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Allman Brothers live with Jerry Garcia

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Daken can manipulate the feelings of both Venom and Bullseye/Hawkeye, making them confused as an edge, while the wipes the floor with them and hope he doesn´t try to kiss Lester again

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1st Round: She-Hulk Vs Rogue - Jennifer would take a small advantage, throwing a car or something against Rogue who, after recovering, would´ve engaged a toe to toe with She-Hulk, taking a lot of punches and other throws and after flying for a little while, dodging other stuff slunged by Jennifer, she would´ve realized the only way to win this fight is to use her mutant powers and that´s exactly what she does, draining She-Hulk's vital energy untill she goes unconscious; Winner is RogueEmma Frost Vs Invisible Woman - Emma would take the lead by creating disturbing thoughs in Sue's head, like when she became Dominatrix, loosing her baby, all the fighs and sorrow with Reed Richards, but eventually Sue would recover herself and starts to hit Emma really hard, what would make her change to her diamond form, that´s when Sue would´ve form an invisible bubble force field surrouding Emma's head who, incapacited of breathing, would´ve collapsed; Winner is Invisible Woman; Storm Vs Valkyrie - The fact that Valkyrie is a norse god, and by that hung a while with Thor, doesn´t make her invulnerable of lightning and thunder, which gives Ororo the edge and she would´ve win this, avoiding direct contact and hitting Valkyrie's flying horse with a big tornado, forcing her to stay in the ground; Winner is Storm;  Thundra Vs Moonstone - That´s raw and brutal force against strategy and energy blasting, so Dr. Karla Sofen will avoid direct contact as much as possible with the greenie lady and will hit her hard; she´s got a lot of stamina but will not endure direct hits for a long time; Winner is Moonstone.
2nd Round: Rogue Vs Invisible Woman - Sue would try to trick Rogue in turning herself invisble and hit her with forcefields and throw objects, but she wouldn´t last long time once Rogue caught her off guard; Winner is Rogue; Storm Vs Moonstone - although Dr. Sofen is very powerfull, Ororo will fry her ass; Winner is Storm.
3rd Round: Rogue Vs Storm - Rogue would finish Ororo really quick by making two buildings collapse over her, and being afraid of small places Ororo would go unconscious.
Winner is Rogue

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@Cubethulhu:  My dear, no doubt that the USA is a great nation and country, but it sounds a little bigotry from you to make the assumption that America is better than 90% of the World...better in which parameters? Wealth, income, health insurance, economy, politics, agriculture, art, food etc. Poverty is a matter that scares the whole world, from Africa to Europe, and the fundamentalist from Asia targets USA 'cause it represents the wealth, the demonized version of capitalism...that´s the way of jihad...they are wrong, and there´s nothing good coming out of war and terrorism...but the way the american average people think (republican right wing), like you I presume, that America is the best of tthe entire world, come on, be a little more meek, ok?
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I would put in the list " Scrooge McDuck" lol...I guess the Authority crew has a lot of doe; and Marc Spector (A.K.A Moonknight) must have something too.