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That´s what I´m talking about - http://www.bleedingcool.com/2011/06/01/dc-relaunch-wildstorm/ - now please anounce too Authority and others - Peace

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I´m loving the thought of seeing Jim Lee behind the JLA, even for a few issues (I don´t believe he will do a long run, probably the first 4 - 5 issues, then a new arc story with two different artists, then perhaps another 3 issue arc story with Jim Lee), but what I´m really hoping for is to see the Wildstorm universe again, maybe they´ll get a ride in all that revamp, what do you think fellow viners?

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Man I loved your comments of how Johns mined Moore´s work in the GL, it´s so true (and I´ve read just a glimpse of Moore´s work in this tittle) ans the whole semiotics thing (the got lost in translation was awesome) - Look, honestly, I know your passion for comics and I´m sorry that you feel this way, but I think (like almost everything in life) that the industry doesn´t have a focus or a main trend to be the foundation of comics stories, like in the 80s when drugs, sexuality and crime were trend topics, so the writers leaned in to these and the stories were almost everything about sex, drugs and crime - What are comics now? That´s a good question, and I guess there isn´t a reliable answer to that - Geoff Johns tried to bring to the table in BD # 24 a wake up call for the environment, I thought of it like a Green Wake or the Greenpeace´s victory in comics, but saving the planet isn´t strong enough to be a trend topic like when it happened back in the 80s - I´m truly honored to be mentioned by you and I hope that you don´t become a stranger here,´cause I would miss your advices and your good reviews! And I know that many people here love comics with the same passion that you do, the only difference is that they get happy with less and you need more - think about it :))
Peace dude

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Personally I think wheat bread is tastier than white bread, so I combine healthy with flavor.
In my town there´s a bakery that makes wheat bread with nuts and it´s so good!!

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A gallon is close to 4 Litros
Here in Brasil the cost of 1 Litro is close to U$ 1,50
So a gallon is U$ 6,00

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 Atrocitus - 21 
Bleez - 13 (+1)
Larfleeze -19
Sinestro -18 
Mongul - 2
Hal Jordan-21  
Saint Walker-18

Carol Ferris -22 
Black Hand - 21 (-1)
Deadman- 25   
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Flash takes them solo??? That made me laugh...a lot!!!

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This will be the best release in May, no doubt about it
Great writers and excellent artists too, like Eduardo Risso

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Isn´t Galactus just a little copy of Apocalypse in Marvel Vs Capcom 1?
I felt this way when I saw him

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Black Panther
He´s got more fight skills and speed than Conan
who depends too much of raw power