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@amazingangel: Smiling wide to the angle part of MR Angel's display of speed and anger. In a fraction of a second Daemon did the very same thing, disappearing and reappearing as he moved across the room and shut the door. It shut with a loud thud as if showing that Daemon was not done, he knew he had to prove him wholeheartedly that he was genuine in his want for these things he spoke of. Stepping forward and staring Angel in the eyes he spoke "I am not now nor will I ever be THAT man again. On the souls of my son and my fallen brethren of Paradiso...I swear it." HE stood tall over Angel yet they still locked eyes,for a moment he believed that Angel would retaliated but he knew the man beneath the angel was honest and could see the truth in his words.

Slowly Daemon turned away from MR Angel, and went over to his desk pulling an envelope from the desk drawer, tossing it onto the chair between the two men. "Inside is detailed plans of how I wish to make this possible. I believe Nephilim would be the best place for us and those who will follow to be. You have already created it, I only wish to be there with you Angel. I cannot show you more of how I truly wish for this to happen, short if you are a telepath. Even then you could see in my mind that I am being honest." Daemon waited to see what he would do next.

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@victorgrey: realized that after i made the last post for the account before flood

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opmg im back finally and i come back to a massive rpg already? Lovely

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@amazingangel: Daemon shakes his head and smiles slightly to Angel "No I do not want or need the child, he is able to make his own decisions now. You and your people have given him that much already, given him the concept of right and wrong. But what I do need is..." Daemon turns and moves back to the large open window "I need your help, and that of the remaining Victories. Something massive is coming, I can feel it in my nerves. My Hive Mind has been screaming at me for sometime now, they sense something that I do not. I believe that something massive will soon be coming to disrupt what we are all trying to prevent. The destruction of Gothic City was just the beginning, people are going to force this world to take a side. I do not want that, and neither do you because everyone we care for will be pitted against each other no matter what we do." Daemon puts his hand to the glass and looks at the children playing in the courtyard "We need to make sure that when that time comes, we are on the same side and can manipulate events so that the chaos is only minimal. The destruction is only contained to a certain area, just like Gothic City. The war was contained but it still made its point." He turns to Angel "I need you and the Victories to make sure that those who will be able to bring this world and rebuild will be those who survive." Daemon moves over to Angel and stands directly in front of the sitting hero.

"I want to create something new, blend the beliefs of the Victories and my own into a single concept. I want to create a team...with you at my side. We need to be those still alive when this war erupts, so that we can rebuild and keep everyone alive..."

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: @mattersuit: Daemon takes Adams arm and pulls him close, with his other hand he grips Adams chin and squeezes. Forcing Adams mouth open he opens his own. As he does a stream of insects burst from his mouth and force there way down into Adams throat. Slowly they begin to transform his body into something else, something beyond his own being. He is quickly becoming one of Daemon's Hive mind.

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Dv awesome pic but were buuuddies

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You guys are awesome

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As of right now, life in general is pretty decent. At the given moment that is, but since the powers that be find my continued stress and frustration entertaining they have thrown in another kink to my daily life.

Internet Problems.

Been having MASSIVE internet failures, drops, and all around irritation with my internet. At the given moment all I can do is wait and be patient for provider to fix what needs to be fix in the area. That means i have to deal with SLOW ASS INTERNET or no internet at all at times. SO

That means I wont be on nearly as much as I was nearing on two weeks ago. Adding to the fact that I almost weekly need to take my brother/bff/roomate to Saint Marys for chemo treatments, and my own life issues makes internet time sparse. Also makes me very unwanting to type and write.

So to my "team", people im geniuinly rping with (Angel, Blubber, etc etc) i will be on when ive got the Mojo to.

Like before if you want to talk directly to me about anything, text me. (Contact me via pm, i check it almost every other day)

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