Why Do YOU, Drop a Comic?

I am a very easy child to entertain when it comes to comics, I will be reading comics on my death bed. But this doesnt mean I dont have SOME taste, somethings just dont sit well when they come off the comic. I have been an avid read of Power-Man(Luke Cage) and Iron Fist, alot of you do not know that. I keep the knowledge to myself, because alot of readers dont tend to read back issues. Hell I will be blunt, most comic fans nowadays dont read any comics that date before they were born. I on the other hand LOVE to come up with ways of getting my hands on back issues. My favorite issue of Power Man and Iron Fist is (Look to your right idiot). It started one of the coolest team ups in my opinion. But in saying this, I wish they had kept it back in the 80's. I honestly LOVED the idea of a Modern PM and IF comic, even if it didnt have the original two members (Luke and Danny) The new stuff started out alright during Shadowland, but now I honestly cant put forth the money or time into reading it. I can read comics that have crappy art, crap stories with good art, crap art with good stories, but what I cannot do is read something over the top BORING. This rendition of PM and IF is incredibly boring. 
Now saying that, if they had started out an flushed the new Power-Man out an gave him more of his own stories I might of done this a little longer. But I cannot and will not continue to buy a comic that no longer interests me. 
So what are your lines? Which point does a comic need to get to where you can no longer read it?

Posted by daak1212

Shit story
Bad art (Yeah you Avengers, even though JRJR has great artistic ideas he just cant really draw them out)
Not appealing
If there's a bug or some doo-doo on a comic then I will drop it :)

Posted by cyberninja

If it gets TOO predictable, I quit. 

Posted by harleyquinn12

I've always been more of an art person, so I'm more likely to drop a book with bad art and a good story rather than good art and a bad story. And if there's a lot of dialogue where reading the book isa  hassle, then I would drop it.