who would win - Batman vs Captain america

i am a huge batman fan and i've recently begun to like captain america and i just thought who would win in a this fight  
batman - he's master fighter and is prerared for all kinds of eventualities 
captain america- he's an excellent hand to hand fighter plus that shield of his can be used as offensive and deffensive not to mention unbreakable

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captain America all day eery day at least 8/10

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I love both, but i gotta say Batman. Hes faced much worse than cap in th past.
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 Cap is just fast strong and durable.... but cap heals faster and he has less fatigue poisons plus cap has his own fighting Style, and an unbreakable shield so for me Cap 7/10

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@kev17 said:

" I love both, but i gotta say Batman. Hes faced much worse than cap in th past. "

so has Cap.
cap has faced asgardian demigods stand in the name of thunderstrike/thor/bloodstrike, also ulik and many other uber lvl beings.
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Its an even fight  but Bats is still gonna win in my book  
didnt they actually do a crossover once? i dont think they fought in it though

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This should go in the BATTLE section

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Why is this even being asked? Batman, obviously.
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batman anyday
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@kev17 said:

"Its an even fight  but Bats is still gonna win in my book   didnt they actually do a crossover once? i dont think they fought in it though "

IIRC, they did fight in a Marvel vs DC crossover. I believe their battle was very evenly matched until Batman used a batarang to bust open a water pipe that sprayed in Cap's face and distracted him. 
The crossover wasn't canon, though.
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Maybe they can meet up while they're both stuck in the past

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It depends on which ones you're talking about. If it's Bruce vs. Steve then I'd say the fight would be evenly matched but in the end it would be Bruce just for the fact that he would be willing to fight dirty more than Steve would. Now If it's Dick vs. Bucky then I'd gotta go with Bucky. Granted Dick and Bucky both would have no problem fighting dirty if they had to but Bucky while not liking it would be willing to resort to using lethal force if he had to do to his military training ( granted Steve was a soldier too but he never did the kind of things Bucky has ) whereas Dick has been brought up and trained to take down his opponents without killing them at all costs. 
So basically: 
Originals Victor = Bruce/ Batman 
New Generation Victor = Bucky / Captain America    
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If I recall when Batman and Cap faced each other there wasn't a clear cut winner, but Bruce was impressed with Cap's fighting style and even said he pulled off moves that Batman didn't even know. So I would have to go with Cap, he is bigger, stronger, faster, and has better reflexes.
Now I am not saying Batman is a slouch, but he's just not as good as Cap.

Posted by John Valentine

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A classic debate that will probably never be definitively solved. Still lets look at some factors:
Physique/athleticism: both heroes constantly train to stay at the top of their game, but while Bats has to work hard to maintain perfection, Cap is consistently there thanks to the super-soldier serum. And yet he STILL trains whenever he can. Edge- Cap (but just barely.)
Combat Ability- Both are versatile and experienced fighters who have taken on thugs, superhumans and Gods. Both are highly acrobatic fighters. Bat's style is more rooted in Eastern martial arts, Cap is more about boxing and wrestling. In terms of pure technique, I'd say Bats is vaguely better, but this minimal advantage is equalized by Cap's more unique and personal style. Edge: Tie
Equipment: Cap's shield is definitely incredible, but its really just a two-trick pony: protection from direct attacks and bashing damage. Plus, it's pretty much all he's got except for the limited protection provided by his uniform. Batman, meanwhile, has a utility belt filled to overflowing with an extremely versatile array of weapons, tools and assorted other gadgets. Plus his uniform provides better protection than Cap's (sans shield), and has the claws on his gloves plus minor gliding potential in his cape. He also makes use of gas pellets, which Cap's shield won't protect against. Edge: Batman (notable.)
Intelligence: Cap's no idiot, but he's not one of the smartest people on his Earth. Batman is. Edge: Batman (notable.)
Experience: If we line up the two continuities, Cap was revived a few years after Batman became active. But since Cap already had considerable experience in WWII, he is ahead of the game. In the intervening time, Batman has undoubtedly had more solo adventures (as he usually has a minimum of three books going while Cap typically only has one), but Cap has been more consistently active with the Avengers and/or SHIELD than Batman has been with the JLA or the Outsiders. Both have faced a very wide range of opponents in countless environments. Edge: Cap (just barely.)
Resourcefulness/tactics: Both are well known for possessing incredible tactical ability and a keen talent for using an opponents strengths (not to mention the local environment) against them. But between Batman's better understanding of science and technology, as well as his willingness to use more underhanded tactics and brute force...edge: Batman
In terms of pure physical might, Cap is a touch better. But between Bat's superior intelligence, darker approach to combat and more versatile equipment, I say the win would most often go to Batman. But only about 52 out of every 100 matches (assuming that he gets no prep time. If he has a chance to prepare for this specific fight, his changes would go up to about 75/100.)

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Captain America should take this
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I'll go with Cap,but it wouldn't be easy at all.

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im not a batman person, or a DC person for that matter and i do think captain america is an amazing character but there is a limit to his ability,.... if batman didnt care about killing some1, he could easily put a machine gun or missle onto his jet, and sadly kill the CAP
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I just read the JLA VS Avengers that came out in 04 and they ended up fighting in this book. In the fight Cap was on the loosing end. Later on when they teamed up Bats seemed to say that Cap was one of the most difficult hand to hand fighters he had ever fought,  
Later on Sups differed strategic control of an attack over to Caps and batman agreed.  
It sounds like Bats is a better fighter and great thinker but Cap is the better strategist. 
I love both but I would go with Bats.
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Cap has way more "superhuman" abilities and not to mention his shield ... unless batman used rockets attached to his car then i doubt he would win if it was just hand to hand. doesnt captain have superhuman like strength and agility?

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Bats and Cap are equally matched... yet... on merits alone, Batman should win. I mean, look a the facts, Batman trained hard not only to become the best there is, but also to become the absolute peak of human capacity with hard training. And Cap? Well, he took an injection and boom he is there. That has no merit, and no matter how many styles he knows or how unique his particular style is, he didn't got there on his own like Bruce did. Besides, rare and foreign styles unknown to Batman are not a problem with him, as he can adapt to them and overcome, I mean, don't the amazonians use a unique fighting style unknown to man? If unique style was all it took to beat Bats, he wouldn't be Bats. He is the man that floors Superman on an almost daily basis. I've yet to see Cap do that to Thor. 
Batman just has a lot more resources, equipment and brains. The only thing Cap has on Batman is his durability as he produces less fatigue poisons, but Bats can work around that. Cap is not stronger than Bats as I recall, I mean, Batman has in the past bent steel pipes and broken handcuffs and steel chains.
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