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@_envy_: Chuckling at Envys reaction to his proposition Gen smiled wide and disappeared into a cloud of shadows. Reappearing behind Envy and speaking over his shoulder and into his ear with a whisper "Fine...." His words lingering for a brief moment before he continued. His hand trailing the young cubs spine and then gripping the back of his neck like a cub in its mothers mouth. "You push the line of arrogance and disrespect young one." His long talons pressing against Envys throat as he tapped his fingers against his skin. His joyful demeanor was gone in an instant as the young ones tone had finally pushed the right buttons.

His monstrous hand almost completely enveloping the young mans entire throat in the palm of his hand. For a split moment he thought of simply taking the cubs head clear off his shoulders, but he pushed that animalistic urge deep down sighting it as his new Lycan mindset. Chuckling once again and loudly his tone returned to that of the playful manner he had just exhibited. Releasing his grip on Envys neck and turning to face the view. He let his arms fall to his sides and then held them behind his back, looking at the broken city before him he finally decided to stop playing with his new ally. "I want a sample of your blood, you are an animal for lack of a better term. A civilized one, but an animal nonetheless. I wish to study that, with my new body and what came with it. I an intrigued by the thought of doing this again and again, to see if this was a fluke....If I simply got lucky with the body I chose." This was true, as a demon had never in recorded history taken possession of another Nightwalker (supernatural creature) and he wished to see if there own biology could do it again with something or someone mentally and physically weaker. Tests had to be run and for that to happen he needed more samples of more animals (Nightwalkers) like Envy. He may not be a full fledged Lycan, but his physiology would prove beneficial to studies. So Gen stood beside Envy awaiting his answer.

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@closure: We still need to do something

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So if I'm understanding correctly I CAN log into my old alts and not get banned. Just can't create NEW ones RIGHT NOW

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@comicbookfan93: Thank you for your worry but he's grown up on horror movies so this is tame in comparison

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Can't wait to watch this worth my son later today

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@geth: LMAO!!! I have no idea who hes about to hug

@_chimera said:

Not fond of his tactics or goals, but his passion os admirable.

I am a VERY passionate man

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@_grifter_: Im curious to see if he stays longer than a month this time