the new spiderman is? an original or ultimate version

Who do you think the new ultimate spiderman is do you think it will be a original ultimate character or an ultimate version of an old character 
and also i would also like to hear your thoughts on the new spiderman? 
Do you think he will be better than the 16 year old Peter Parker or will do you think he will be a huge dud? 
Personally i am excited about the new spiderman character! 
- my thoughts on who the most likely  it could be  for an alternative
 *      kaine
*    Ezekial 
Ben Reilly  
*  the clone who became the scorpion
Posted by spideybigtime

See what I think on my forum! And before you respond on my forum that it isn't possible for it to be a chick in Amazing Spiderman 562 everybody thought that chick screwball in a spidey costume was spidey

Posted by Timandm

Will the next issue be Ultimate Spider-Man 161.... Or will they start a new Volume so that the next issue will be Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 2 issue 1

Posted by TheShame

I hope its a young ezekial, it would be interesting to see a rich boy become spiderman as opposed to the poor peter parker.  He could have a tie to the u;timates.

Posted by sesquipedalophobe

@TheShame said:

I hope its a young ezekial, it would be interesting to see a rich boy become spiderman as opposed to the poor peter parker. He could have a tie to the u;timates.

That would be pretty neat.

Posted by Deadcool

Ultimate Kaine already appeared in the Ultimate Clone Saga (he is dead), Ultimate Ben Reilly is the scientist that steal Peter Parker's blood in Dr. Curt Connor's Lab and helped to Otto Octavious to create the other clones... 
Ultimate Ezekiel?! That could be awesome!!!! 
I was thinking in Ultimate Miguel O'Hara to be this new spidey, Mark Millar said that we all would love this new Spidey...
Posted by TheShame
@Deadcool: yeah, could be miguel o'hara; perhaps the manner in which he gained powers in order to defeat his drug addiction could be paralleled by the application of the O.Z drug in the ultimate universe.  I still think he'll be a shield agent
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Ezekiel would be interesting

Posted by Deadcool
Or even the last Spidey clone...
Posted by Eyz

I'm guessing Ultimate Ben Reilly :P
Seems plausible.

Posted by Deadcool
This one?
Posted by primepower53

Ezekiel would be AMAZING!

Posted by ph3nom
Has Anyone seen this? 
Posted by UltraHeroix
@ph3nom: geez, why does spidey have a huge frigg'n head?
Posted by ph3nom
@UltraHeroix: Haha probably because his bodies extra skinny
Posted by THE_unnamed

hes an all new character for sure 
hes just in the ultimate universe setting