Top Cow recommendations

I Recently got into Top Cow through withchblade and the darkness which both prove to be awesome series. I Am wondering can someone recommend me any great top cow comics.

Posted by Kondorr

Well I for my part like the Magdalena series very much... I would say Magdalena, Witchblade and The Darkness are the Top three for me (equally, but Magdalenas quality is more stable than the others two, lesser issues though).

Tom Judge: The Rapture is quit interesting... it was fun, but in the end it does not fit in my top three (and I would recommend reading Preacher first and Rapture second).

I did not read Artifacts or anything post Witchblade #100, because I wait for the 3rd Compendium of Witchblade...

Have you already read the Darkness Volume 3? You liked it? I am now saving cash for the second Compendium.

Posted by kartron

Artifacts, Angelus, Magdalena apart from Witchblade & Datkness..