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Forging a Legacy

France had been rebuilt and its legacy was on the way to being reclaimed. The Court of Owls had made the country their home. Lead by one of the world's most formidable assassins, Cassidy Lockhart-Starks and the renegade son of Gambler himself, Kazarian LeBeau, they were ushering in a new era. But the thing about Owls is that they don't build their own nests, they overtake the nests of others.

Unknown to Cassidy, they had rebuilt upon the legacy of the formidable Esther Cotillard LeBeau, a woman recently out of hiding and reappearing on the world landscape for the first time in years, not having lost any of her edge for but a second. During the duration of the first attack on the Court, she managed to reunite with her former husband and the man who for years had been believed to kill her, Jean Luc LeBeau himself.

He fractured his association from the Court, packing up his gear and once again severing ties with Cassidy. She was left with the knowledge that the legacy of her own that she had finally begun building was created on false pretenses. Shutting down the doors of Le Cours de Hibeux she started anew, once again rebuilding her life, but this time by her own specifications, not anybody else's.

Dark Legacy. The name says it all. Not everybody in this world is born good, but there are those who strive to do their best despite their pasts and work together for a better future. That is, in a nutshell the woman known as Mercy, however ironic the name may be. With her prodigious skills, ample talent for technology and keen business sense, she has started her own endeavor. A semi-covert team that deals with emerging world threats. They may not be the most moral of people, nor are they the most apt to judge, but they don't shy away from using extreme methods to handle extreme threats, using their own dark pasts to work towards a better future.

Lead by Cassidy Lockhart-Starks aka Mercy and Kazarian LeBeau aka The Last Arashikage.

The main base is located on a mountainside in Kyoto, Japan. Completely shielded through the efforts of Cassidy's technology and the ample magical and telepathic prowess of Claire Swanepoel the security is second to none and is blind to every satellite on Earth and beyond, save for a select few.

A secondary base is located within a chateau in France, under the supervision of Duchess. It is this base that houses the main Arc, the center of Claire's telepathic juggernaut capabilities.


Leader: Mercy

Faction: Neutral
Super Name: Mercy
Real Name: Cassidy Lockhart-Starks
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Crimson
Weight: 121
Age: 24
Eye Color: Light green
Height: 5'1"
Powers: Telekinesis, weapons master, master of unarmed combat, swordsmanship
Identity: Public
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts
Known Aliases: Little Raven, Dark Huntress, Fractured Fatale, Ronin Assassin, Petite Oiseau, Bamboo Owl, Cassidy O'Rourke
Mini Biography: After her adopted family was massacred, Cassidy O'Rourke learned to fend for herself. Her journey led her into the grasp of Gambler, who took her in and raised her from her own from the ages of 7-17, training her to be an elite assassin, after which point she went off on her own. Her journey led her from love, to her birth family, to marriage. She's now the mother of 2 and the CEO of Starks Enterprises. After disbanding the Court of Owls in the wake of Gambler's dissension, she and Kaz started their own endeavor with the renegade team of Dark Legacy.

Co-Leader: Kaz
Faction: Neutral
Super Name: The Last Arashikage
Real Name: Kazarian LeBeau
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Weight: I60lbs
Age: 23
Eye Color: Crimson
Height: 6'5"
Powers: Martial arts precognition, master martial artist, Superhuman senses and stats, escape artist, swordsmanship, photographic memories and reflexes, limited combat telekinesis, limited healing factor, parkour/free-running expert
Identity: Known
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Aliases: The Machiavelli Matrix
Mini Biography: Like all LeBeaus, Kazarian was bred to be the perfect assassin. However, unlike his older brother (Florian) and sister (Angelique) he spent the first seven years of his life in Japan under the expert tutelage of his mother Lady Tlieso. And despite having the mutant LeBeau ability to copy and read people's movements his mother fully immersed him in the fundamentals of Japaneses martial arts.
Faction: Evil
Super Name: Duchess
Real Name: Claire Swanepoel
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Weight: 120
Age: 25
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Powers: Sorcery, Superhuman Physiology
Identity: Public
Place of Birth: London, England
Known Aliases: Enchantress, Phoenix
Mini Biography: Born and raised in the aristocratic luxury of British royalty, Claire was trained and refined into a political and magic paragon. Lethally adept in the use of her sorcery prowess, Claire has used them in addition to her allurement and cunning intellect to remain a head figure in politics and business. She currently reigns as CEO of the Hellfire Club and an elite member of the Dark Legacy.
Mike - Horseman of Strife
Faction: True Neutral
Super Name: Strife
Real Name: Mike (Last name unknown)
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Weight: 190
Age: Unknown, Believed to be in his Late 20's/Early 30's
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 6'3
Powers: Healing Factor, Spectral Firearms, Emotional Manipulation, Elemental Abilities (Which Elements Exactly are unknown at this time), Superhuman Reflexes, Agility, Durability and Strength.
Identity: Public
Place of Birth: United States,
Known Aliases:
Mini Biography:
A decorated Navy SEAL paralyzed by exposure to an unknown bio weapon while on a mission in Zaire, who later volunteered for an experimental government program with the hopes of regaining the use of his legs, he soon became a part of something much darker, a program designed to create super assassins lead by the mysterious government agency Sector-13. Eventually he managed to escape their control, having gained near superhuman abilities and a healing factor. Departing the U.S. for Eastern Europe to become a mercenary, spending several years there before branching out, taking contracts around the globe, delving into the shadows to become an assassin, marrying Clarice Michelle Zeraz for a short time and having a son with er before being murdered by her over control of their son. Later he was reborn under mysterious circumstances while on a mission in his original stomping grounds, Eastern Europe, the crimson clad comedian was chosen by the essence of the Horseman of Strife to become a Rider of Apocalypse. Now a member of the Dark Legacy he resides in Japan, secretly struggling to keep the Essence of Conflict from taking full control.
Jake Malcom
Faction: Neutral
Super Name: Jake Malcom
Real Name: Jacob Malcom
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown or Blonde depending on mood
Weight: 180
Age: Over 500 years
Eye Color: Baby Blue
Height: 6'1
Powers: Super Strength, Necromancy, Blood Magic, Vampirism, Unarmed Combat
Identity: Records Lost
Place of Birth: London
Known Aliases: The Son of Longinus, Late Heir, Jake-Ass, Day-Walker
Mini Biography:
The Owls had done a number on Jake, brought him back to the world of the caring. Once again he had a small knit family to call his own, only once had this happen before during his time with the Hellfire Club. Now as Cassidy makes her mark in the world with the Dark Legacy he follows her, finding a kindred spirit in the red-head. Feeling a father like emotion when around her he wishes to protect her and what is hers.
Unknown Soldier
Faction: Neutral
Super Name: Unknown Soldier
Real Name: Marcus O'Doherty
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Weight: 210 lbs
Age: 36
Eye Color: Bright green
Height: 6'5"
Powers: Super-strength, Superhuman stamina, Superhuman reflexes, Superhuman durability, Enhanced Senses, Peak human agility, Healing Factor
Identity: Private
Place of Birth: Boston, MA
Known Aliases: Unknown Soldier, Ares
Mini Biography: A man without a family, nor a permanent place to call home, Marcus has been living in the deepest pits of the underworld for the past several years. After he was labeled a failed experiment, he went rogue to avoid termination. His old life had all but been destroyed when he escaped into the world. In the time he was being experimented on, the military declared him dead. Unable to deal with the pain of losing her future husband, his fiancee took her own life. So he left and became a gun for hire. It worked for a couple years, but he eventually couldn't keep up with the life. Started trying to find ways to end it. When he was approached with the possibility of finally finding a family, of sorts.. and given the chance to do good with his powers; he accepted. Soon he was one of the newest members of the group called Dark Legacy.
Faction: Chaotic Neutral
Super Name: Midknighter
Real Name: Albert Daxx (declared missing - presumed dead)
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Red
Weight: 180 lbs.
Age: 27
Eye Colour: Completely scarlet, pupil-less
Height: 6’4
Powers: Enhanced Strength and Speed, Superhuman Agility and Acrobatic Ability, Photographic Reflexes, Superhuman Reflexes, Sound-Related Powers (e.g. Sonic Scream, Radar Sense), Imaginative Construction (small objects only)
Identity: Secret
Place of Birth: New Jersey
Known Aliases: Blood Shadow, the Demon, Grit, Wail
Mini Biography:
Albert Daxx was born into an abusive family, his father and mother beating him senselessly as a child. He had trouble at school with bullies and his only refuge was from his opera-house grandmother, who provided the money for his education and funded his College endeavours. He managed to score one over on his disturbed life and became an attorney, leaving his family in the past, moving away from New Jersey and trying out New York City. His life was good for a while but it seemed he was doomed for tragedy, a growing resentment festering in his cold heart. He was a bitter man and hated himself and his life, as well as anybody and anything that interacted with him. He developed mental illness and suffered from severe depression, eventually attempting suicide. Alas he failed, landing up in the hospital on life support, where a powerful demon escaped from Hell bonded with his weak, defenceless soul, cursing him with mystical abilities. He abandoned everything that was Albert Daxx, escaping society for its own wellbeing, struggling to keep control over the dark force that fought to bring despair to the world. He heard tell of a place for individuals like him, and set off to make something of his shattered life with the Dark Legacy.
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