The Messiah of Peace

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Daemon stands in his Fortress staring out into the deep vibrant jungle of Paradiso, as he stares out glimpses of what has preceded this fill his mind. Both encounters with Clarice fill the forefront of his thoughts, the woman could be his undoing much like Noir had once been. But he had clouded his heart with his dream, thinking of nothing more than bringing forth his Paradise. Yet another fills his mind as it wonders as he stares out into the beautiful jungle, Charlemagne. His words pierced deep within Daemon, the hate filled words of a man who wished to be like the very things he hates. The reality of what will come fills his mind constantly, that this war that is sure to come will define him and Charlemagne when both men could of been remembered for so much more.

Fingering a small vial in his hand he holds it up to the sunlight, a green tint shines through and casts a colorfully green shadow over his face. His crimson red eyes piercing through the green, Parnasis had come up with a worst case scenario with the contents of the vial. Daemon looked at the small glass vial and tapped the window sill "Take it to Parnasis, lock it up.....I cannot do it. If it comes to that, then all is lost." In an instant Nerdal sucked the vial down into the pits below Paradiso. Turning slightly to the sound of his office door opening, a Drone walked in and took to one knee "My lord, the cameras are ready per your request. President Stark has linked everything up, we will go live in fifteen minutes." Daemon nodded and patted the drone on his head "Good work my son, fetch the concubines and bring my Queen in. We both shall be dressed in the same attire." As the drone left his Queen Reaver walked in, her elegance was breathtaking. And even without her gown she shined in the sunshine, almost eclipsing the sun itself. Smiling he moved closer to her, kissing her cheek before stepping back and spreading his arms out. Soon four women for each King and Queen walked in, holding both sets of clothing. Slowly sliding his suit onto his body he felt its sleekness, the feeling of top notch cloth upon his skin filled his senses. He enjoyed every moment, but it was short lived as the concubines were timely and had both the King and Queen dressed in the matter of moments. Looking into the mirror he ran his fingers through his hair and smiled.

Stepping out into the daylight of the island, scores of all kinds of the Hive Mind stood out in attention. Accompanying them were those still close to his cause, his Vine his Brethren. In a short time each had become as close to him as a family would, they stood watching as he slowly ascended to the podium. Out before them hovered large insects and constructs of Nerdal. Each carrying a camera, a camera that each linked up to various signals that would broadcast all over the world. Thanks to his recent meeting with President Stark he had all the technology he could possibly need at his disposal. But at one cost, he could not speak of his affiliation with the President or speak about the comings and goings of Charlemagne on television. That was something entirely for the President to deal with, a task he has sent his own people to deal with. Daemon stands ready at the podium as all the cameras flicker, suddenly the face of Paradise was simultaneously broadcast on every television all over the world, in every language his words would be heard all over the world.

Clearing his throat he began, no papers or note-cards he was speaking from his heart and with each word it could be felt. "I am Daemon Matthius, once known as Giovanni Marquis....I stand before you for Hope." Taking a breathe before continuing he stared into the cameras unblinking "Many of you may know no...may think you know who I am. Think you know what I strive for, what makes me wake up every single day, but you would be wrong. I do not wish to make a conquest of this world, nor do I wish to rule over any corner of this world. What I want is to feel Hope once see that our future is not something we wish for, but something we strive for..." Looking around to each of the cameras he continues "I want this world to feel the energies of a world filled with Hope, filled with Peace. Not a world filled with so much hate, so much filth that a person cannot walk ten feet without stepping in something foul. I do not want to see our fellow man homeless, hungry, and angry ever again." Slowly his Queen steps up beside him, followed by the good Doctor Parnasis. Each not hiding who they are, Daemon in kind stands proud of who and what he is "I am a mutant! A species so looked down upon, that each and everyone of us fears to go out into the daylight. NO MORE!" Slamming his hands down onto the podium it quakes as he grips its sides "I want a world where we all can stand out in the daylight, not afraid of what comes next! A world where there is no status-quo, no hierarchy, no weak and no strong. Only those who wish to reach up and with potential touch the heavens..." He raises his hand towards the sky above "To become something BETTER! Both human and mutant alike, living as one unit not as separate but as equals!" He points out to the audience before him "See! It has already begun, my word has slowly reached many. I see both human, mutant, and demon out before me standing together!" Suddenly his eyes narrow and he points to the cameras.

"We all know that for something like a Paradise on earth to happen, many will strive to stop us. Stop us with blood, guns, and weapons that make Hitler grimace. But only through turmoil and heartache can we survive what is coming, only through true sacrifice can Paradise be accomplished. But we shall stand united! United in the belief that our futures children will look back upon us, not as mice who allowed for lions to run rampant unopposed. No! They will see that we stood up, and fought for our future. Not for our own futures, but for the futures of our children! We are nothing without our children!" Images of Dresden fill Daemon's mind as he continues "I have seen this first hand, and I will not allow my children to live like this anymore, we will change this world. Beginning...with Paradiso!" Turning around the cameras show all of the island of Paradiso, showing all who watch exactly where to come "I am building a place for all who chose to be united to live and thrive, without malice, without hunger until the end of time. My Paradiso shall be the first step towards Paradise, and like a child's first steps it is only the beginning." Raising his hands higher a large projection is cast upon the blue sky above, a holographic image of Paradise as it hovers over Paradiso. The scope of the entire thing was massive, Daemon turned from the projection and looked into the camera once again. This time smiling "I am your Peace Bringer, your Messiah. Come forth, and come all to my Paradise...." With that Daemon turns from the audience who immediately erupt into applause. He knows nothing of the impact of what he has just done, only that it is the beginning. And soon everyone will know Paradiso, they will see the future of...



Subliminal Tendencies (Pre-Cursor)

(This takes place immediately after New Darker World)

The days and months had led them all to this moment, the moment in which they take the world in their hands and crush it. For one moment before the storm they all wait as the soldiers slowly fall into place, Veronica stands above a single stair case. She slowly takes a step off the ledge and falls for what seemed hours until she is caught by a net, suddenly wires wrap around her and she smiles bright as the everything begins to take shape. As the wires slowly wrap themselves around her bodies they levitate her into the air, slowly the ceiling opens and she rises into the skies above The Hill.


As the masses flood the streets and continue on with their lives, they have no idea that even now there world is about to change forever. Within each high rise building men and women are working tirelessly, making sure every connection is fed into everything possible. The idiot employees in the buildings see the extra wires and higher electricity as nothing but an everyday thing, each worker bee has been infected with a single scarab that controls their every move. To the outside world they look like any dead eyed employee around the world, but soon they will show what they have been preparing for....a press of a button to end it all.

Los Angeles

Suddenly as construction on a random road continues a lone worker looks to the skies, his ear towards the sky he looks around and grabs a pick axe. Walking over to the foreman he looks him up and down and with a smile "The Children are the key..." Swinging hard he slams the axe into the mans face caving it in, a cloud of blood and mist sprays the worker. As others try to grab him and take him down he continues, pushed by the scarab inside he walks even though men are at his feet dragging along with every step. Walking up to his truck he opens the back, a large device thats connected by countless wires into the construction site whirs to life. With a press of a button a wave of energy explodes from the device, incinerating everything in the first explosion. The wave of energy continues throughout the city washing over everyone, everyone it touches looks in confusion as to what just happen....


Explosions rip through the streets as each energy wave spreads throughout the streets, people are just as confused with the explosions as to the reactions of all the nearby children. In each street three out of five children look to the sky as if awaiting answers from something above. A nearby woman tries to wake her children out of there trance, in each home two out of five children are each infected with the desire for answers from above. And soon they will get there answers...

The Hill

As Veronica rises further into the skies above the Dome, a single tower rises with her high above the streets. As they stop above the Dome she looks with a bright smile taking in a deep breathe, as she looks around she cannot wait for whats to come. They all will come once she calls out to them, and with each soldier who comes the plan moves further and further to being complete. Waves of energy flow from Veronica and she cannot take it anymore she must give out the call, and as Daemon stares up at her he nods and she lets loose "Come my children,for your future is at hand. COME!" As she screams the message is sent all over the globe. Each explosion that ripped through the streets of Texas, L.A, and New York were triggers for something more.

Adding to Veronica's own powerful abilities they allow for her to transfer a link to the Hill, a Link that the whole world will see. They will remember this day when Evil made its first strike, the children are their future.

Inside The Dome

As Veronica's screams echoed throughout the Dome, Daemon prepares himself as the cameras begin to come to life and he is at the center of their attention. Throughout the world Televisions scramble and Daemon appears, inside Madison Square Garden his face is seen in its fullest. His terror inducing appearance plastered on each television screen he starts "Today is the day I push the world to its limits, we aim for the perfection of our race. We are that perfection, it is calculated that two to three out of five children have dormant genes within their bodies. We just released two simultaneous reactions all around the world, One will awaken the dormant X gene in these children. The second is the subliminal message, this has been circulating through the worlds electronics for months. We have been preparing for this for many days, and I am confident enough that my influence has reached every corner. Now I wont be arrogant enough to believe it worked everywhere, I am sure some of you out there were smart enough to see this coming. But enough of the children will be affected, and that is all I need...enough." Daemon takes a deep breath and continues with a wide smile upon his face "We are the Vine Villains, and today we show everyone that perfection is the only answer. Stop us if you can, but I will acquire enough children to continue on with my plans and there is nothing you can do about it." With that the connection was terminated.

Veronica lowered slowly from the tower and into Daemons arms, she was exhausted from using so much of her powers to make this happen. Smiling to his Veronica he strokes her cheek "You did good, now we watch as the world stumbles over itself trying to keep these children from us. Once your ready prepare everyone, we will have a fight very soon a fight we most certainly will win." Even as he spoke those children who succumbed to the message within the area were pouring into the Dome and around it. Soon he would have enough for his army of Symbiotes...and even sooner he will rule this world.


Nightmares and dream scapes part 2

I did this a few years back and it worked out awesomely for me as a writer, and I thought I was done with it but alas for me my mind never sleeps even when I do. I have been having a set of recurring dreams, almost movies you could say every night for the past six months. Sometimes its the same scenario other times its another set. Here are the ideas or outlines for these dreams. I cant make a decision as to what one I need to write. Their are five in total tonight will be showing you the first, making a post for each over the next week or so.

Tumble Down The Hole

"I'm not crazy, I cant express this enough. But someones got to explain to me why these things are happening to me, so thats where you come in." Charles sits at the opposite chair across a small room, a desk beside him lined with mugs and an ashtray. In front of him sits a man obviously a Doctor with a pad of paper and he asks "What is it do you need explaining Charles?" Charles smiles trembling as he pulls out a cigarette from his shirt pocket, pulling the ashtray towards him he lights it.

He looks down to his ashy hands and smiles " Today I am black, wonder what color in the rainbow I will be tomorrow?" The doctor looks at him curious, and jots down his words "Every night I go to sleep I have the same dream, I am chasing someone. Or maybe hes chasing me, sometimes its kind of hard to make sense, as I am always in some sort of trance. The world spins around me, and men in black are also there. Sometimes they help sometimes they are shooting at me, it changes each time." Taking a hit from his cigarette he continues "I go to sleep as one person and I wake up as someone else entirely, sometimes I am married others not. Each time its either slightly different or completely different, yesterday I was a short and fat asian child." Shifting in his seat he looks over to the doctor and points.

"Everytime I am awake I come here, to the same office and meet the same doctor. You never change, and neither does your final analysis, I am finding that everytime I get closer to that man in my dream more and more becomes a little bit more understandable." The doctor moves in his seat and reaches into his pocket pulling out a small pocket watch and clicking something on the side, a wave almost seems to emit from the watch as he does it. Charles looks to him confused and terrified "You've never done that before?!" Stumbling out of his seat he knocks it over as he races to the back of the office.

The doctor stands from his chair and slowly pulls away a wig from the top of his head, long blonde hair unfolds down to the middle of his back, and he pulls away his face revealing a beautiful woman. She pulls out a small gun and aims it at Charles "Dont worry sugah, your not going crazy, we just cant keep you in one place for long. This time we found you, and you can continue your mission now take a deep breath, this might hurt a little bit." She fires the gun and Charles world goes black.



Thats true, your pervy neighborhood Bastard is baaaack. All your women and daughters are at risk now muahahaha *cough cough*

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CVnU Origin

10 Years Ago

I can hear her screaming, he yells at her with everything inside his fat sluggish body. I can feel the heat from his breath in the next room, my hands tremble and I feel a burning inside my body. Suddenly their is a thud and whimper as my mother screams for him to stop, another loud thud echoes through the walls. How could she put up with his drunken fits, this is one of the worst. He is actually hitting her this time rather than threatening. Suddenly my body moves without me at the wheel, I dont remember opening my door but now I am in the hallway. With each footstep I feel a little bit of my childhood flake away, something inside has taken over and wishes for it all to stop. I hear the splinters of wood bounce off the floor and slide into the room as their bedroom door shatters behind my fist. I watch as my fathers mouth moves as he curses at me, then I see her....shes on the floor unconcious. Blood flows from her mouth and nose, he has truly dont it he has broken her. I feel a cold steel wash over my body the light in their room reflects off my skin and I thunder forward lifting my father from the floor.

I hang him in the air and my eyes are fill with pure unbridaled rage, suddenly his body begins to wrinkle and a green aura surrounds his body. As his body begins to wither away I feel my body fill with energy. As he tries to say something to me my wrist twists and his neck snaps, I drop him without an ounce of remorse and as his body hits the ground it turns to dust. I feel the cold steel wash back over my skin and its gone, watching it soak back into my skin like a sponge. Dropping to my knees I crawl over to my mother touching her cheek. Suddenly her body begins to change from black and blue to her normal complexion. Her nose straightens and the blood still trickling reverses and returns to her body. Her eyes flutter as she opens them, her swollen eye now normal she is startled at me towering over her. She looks around for my father screaming he will come back. I grab her and pull her close, letting her sob into my chest her tears soaking my shirt. Finally as she looks over my shoulder to what remained of my father she breathes in deep, in shock she simply hugs he hard. Looking back and forth between my fathers pile of cloths surrounded by dust, and then to me as my body still slightly glows a bright green.

The next day we leave our little village in Ireland, and never look back.


Tonight I Give A Solemn Promise

I have had a awesome batch of ideas for things to come an therefore a awesome motivation to post. An to these people I speak to

Today or Tonight after work I will be making my post as Wvyren (i also need to reread your post and the FB message) but it will get done. Also i will finish the fanfic I have to finish for your character.

Your fanfic I will be working on as well in the coming week(S) since yours has more to finish.

Want to throw some ideas for Jake an Roku your way soon. An want to know what your plannin for the Owls

And to everyone else. I have an idea for a single TEAM account, not a team for users but a set of characters. Will be deciding to either make them a fanfic or a rpg team that I use. But you all will see the return of my writing style very soon an more of it everyday. If people want to hear what I have to say early aka spoiler included send me a pm titled Spoiler and I will answer you as soon as I can. Got alot of day time to myself tomorrow so will be here most of the day.



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Why Do YOU, Drop a Comic?

I am a very easy child to entertain when it comes to comics, I will be reading comics on my death bed. But this doesnt mean I dont have SOME taste, somethings just dont sit well when they come off the comic. I have been an avid read of Power-Man(Luke Cage) and Iron Fist, alot of you do not know that. I keep the knowledge to myself, because alot of readers dont tend to read back issues. Hell I will be blunt, most comic fans nowadays dont read any comics that date before they were born. I on the other hand LOVE to come up with ways of getting my hands on back issues. My favorite issue of Power Man and Iron Fist is (Look to your right idiot). It started one of the coolest team ups in my opinion. But in saying this, I wish they had kept it back in the 80's. I honestly LOVED the idea of a Modern PM and IF comic, even if it didnt have the original two members (Luke and Danny) The new stuff started out alright during Shadowland, but now I honestly cant put forth the money or time into reading it. I can read comics that have crappy art, crap stories with good art, crap art with good stories, but what I cannot do is read something over the top BORING. This rendition of PM and IF is incredibly boring. 
Now saying that, if they had started out an flushed the new Power-Man out an gave him more of his own stories I might of done this a little longer. But I cannot and will not continue to buy a comic that no longer interests me. 
So what are your lines? Which point does a comic need to get to where you can no longer read it?


Comicvine On is it

I a devoted fan of Comicvine since soon after its creation way back in late 06 and early 07, DO NOT HAVE IT AS A FRIEND. YET!!! My fiance of a year and a half need to facebook more.