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@xenon_: Just as Gen was about to tell Xenon he would protect what he considers kin, and only kin he was taken with the young man to both Milo and Xandra. The two all smiled something both fake and real, a mix between the two formed as all four greeted each other. Gen enjoyed Milo's company, but he did not know if he in kind felt the same. So he stepped back for a brief moment as @matthew_q_hardwell came into the room barking quite loudly before realizing that Gen was in present company. Gen gave the young man a look that told him to seize his whining and turned back to the three.

Putting his hand upon Xenon's shoulder he smiled "We shall continue this later, I see the three of you have much to discuss. As do I with my young apprentice, he needs to learn manners just as I have been told I as well. Perhaps we can help each other no?" He says through a forced chuckle, as Matthews loud and disrespectful tone reverberated through Gen. Turning he placed his hand upon the young mans shoulder and spoke telepathically only to him "Respect is earned little one...and you are far from garnering that from me. I wish to teach you everything I know about control, but only if you the patience to listen to me when your told something." Calming down slightly his tone turned more fatherly and tender "Because with a power such as yours, as much as you can destroy the world...you can just as easily pull yourself into the abyss and never find a way out..." He moved out through the open doorway and stopped "Come and listen...its all I ask of your Mister Hardwell."

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LOL ooooook LOL

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Oh..... Matt want you to come to dc

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Yes!!!!!! I never wanted to be a fan of Damien but OMG so happy

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(on phone so can't be as witty) but what the heck did he say

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Wad that English?

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Stepping into the bright room he felt as if he had to closes his eyes for a moment, unlike his own that was drenched in almost complete darkness. He watched as Xenon attempted a feigned appearance of respect for Gen, who did not attempt at pleasing him in his appearance. He stood dark and demonic in appearance, yet at the same time not gruesome nor disgusting

"We both spoke as we were mere animals, I of all was the first to act out of spite. It is in my nature to do just that, I wont excuse my actions but I will apologize." Bowing his head slightly to Xenon in an attempt at apology "But we both know that we are rulers in our own worlds, so a complete liking to each of us is not possible. Too many crowns in a room no?" He smiled and sat in an empty chair beside the wall "I can say that I will attempt at being civil, and with that I have a simple question. What can I do to make your world in Venezuela better? I can achieve many things with my abilities and making your peoples lives easier is among these things." Gen sat patiently waiting the young Rulers answer

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Among all the young mutants in the world, there was one who made a particular impact on Gen. That was Matthew, a young mutant whose power could change the world...if he only had the drive to do so. Sensing the young mans arrival to the Club he spoke to him telepathically "I am in the Black Court young Hardwell, once your pleasantries have seized please come and see me." Giving the message a tone that made it clear, as his teacher it was not a suggestion but more of a direct order for him to come and see him.

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@tranquil: Gen moved slowly through the hallways of the Hellfire Club, instead of the shadows he walked on his physical form. On his way to see @xenon_ he felt something off about the minds among the Club. He felt a new arrival and stopped for a brief moment to figure out who it was, placing a hand into the shadows he was able to gleam into the room of the new arrival. It was Milo, same individual who he and Xandra had met in purgatory. The corners of his mouth turned into a smile and chuckled, speaking quietly and telepathically to Milo "Hello friend, once your done with Xandra come and stop by my quarters. I enjoy having company who can keep up with me intellectually, many of our visitors cannot." And with that he continued down the hall and stopped outside the White Courts bed room.

Breathing deep he sighed for a moment, as respect and formality was something he didnt quite feel comfortable with. But he did it either-way, knocking on the door he waited for Xenon.

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LOL that I'm waiting meant alot more when I was tired now just looks like I'm an ass