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@_glacier_: (Dammit!!! That makes me sad)

And the KID is doing well

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"Keep watch!!! Right corner...green screen."They had almost no training together, but as soon as Gen thought or spoke Benji was reacting accordingly. The small slits that showed his eyes in his enhanced form moved towards where the sound of gunfire was coming from, and in an instant he was ducking and weaving the first volley of lasers. The second wave from the second pistol picked up speed of fire, this time forcing Benji to leap into the air and out of its way. As fast as he was in reaction to Gen's orders he wasn't fast enough and was clipped in the shoulder, the pain wasn't something unbearable but it still hurt. The black void that was his skin in this state sizzled, the laser sealing the wound just as fast as it was made. He didn't need an accelerated healing ability, the laser did it all by itself when it grazed his shoulder.

Landing from his leap he spun himself around and let his right arm hang for a moment, it may not have been damaged a great deal but the numbness was a factor. A few moments would have to pass before he could use it again, Gen barked again "Absorb the rest of the light in the room, and take the vibrations being put out from the speakers as kinetic energy and absorb that as well."Closing his eyes he ran towards the gun toting man, Gen barking again but before he could get out a sentence Benji smiled "I'm listening, but I have an idea...." His eyes still closed the dark void that was now his skin enhanced further doubling in size. He was taking the energies he was absorbing and enhancing his own body. As the last of the light dimmed and brought the room into a midnight blackness, all that could be heard was the sound of Benji's feet slapping the ground as he ran at the Star Hero.

Sliding to one knee as he came to an abrupt stop in front of the hero, he smiled in the darkness and the light that he absorbed focused into his fists. In a split second the room began to glow from the area around his fists, then thrusting them forward he unleashed the energy into a wave that closed the distance between the two. Benji hoped that the energy would make easy work of the hero and sending him flying and scorching him enough to give him the victory. But as the attack unleashed his body reverted to its normal state, no longer would his skin be cast in a dark void of energy. Gen barked "Idiot!!! You dispersed all your absorbed energy!! Into one attack?! I dont care if he might be dead, start running and absorb what you can from your feet hitting the floor."Benji ignored Gen once again and stood with a smirk waiting for the remains of the hero to be shown.

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@_glacier_: (Im bored and want to show off the new kid body DC got. Lifes been good as well_)

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@quintus_knightfall: Barking inside there mind Gen angrily let out a loud "Knew it!!!"The internal fight for control over their body was physically visible to those who could read body language. His muscles tensed as Gen barked orders inside their merged mind "We need to either decimate this entire facility or leave. I cannot have this charlatan have even a semblance of control over me, his other self would never and neither will he. So..."Suddenly Benji took control of their mind and body, a strike of lightning filled his mind as he barked even louder than Gen himself "No! I will do as I see fit with my body, you are tagging along. And if you could exist without my body you already would have, so shut your god damn mouth!" Shaking his head slightly he looked to Quintus and smiled a nervous one, nodding slightly as he spoke "I am very pleased to know that you already know of my....predicament. Neither of us are in full control over this body, but we normally work fairly well together."

"F#ck you, you insolent little piss ant. The only reason I haven't destroyed your feeble mind is....you intrigue me. Not that I cant....I choose not to....f%cker."

Ignoring Gen for the moment, he continues to speak with Quintus. "What exactly do you know about us or even me for that matter? I tried to remain pretty unseen and unheard of up until a few days ago when our merger spiked my power levels quite substantially..."

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What am I thinking? Mr psychic

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