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@valerie_huntington: Gen thought as he stepped out into the shadows of the dimly lit area of the main room "Perhaps....This will work a second time." This time he did not shield his thoughts. He wanted to get her attention, bleeding out through thoughts random images of all manner of acts he had performed in his centuries of life.

He waited touching everything that caught his eye, and also thought to himself whilst chuckling "Note to self, dont sit in chairs....they are lumpy."

@valerie_huntington: How dare you post footage of DC tracking my ass down? :(


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AS he watched her reroute his own abilities through her pristine physique, and back out through her beautiful body. He watched as the mix of electricity and psionic energies meld together. She was indeed stronger than his own version of her, his version was monumentally strong but she was too foolish to use her own powers in this way. For the first time he found the moment where he had to think of his likelihood of winning. As the sparks and energies surged around him he twitched with energy as the bolt of electricity and telepathic energies surged toward him.

Reacting with speed he had never used before he "caught" the bolt of energy within his own telepathic energy, almost a makeshift web that kept it in a single place until it would dissipate. But before he could redirect the bolt, he felt the earth beneath him tremble. He could feel her moving, a clone beside him just out of view moved more focused, he smiled and spoke "Not going to fool me again sweetness...." Moving hard shifting his body weight onto the ball of his left foot, he moved back leaning away from the sword. Screaming loud akin to a Bruce Lee mockery he smashed a closed fist into the swords blade, he heard the reverberation as it vibrated. Then she swung her shield hard again hoping to catch him off guard again. This time he met the shield with his elbow with equal force, but to his amazement she had anticipated this as well. Each blow and catch of sword and shield,sent a wave of energy exploding from each weapon.

At such close range the blast ripped his skin upon his face apart, shredding his ride side into mincemeat. A low and guttural roar ripped through the air as he screamed in pain, moving quickly and spinning as he landed upon the sand. His left side facing her, she could not see what the damage had done. But the smell that filled the air would give her a good idea of what had happened, the smell of burning and sizzling flesh filled the air. It was falling off in clumps on the right side of his body and face, his teeth could bee seen on the right side of his jaw. Even through agony and dripping flesh he still remained with a smile on his face. "Go ahead..enjoy yourself. Its kept your attention on me...when you should be paying attention to your surroundings..."

As he spoke he pointed out in a large circle, as he did clones appeared all around her. On each side of her and up the walls on either side of her waves of clones materialized. Each a sickening grin upon there faces and a hand raised and fingers ready to snap. "Go!" he screamed and all in unison the clones snapped. It was almost deafening as it filled the small area they all had fought in. the sky raged above them and the ground beneath them shook so violently her bones would raddled. One wave of clones leaped down from the wall to her right, numbering in the hundreds they scaled the wall and leaping off the sand each a palm of hellfire raged. In unison they tossed the demonic attack at the mocha skinned beauty, as they finished the second wave came from the opposite side each with arms trailing behind them. As they closed the distance the air around them and her went chilled, turning the water vapor in the air into ice and launching the steel strong ice crystals as if gun fire to the Queen. The third and final wave fell upon her from behind, each running with bolts of lightning trailing and as they closed in they launched each snapping the ground and pulling earth up with each bolt as they hurtled towards the mighty Queen.

Standing ready Gen waited as each of his clones unleashed there onslaughts, as each finished he smiled in amusement waiting for her to come out from each attack. Hoping she was simply standing on will power alone, as he stood he formed a long serrated blade out of darkness. If the dust settled and she was still alive he would be ready for her with his weapon in hand.

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@the_superior_sapien: Keep thinkin you got skills like me, Ill continue allowing such foolishness to happen. We go way back, its the least I can do

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A wicked appeared upon Gen's face as he listened to her words, he leaned in close feigning a the success of her entrancing him. His lips puckered as he closed the distance between the two, at the last moment he smiled wide his eyes wide again as they were before. He had been faking it, her ability to entrance would of worked on normal beings, but Gen had lived for centuries and endured many more women than this one.

Chuckling loudly he stepped back "Sweetheart, I was born of a Sea hag in one life. I cannot be controlled so easily..." Looking at her shapely body not denying that she was an alluring sight to behold "By carnal desires, no matter how lovely those desires are." He moved into a shadow and reappeared behind her. Wrapping his arms around the chair and her midsection in a mocking hug "But I can give you what you wish..." Shaking his hand and flicking his wrist a vial of blood appeared from a plume of brimstone. Sulfur filled the air as it appeared in his palm, he held it out before her before shaking his hand again and it disappeared. Looming over her as she sat in the chair, he took the moment to look down her tight corset before continuing. Touching her chin softly before disappearing and reappearing he was before her again "What do you want with my blood? If you need it for a purpose I wish to know the reason, I have had enough children in one life...perhaps again. But I wish to know that it is happening..." He smiled in an almost charming way as he stared at her waiting for his answer.

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Usually Raijin tried to play off one of these conversations like a joke. Make a comment about wanting some fruit. Try to weasel out of being serious. But he was avoiding real life for too long. He shoveled too much dirt on the past already. It's time he owned up to it, and the first step was to get some reputation in the world outside Skellbrieg.

He shoved his hands into his pockets.

"Next time you want to take a peek into my brain, tell me first,"

A scowl.

"I'm going to make this plainly obvious. I'm not too sure what to think of you just yet, but you're oddly similar to what I came from,"

He didn't want to say 'time displacement' exactly, more like 'didn't belong on this Earth.' Foreign.

"So that means I trust you on some primordial level, I suppose."

Shaking his head and chuckling softly "Son I do as I wish, have for nearly a millennial and wont stop doing just that." Gen strode over to a table and poured himself a drink before turning back to the young man "I have no idea of what you speak, I came from...well depends on what you mean by where I came from. I've lived many lives, sometimes I am born, others I simply come into being." He tipped his glass forward as if toasting towards Raijin before taking a sip of his drink.

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@the_superior_sapien: Nope not in a million years, id drop a million dollars and my right nut to do that to Emma Stone