocalypse wins..

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Yeah so this is pretty much a mismatch.... Skeletor wins

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@darklord_apoc: Actually, if carnage is SS level (Which he isn't unless I missed something HUGE), this IS a mismatch.

That being said, Carnage's success totally depends on the version of GG.

No he isn't Surfer level but Carnage was fast enough to attach himself to Silver Surfer, who has FTL speeds, but as of raw power he is nowhere near Surfer... Carnage is really unpredictable when he fights...

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@darklord_apoc: after seeing that waybig's blast are planetary plus level, Black bolt rarely screams even against thanos he just whipered which leveled a whole city, so stop comparing black bolt screaming and him talking or whispering, his normal voice disintegrated vulcan, and iceman never had intangibility which bigchill had and uses, and don't compare iceman and bigchill, besides i said ult. Bigchill who breaths heat absorbing fire, his fire absorbs heat freazing it instantly different from iceman freeze blast, and bigchill has freezed people and things by just passing through them while intangible, @ssj_god: well you are right about fan-made omega level lists, thought some characters possess omega level traits(planetary level-plus)like magneto, storm(possibly), and few others.

So you are saying Big Chill > Ice Man? Who has Big Chill ever froze that has celestial armor or just as durable as celestial armor? None right? As stated many times in Uncanny X-Force and Uncanny Avengers, the only thing that can harm celestial tech is the Life Seed or Unworthy Thor's ax... That is why Thor won against him in Axis and Apocalypse tanked multiple hits from the ax while even the Garden Celestial was one shot by one of the Apocalypse Twins that used the same ax... You also do know that Weapon X and Archangel defeated Jean Grey with the Phoenix Force, and they had the same celestial suite and powers En Saba Nur had... So Big Chill and Way Big are a match for the Phoenix avatar now? Especially with Jean Grey?

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What about using Wanda's feats in Axis and the A.v.X? She ragdoll Doom right and this was recent?

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Scarlet Witch

Both are at regular levels and must use their own powers... Both are in character... Random encounter... They start off 300 yards from each other... None knows about the other ones powers... Fight takes place in Paris

Round 2... Both are at regular power still... Blood lust no morals... Both have 3 hours of prep... Both know about what each other can do... They start out 400 yards from each other... Fight takes place in New Mexico..

Who wins and why?