We got a new puppy tonight, hes a German Shepard/Lab mix an his name is Izekial or Zeek for short. Cannot wait to get some pictures of his adorable self up, gotta find the camera first

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That is such a cool dog name god dammit!!! Congrats!!
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@Darkchild: CONGRATS!
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We need to find camera, most likely tomorrow before i go into work 
Posted by King Saturn
very nice... cool name also. 
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thank u very much

Posted by Sonata

Thats great news cant wait to see the picsXD

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pictures will be up tomorrow

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Nice!  :)

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Nice ^_^

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Cool. Congrats :)
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@InnerVenom123: hes so friggin ADORABLE!!! Right now hes cuddling on a blanket on the floor. 
 Hes already trained to sit (we have had him for one whole day!), training to be house broken. Nearly there, just a few misshaps but otherwise he has been great. 
Training to shake, come and others with a clicker and its working incredibly well
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@Dracade102: and he friggin knows it too lmao
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@Darkchild: SO CUUUUUTTTEEE!!! :D

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@Darkchild: YaY, so cute. I love puppies!

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ohhhhhhh so cute! 
congrats and have fun with him 
he's adorable!!!!
Posted by DoomDoomDoom

I'm having a squee attack over your puppy

Posted by Darkchild
@DoomDoomDoom: i know i do every time he yawns or barks hell every moment he moves is a squee moment
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Aww, it's so cute :)

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@Darkchild: nice dog, how old exactley???
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So cute!
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@Comicfan47: Seven Weeks thursday
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Awwwww he is cute
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The Cuteness of a puppy is a powerful thing.

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Puppies  can actualy stop people in their tracks , they have magical abilties.

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@Darkchild said:

Oh's adorable!
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I LOVE PUPPEHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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He is adowahble!!!!!