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@jsphsmth: Uau Mr "kid" what an amazing display of intelligence and temper from you, way to show it, now I totaly get what you're trying to say, awesome!! Go on and be happy reading every trash that DC shoves at us! You're probably one of the guys that loved "52", "counting down to Final Crisis", "War of the Green Lanterns" and so far!

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@jsphsmth: Please "Kid", I can smell bad comics from far ahead, what about you? Do you read everything, do you buy all the comics availabe? I guess not and that's because you have likes and dislikes, right? And that opinion is formed upon the elements of characters, creative team involved, concepts, right? So, based upon my experience and what has been released of information I can say bad things about Liefeld's upcoming new titles without reading them!

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@jsphsmth: Sorry, but I can complain at any time Mr, buying or not the product, especially if I had prior experience with the product and know that is shit! The readers have the right to say what is on their minds, it's something called freedom of speech, unlimited by any condition or clause, so I can say that Liefeld is a horrible artist (penciler and writer) and that I will not continue to buy the 3 ongoing titles that he's boarding! To impose your way of thinking is anti democratic and biased to the fact that Liefeld will produce good work, something that History proved wrong! I don't have to buy the comic to "earn" the right to complain, are you insane?!?

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Personaly this entail exactly that I'll be dropping two titles from my pull list (Deathstroke and Grifter) and the spoil of purchasing Savage Hawkman when Joe Bennet moves to this title - I really can't understand how a twag, simpleton,

with stupid hair and smile, who never produced a single and decent piece of comic since ever, manages to become such a powerful dick in DC, it's beyond any reason and straight line of understand and logic ! And how about the fans? How many of Liefeld's fans are there, spread in the world to justify him writting or plotting 3 titles? A couple of thousands, if much? Poor lucky bastards! Reading news like that make me actually like and respect MArvel even more, make me enjoy events like Avenges Vs X-Men!

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I gave my wife "Daytripper" and she loved it - I guess this is a great book for women

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One of the best things I´ve read in this past couple years was Brubaker´s run in Captain America, in fact, this was the first time ever that this character showed some appeal to me, since I´ve never read the title before and not knowing a lot about Bucky was really the key factor (also the amazing art of Epting) for me enjoying so much his return as Winter Soldier and then as Cap - it´s not only that Marvel killed him, but how it was done: first of all, what ridiculou kind of operation are Rogers and all the others running in this Fear Itself ar story? Washington is getting stomped by hundreds of mechabots and a godlike Sin and who are in the frontline: Bucky, Black Widow, Falcon and Shang Chi? Come on, where are the heavy hitters? Only 4 heroes (and b levels) against this kind of power? Also, in the fatal battle between Sin and Bucky, Immonen and Fraction made a terrible sequence, there´s no coherence between the scene where Sin clashes his bionic arm and the one after when she finishes him - so, this is the question: if Marvel must kill a hero, why not do it in a fashion and decent way, instead of a second grade plot, filled with holes and pathetic narrative, this dimminishes the character and frankly, made me angry while reading the issue. Still, Brubaker´s run in Captain America was one of the best things Marvel ever published and I praise everyone to read it, it´s worth! Peace

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Big Bang Theory
Game of Thrones
True Blood

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Game of Thrones and Man Vs Food!!! Go Adam go!!! LOL

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Cap is great, but not the best - maybe in the 40s and 50s he was the best,
but nowadays there are too many characters in competition for this spot
and he´s being old as he is, I don´t believe he´s fit for this position