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@boschepg: The darkness emanated from his partner was unsettling, but Famine felt a little safer knowing that he was on the same side. For now. When Jon spoke of the dark magic and ripples of shadows that he created it did little to ease his mind, but he trusted that he wouldn't do anything to risk the success of their mission.

"I trust you know what your'e doing, as well as our leader."

The boy muttered in the dark man made cavern. Whispers not too far caused the boy to ready himself for any surprise attack, but was still caught slightly off guard as a violet arrow zoomed passed his ear, cutting off a few strands of his hair and was soon followed by a tremor in the ground. The volatile shaking ended only with the dropping of cement from the roof causing a make shift barrier to be formed, separating them from their targets.

"Looks like someone doesn't want to be found, Mr Black. Anyway you can get through this? I can't necessarily eat through 20 feet of rock."

Before Famine could hear his response, his tongue tasted the odd flavor of plastic. He squinted before him and saw the noxious gas making its way towards the duo.

"Don't worry about me, Jon. I'm a mutant, get your mask and antidote ready!"

He yelled. Famine was ata a disadvantage. He was no good fighting from a distance, and even worse if their was no direct target. He had to depends on his comrade to bring him in closer.

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Famine chuckled ominously under the leather veil before responding,

"No need to worry. Your'e not too appetizing and thats a compliment."

He contorted his neck in grotesque movements and snapped his fingers against each other, limbering his bones and esophagus for the fight that was at hand. His snow white hair shined under the moon light and his eyes glowed a dim red. It was ironic, he was by every physical and genetic way possible, a mutant. Yet here he was, readying himself to fight the so called mutant savior and his band of Liberators. They were fighting for 'mutant superiority' while Famine was fighting for finances to cure his mutant X-gene. The irony was so….laughable.

"Lead the way, Mr. Black. I'll follow."

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@clutch: Thanks. All these posts are awesome thus far.

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Very few knew famine's real name. The name his mother had given him before her death was something he held close and instead branded himself with the title famine. The name was more of a scar that he bore in shame than pride.

Despite his history, he was contacted with a position in a high risk high reward group of mercenaries that could provide him with the wealth he needed. He didn't have to think too long, before responding with a yes. The memory of the invitation dwelled in his mind as he sprinted atop the apartment roofs, slightly eager to meet another 'wildcard'. He was assigned to partner up with an expert in dark magic, something that Famine knew nothing about.

He was curious, but knew he had to be wary despite being allies. The implication was that he was in it for the money just as Famine was. The finances would help bring him closer to discovering a cure that would quell the painful hunger that ravaged him, causing him to resort to cannabilistic methods. The flesh was only enough to temporarily satisfy the hunger. Reaching the designated rally point, he gazed down the apartment and saw his teammate.

"Ready?" He asked as he pulled his leather mask to his face. Securing the back strap to his neck ensured a type of 'control' to his appetite. The dark scent emanated off the stranger and caused the boy's stomach to churn.

Maybe the wild card leader partnered me up with him for a reason. His scent his...Off. Most assuredly off the menu.

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What is....inhomo supremis?

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@boschepg said:

@dark_desire: @rokuakai: @closure: @clutch:

is our first mission going to be the Dark Skies event? If so, Im ready to smack some mutant bootay. Jon Black is running some mission with the Laboratory to get them into Hell.


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@nowaiowt: I don't normally like anime avatars, but I just had to with this powerset in mind. SEASON 2 NEXT MONTH!!!

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  • Famine literally ate his own father
  • He currently resides in solitary confinement at a high level security prison at a classified location