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@atrocity_: hahaha thanks man. Glad to be back and writing. Been putting it off cuz of RL issues that ive started to get over but now that im back. IM LOVING IT

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@_vex_: @_nox_: check out the OP. Working on ours Vex shortly

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Point Place, Wisconsin

The news of a Wolf-Boy in the small town of Point Place, brought Gen with a smile upon his face. Lycans were something that made him quake with excitement. He had always wanted to be tooth and nail with one. This one was nonetheless a child, maybe early 20s and it was running. Another was in the area, but he smelled of age and musk. Gen was in search for a nubile body to call his own, and with a toothy grin he came up to the young wolf. He was in full transformation, a mane that ran from his head to the middle of his back, long fingers that seemed to shine in the dying light. He was at the waters edge searching for the very beast that was hunting him, soon to find just that.

As Gen stood a few yards from the beast teetering the line between shadow and reality he discarded the body he was inhabiting. Crawling from the mouth a full head of a demonic parasite came forth from his jaw. Cracking and sounds of bones breaking echo within the shadow realm, blood squirts as he easily steps out of the husk that now remains. As soon as the body hits the floor it ignites, months of pure demonic energy keeping it alive, it no longer holds its forms. Turning into a pile of gore and ashes, Gen shakes like a dog blood splattering everywhere. Moving through his realm he moves closer to the beast, until he is right next to him hidden in the darkness that slowly surrounds him.

Finally the beast boy realizes what is going on, as the moon light slowly dwindles from his eye sight. Screaming loudly and roaring something fearsome he tries to swing his sharp as knives talons, only to cut into the very shadows and nothing else. An echo appears from the shadows and whispers into his ear "Enjoy your fleeting moments of freedom....they will be your last." The beast opens its mouth to let out a mighty roar only for Gen in his parasite form to dive head first into his mouth. His skull cracks and shatters as he dives into the body, slowly his body slime covered slides down its throat taking root. Controlling the nervous system and all other systems within the body the moment his brain assumes control over the body. The skull heals instantly and pops as bones snap back into place.

His body convulsing for the last time as the former host, the Lycan tries to fight back one last time in the thralls of death. Now in full control Gen opens his eyes, seeing in an almost night vision like eyes he smiles. His senses have been quadrupled, and he is honestly impressed by the biology of Lycan anatomy. Looking to his hands and how his talons are nearly as strong as his demon form, he stands in awe at the new power he has just claimed for himself. As he stands marveling at himself he smells something, his Lycan part of his brain tells him that something is near @the_hunter. An without turning he speaks to him "Please...lets not play hide and seek on such a beautiful night."

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Writing OP now hope everyone enjoys me dusting off these old claws

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I'll have something up soon sorry for sporadic here and there's

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@thisisgonnahurt: Since we both could wipe out the planet at full power lets keep it more physical. Give each other a handicap our at least I am. Going to keep it to a few powers instead of full arsenal.

Fire, darkness manip basic forms, and metallic skin plus manipulation of the metal.

To keep this canon we need to not destroy the north pole let alone the world LOL.

Plus I want to see how I write dc as a brawler instead of a full power house. If I like how this plays out win or lose may keep it permanent.

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@_vex_: Get to raging beasts ooc fool that's us

@the_hunter: Will have it up hopefully tomorrow