my top 8 marvel heroes

     1.   Spider-man- the outcast , genius, nerdy,  the guy with same problems most of us have and all the responsible  how does he  not go insane from the tragedy of uncle been to the death of gwen stacy is  what makes him number one hero because anybody can be him black, white,hispanic, indian, etc. because he is the underdog in the marvel universe. just  like rocky balboa   
    2. wolverine- tough, badass loner, nearly immortal  misery loves company  for wolverine he will always be miserable because he loses everyone all the time Rose, jean grey, itsu, silverfox, and he's  alway the target by his enemies sabertooth, mystique, daken, omega red. 
  3. Hulk- monster, multiple personalities  unlimited strength, love many women, betty ross, caeira, marlo chandler  
Incredible Hulks #635

 4. Deadpool - cancer, crazy breaks the 4th wall, mercenary, insane healing factor, funny nuff said. 
5. Black panther(t'challa)-  warrior, king, skilled fighter, genius, scientist   and is just awesome in watching in Avengers  earth's mighest heroes. hope to lear mire about t'challa.   
 6. Luke Cage-  Exgang member,  tough, badass,   super strength, nearly invulnerable leader, Avenger and family man don't mess with cage  otherwise, you might not live to regret it. hope to learn more about this character in the media soon.   
7. Eddie brock -venom & anti -venom - villian pyschopath,  smart, cunning, obession anti-hero one of spiderman greatest enemies   great story arc for me spider-man reign read it its great story about the relationship between spider-man and venom. 
Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #4 8. blade- half human/vampire  hybrid, vampire hunter,loner  tries to keep his humanity  and at the same time save humanity from vampires. he  needs his own solo nook the blade movies 1 & 2 are awesome. the blade anime is good too the character has a lot of depth  that needs to be explored.

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