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Very freakin cool

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Personal things won't be good 100% anytime soon. But I'm getting back more n more everyday

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Wooops. Totally thought u used your name regularly

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@allegiance @quintus_knightfall @natasha_stark

Hours had passed since he had been notified of the destruction of the White House and the disappearance of Anthony. He sat in his secluded office within Serenity, Quintus had arrived and made Grant stand his ground and speak with the killer of thousands. He made Daemon proud of how he stood his ground and spoke his mind with the very man who had almost pushed Daemon too far. The very man who had almost pushed him to the point where he could eradicate the humans then and there. But now he had pushed too far, Stark was not a friend of Daemon in any sense of the word. But the two had a equal ideal of what had to be done to make the world better. Now he was gone, disappeared and for all intents and purposes dead. HE had to now do something, either make a stand or leave the world to burn like Gothic City had.

White House Lawn

Daemon stood in the crowd, a glimmer hiding his own appearance from all around him. He listened to the child of Stark, she was strong and could prove to be more of a Stark than Anthony himself. Her worries were right, Daemon should of been here to stop all of this. BE more of a VP than he had been, used his newfound powers of policy to stop this from ever happening. But he didnt, and now he had to pay the price.

Then Quintus came out of no where proclaiming that this world needed to be changed physically, the rage inside Daemon was slowly coming to the surface. His glimmer disappearing slowly as the anger fueled inside. But just as he was about to burst, his comrade Allegiance had broke his silence and spoke his mind. Leaping onto the stage and confronting Quintus. Daemon took the moment and squeezed, disappearing in an instant and reappearing beside James his voice boomed as he spoke. "No! Quintus you are not the lesser of two turds, what you have done people know very well. They fear you such as they should, and they will NEVER be the people that will change this world. This world needs more than me or you! It needs someone like this man.." Putting his hand on James shoulder "This man knows what our actions have caused, he will not stand idle and watch as you destroy this world through fear and chaos. HE will be the one to stop you, and I will stand beside him." Daemon turned to the audience that stood on the lawn and to the cameras "All of what they have said is true. I like all of you know was a killer, a man who thought such deeds would be the means to an end. I have seen first hand that all those actions bring is death and heartbreak, it wont bring me or anyone closer to Paradise. No, what will bring this world towards a more peaceful state of being is people like this man." Daemon pointed to Quintus "For all the lives I have effected through my actions, this man has done twice more. HE needs to be stopped, not by me or James he needs to be stop by YOU!." Daemon looked to Natasha and his attitude and tone transformed into a more calmer state.

"Your right Natasha, I was not here to stop any of this. I was away trying to make connections to keep just this kind of thing from happening. I was foolish to think those connections would ever make a difference. So...I step down as Vice President, these people deserve more than what I can do for them as VP. I can help them more without being the Vice President, but I do not believe you yourself or Quintus can help them. They deserve someone better, someone not effected by bitter hate like you or I." Daemon looked to James again "You may not be the first person to doubt me, but I am here now and for the rest of my life to keep these people safe. My past sins will never be redeemed..." Now turning back to the audience, he saw the fear in each one of them. He was forever going to be just like Quintus...feared. But he knew even though they feared him, he would continue to try and make this world better. He stared at Quintus and stood tall next to James, he would allow his actions to make the next move possible. He would stand next to him no matter what, he was the worlds new Shield for good, there protection the very thing the good people would stand behind. He raised his hands high and spoke loudly "Let men like James be the Shield that protects us, not the viper words of men and women like Quintus!"

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Fml wtf did I not get a notification for all this gaaaah. Too damn tired to reply will do tomorrow

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That seems legit lol. That means when I become president need to fix these screw ups

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I go away because my grandmother and I come back and you assholes screw me over lol. I see how it is

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Pardon? Blamed what

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Well if Starks dead....that makes me President