Red hulk is it who you wanted it to be

I know this is a bit late but now we all know who the red hulk really is and it is thunderbolt ross and we've all seen him change in to the red hulk in issue #23
when i saw it i thought "what the hell happend to his trademark mustache?" i mean when he transforms back in to ross he has it but when hes red hulk he loses it. 
Is it the man who you thought it would be?

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

It goes camo

Posted by DH69

its who i knew it was does that count? also saw red she-hulk comin a mile awhile. i had hoped they would be complete nobodies, but sadly they werent

Posted by chris thompson

No, I wanted it to be Talbot so I can say "ha ha I was right" . XD

Posted by Baddamdog

who else were they gonna be?

Posted by DEGRAAF

who i wanted it to be... No 
Who i expected it to be... Yes 
Was i disappointed in the unoriginality of it... Sorta
Posted by turoksonofstone

what is this doing in this forum?

Posted by Shatterstar
@turoksonofstone said:
" what is this doing in this forum? "
What are you doing bumping threads in the wrong forum 4 and a half months later for no reason other than to point out its in the wrong forum?
Posted by turoksonofstone

I was in on the Jack Kirby page, and it appeared as a forum entry. Have I offended you somehow? 

Posted by Video_Martian

I really wanted the Red Hulk to be Glenn Talbot  =/