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Don't worry guys, he'll be back someday, that's for sure

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I don't see it that way: the Phoenix power released has "woken up" all the x-genes dorment after House of M's "No more mutants". It's the appearence of new mutants, whose powers never manifested before because of Wanda's spell, and not normal people becoming mutates, though it was a good theory from you.

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Captain America has a war hero mentality, he's a commander, but also does very well in solo fights, while Batman is well known for his martial arts combat skills and "lone ranger" style. If Batman can't take Cap quickly, I think Rogers has an advantage, since he's got more stamina and strenght than Wayne. The real problem here is who would deliver the finish blow and I believe Batman could take Captain America first, but if they were to have a rematch or something like that, Captain America would win, because he has a better strategic mind than Batman.

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I'm a big fan of Star Wars and I would love seeing a move per year, especially with good special effects, focusing more on what the Force can do!

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No Game of Thrones? :((

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Oh no, that's really a shock!! How a talented artist top notch creator like Rob Liefeld is leaving a major publisher like DC comics?? Could it be because the dude has no talent at all?? Could it?? No, I must be a hater

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I'll definitely read all the issues - to me, when there're characters as interesting as these, plus a whole story that connects them, it's reason enough to make me read it, sequel or prequel, I don't care - I feel this way about all the major science fiction or fantasy novels there are: Star Wars, I would love to see stuff after Return of the Jedi, Lord of the Rings, I would kill to read more of the Middle Earth, in the format of Silmarillion; Song of Ice and Fire, would be fantastic if George R.R. Martin or other writer did prequels of this book, telling more of the old reigns of the Targaeryans or the First Andals, it would be awesome. I don't have any reservations towards creators (or companies) that desire to explore further some masterpieces, expanding it's universe, I'm an enthusiast of this in fact! Great article and what a privilege to receive such an invitation!

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In combat = Rogers

In the field,preparing, planning and orchestrating the troops = Cyke

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A true hero can handle a pouring wheather