Spider Jerusalem and Dream

Spider Jerusalem
So I can learn awesome an funny ways to cause people displeasure with my powers, good or bad being a jackass is fun

To show me the real way to be badass. Powerful and quiet no one screws with u but family, and the ladies love ya. HELL YEAH

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New Readers.

Alright its been sometime since I had gotten back to a daily posting in my stories. And the only concrete reader I have is Aztek great as that is, I know their are people out their who LOVE to read. And I want to know if anyone has read my fanfics because I just finished Hope Lost, which was a continuation of Puzzle Box in which I had alot of readers. Just wondering WHERE DID YA GO!!!!!!

LOL kinda odd yes I know just wanted to know who still reads my stuff. And also wanted to know, now that I have finished Hope Lost if I should finish the two Sinner Stories I am writing (Sinner: End and Sinner Fury) or continue with the Puzzle Box stories.

This is entirely up to my readers, and hopefully I will attract some new readers with this blog. And in case you are new Readers here are what I have finished in the Puzzle Box and Sinner stories

Damnation Stories( Puzzle Box Collection)(Rated F21)

Puzzle Box

Hope Lost
Apocalypse Now!!! 

Sinner Stories(Rated F18-21)




To Be Finished Stories (Rated 18-21)

Sinner: Fury

Sinner: End

Alright to finish this Blog (Forum thread) I want to know those who are reading my stuff which I should finish. Should I start the next chapter of the Damnation Series or finish the Sinner stories



The location Id love to live in would be The City from Transmetropolitan. Yea id probably live just long enough for cannibal hookers to kill me but id go out happy

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Hmmm good question so heres mine

100 Bullets

Yeah i know you would think too gritty or badass to be done into a freaking cartoon right? But come on some of the coolest comics have had awesome cartoons. Spawn is a great example of mature comic an cartoon even tho it only ran a few eps it was awesome. Id love 100 Bullets to be done cartoon format and done on HBO (which would give me a reason to buy it right?) or on Adult Swim late night like 1am. It be AWESOME

And for kicks an giggles


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New Bio!!!!

Alright finally got it done at now 3:19 in the morning. All that is needed are his new power explanations, but im either going to finish that in a few or later today.

Please comment and if needed criticize. Thank you and please read.


Bio Reconstruction

Been thinking of redoing Darkchild for quite sometime. But i know their are a few things i want to keep, and one of those is a demonic side to him if not making him a full fledged demon. But just wanted to hear some of the peoples perspectives of it. Want to know what parts of Darkchild I should keep and some that should disappear with the redone bio.

Please and Thank You


Welcome to Hoxford Review(Explicit Content)

And i even put an advisory for this one for the wee little kiddies. I do swear in this so if u have a prob...go whine to someone else because i did put a parental advisory so SHHH whiners seen not heard.

But here it is. Laugh if you want i take critisims, figured this is how i could get all the people on my friends list to see it without sending a massive multi chat pm