The Child of Darknes No More

Three years now I have been the evil, pervy, and just down right ass like Darkchild. Three LONG years I have been the top badass or one of them if you ask. But Now i finally FINALLY put the name to rest. I have killed Darkchild, he went out a hero like he wanted to towards the end of his life.
I have had so much freaking fun with DC, over the years I have been many things but the one thing i always badass character as Darkchild. He was my outlet for anger in rpgs, he was that brawler.
He has gone through so many changes, two retcons. Many women, and in the beginning an ever changing story. He was one of my most fun creations, and by far the coolest in my eyes.
I am not leaving the site so dont think that, i still have MANY characters on the site and MANY more to create. Thank you all for letting me use this character to his fullest.
A funeral rpg will be done relatively soon. So you can say your words for him their.
But to see the funeral you must read



Its true the rumblings of hell freezin over are true.
I wanted to tell the community that i have been with for nearly three years that I am now a happily engaged man. Popped the question to the girl im with last week, in a rather tacky yet romantic way and after she tackled me to the ground with kisses she said yes.
I have known this girl for years, and i am so unbeliveably happy.
SO comicvine, even though their are people who most likely dont like me. If I know you personally (that means I have your msn) and you live in the Michigan area or near it, relatively near.
Your invited to one of the oddest marriages of the year lmao. Wont be for two years almost, but i wanted to tell my (wow this is going to sound sad in so many ways) my second family how happy I am.
And thank you Staff mainly G-man who put up with me for the last year lol, its been a blast. And i plan on having more with my fiance (who also now has an account, yeah were dorks.)


Top 5 of 09

Alright Screw it people are doing this so screw it ill start

I have read more this year than I have ever read in my LIFE. Its insane how many comics i read this year, and with a constant flow of bullcrap in my life im glad i have an outlet for my mind to wander. So lets begin with Five an work our way down

Punisher MAX!

Alright i didnt really start this in 09 but i sure as f@#k finished it in 09. I did stop reading at the last issue of the original run six issues after Ennis left the game. But this is probably the most hardcore sh!t ive seen in years. The story is just awesome, a world full of only humans one man Punisher makes it his own vow to take everything evil down. ANd Jesus the art in many of the issues was just awesome. I was drooling many times

100 Bullets

I started this not too long ago, and i know alot of people say this about books but i seriously couldnt put it down. I would look at the clock and it would say 6am and id go "F@#k it i can survive on 3 hours of sleep". The art, the story, the constant twists an turns AAAAAAAAHHHHH it was AMAZING!! This was hands down the coolest stories ive read in a VERY long time. Theirs noting to be said about this story besides it was just f@#king awesome. And the characters were so broad an diverse its insanely easy to get attached to them, or hate their guts.

 Awesome characters

Original Sin


Can I just say i really really really REALLY dislike the xmen nowadays screw it all of marvel nowadays. BUT!!! This was an awesome storyline/Arc, it made me like Daken slightly less and Wolverine even less. The whole backstory to it was just cool, and the involvement of Shaw one of the coolest comic characters was also an added awesome factor.

Final Crisis

What more do you friggin want with a storyline, badass fight scenes. Badass badguys, and one of the most memorable image in years

It was just an awesome Event, short of the countdown (I loved Trickster and Pied Piper specially Brother Eye and Pipers last scene BADASS!!). It had all my favorite things, awesome backstory (countdown) awesome characters, and AWESOME yet sad deaths (Martian Manhunter, and Batman). It was just pure badass.



Alright this was written WAYY back in 93 but i picked it up this year and i can say this was the BEST read of 09 hands down. I have never read anything this year with such emotion put into it, a character so vague yet so RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. Enigma was something different for me, a book that i take really seriously because its that kind of different everyone should read. 

So theirs my list


MUCH Needed Vacation (Forced but vacation)

Alright my loving and adoring fans lol i know im full of it, but here it goes.
My computer has finally died (ok no it didnt it was killed by a hammer after crashing for the tenth time in thirty minutes), and im using my lil sisters POS computer to check mail an such.
So i wont be on for PROBABLY a week or two if not three. Once i get the money for the new comp ill be back on regularly, but after some recent BS ive had to endure offsite and onsite i need a break and killing my computer was the only way.
Along with having no real computer, i have gotten a promotion at work (YEs its BK but f@#k you i got a promotion and this little beaners gonna work it) so im probably going to be getting mad hours anyway which will cut into my vine time. Im not at the promoted level as of now but within a week i will be so thats another reason, ill have more training (book work BS taking eight hour long "tests" which actually i need to sit to a biatch talk for eight hours. but u get the drift) And get Serv Saved will be cutting into my time.
So i am taking this much needed vacation and embracing it. 
YES!! I will be finishing Secret Wars for the simple one else will and im enjoying it. So as soon as Uchiha posts I will be making my final post for the rpg. Anyone who doesnt like the final post...say it wasnt canon and your all good. 

Who i am involved with in a rpg I am REALLY sorry, but Work and my little Devil of a child come first. Works going to be killing the time i get to spend with hiim so im going to be spending as much time and every time i can while hes awake with him.
Also to the three Successors of the Darkness, yes the fanfics will be up but wont be until I get my new computer. So like i said above three weeks at most then ill get them started. And after i get the new computer im staying retired from rpgs, so anyone who REALLy let me repeats REALLY needs me in a rpg, send me a personal pm and ill think about it (and by personal i dont mean group chats cause if i come back after three weeks with 600 pms im gonna find you and i will kill you for the sheer annoyance.)
Alright everyone thank you for reading this if you did, and for those who skimmed it...lazy ass.
I will try an get msn on this POS computer, but if i cant im sorry. Alot of you have my number, but if you feel the need to hear the friendly A-Hole contact Hunter/Arrow/ or MR for my number via pm. Please dont call them to get my number they will answer your pms...ok Hunter will and MR will Arrow wont.
goodnite everyone....good lord will i enjoy the peace
(oh ps, all those people who dont like me. Relish the silence that will come with my vacation cause when i come back.....its the same DC every freaking day)


Listen to Music

I am almost always listening to music, so when reading is a definate yes. Alot of times recently a song will come on the radio and ill laugh an tell whoevers in the car which comic i was reading when listening to the song. You are the One was on repeat for about five hours as i read through all of Civil War after it was all done.

All the issues i had kept on putting off read to Shiny Toy Guns (yeah i know Im odd)

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People Permently stuck on their High Horse

Drags in a podium and attaches a microphone to it

"This on? Alright"

Clears his throat

Whats on my mind? Hmmmm a few things one that is more of an annoyance than anything so ill shout it out here. And before i continue read my battlecry because what im about to say is going to piss people off no doubt about it. And if in effect I get banned for my words, Ill plead the fifth and ill come back but im making my point right here an now. State your mind i dont care really just dont anymore.


I find even on a comic site a person cannot attempt at being funny for fear of the dreaded Staff membber of Death catching wind. Today I was told that a thread created by someone a newbie to my knowledge i dont care right now but, it was created out of having a rpg go up and things were going good. And another person posted a picture saying "I Hate Cops" and on pure coincidence (or pure lazyness on his part, we all know he is lazy just admit it) he posted the pic and it was of a black person saying I hate cops.

Now most people would find this hilarious, Im not even most people and i found this hilarious. As would anyone else (Hell im sure Vance our own resident Instigator and debator would laugh his ass off). But a staff member took GREAT offense to this said picture saying the viner did it intentionally and subsequently locked the thread. Now i for one know the viner, if it had been me yes it would have been done to mock and make fun but he is not a trouble maker. He does not go around like me and poke at sores, Ill admit it i can be a comeplete an utter Dbag.

Its not only a irritating offense to the viner but also the viner who created the thread for a rpg in hopes he and his buddies would get it up an started, if i came in and found MY thread locked because someone couldnt take a joke I would be PISSED.

I just dont understand why SO many people are so high on their horses, and cant take the saddle out their bum that they cant see things ARE REALLY DONE TO BE FUNNY. Not to make offense or out of racism.

I know for example what its like to be mocked for my race or hell for being the minority, and its never happened to such a degree on this site or to the point it pisses me off. I make fun of my own kind all the time on the site, and when i can look at a picture of a old Luke Cage saying "I HATE COPS" and laugh my a$$ off its alright. But when a WHITE person calls "RACISM!!" its just plain stupid and annoying.

Alright Im done

As i said before look at my battlecry and then if ur still angry yell at me, i will take it into consideration and then laugh. Thank you and have a good night.

To the guy who made the thread I am sorry, even tho I was no part altho i cant lie if i was on at the time i would have said something funny as well. Make another thread just like it and we shall be golden. I know i wont be around for a while after this gets seen by everyone i will be IPed and ill accept it because i voiced my opnion.

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