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Assembled at long last! 0

The Avengers is Marvel studios long in development mega project that has been in the works over the course of five individual films that have been used to craft the back story’s for many of the characters’ in the Marvel cinematic universe. With a whopping $220 million budget can the guru’s over at Marvel studios give audiences the super hero movie they deserve?Marvel Studios The Avengers - written and directed by Joss Whedon is the first major individual’s super hero team film to date, whilst be...

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First Class or Second Rate? 0

 Xmen first class is the second of four major comic book adaptations to hit the silver screen in the summer of 2011 and is a prequel to the popular Xmen film quadrilogy. But after mixed opinions of the previous two Xmen films from fans and critics, can the latest film bring life back to this household name? Xmen first class, directed by Mathew Vaughn and distributed by Twentieth century fox; is the latest in the long line of Xmen films based on Marvels popular franchise and is the prequel to the...

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The Myth lives! 0

 Based on Marvel comics classic Norse mythology based super hero, the mighty Thor, Marvel studios -Thor aims to bring this larger than life character to the big screen and start this year’s super hero summer with a bang.  Marvel studio’s Thor, directed Kenneth  Branagh and written by Zak Penn is the first of several major big screen comic book adaptations slated for a 2011 release and is defiantly one of the most enjoyable superhero themed films currently in existence. The film covers the adapte...

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Marvellous 0

The war of the Marvels story thus far has been a very unique and thoroughly entertaining read and I must say one of my personal favourite stories of the last year. It continues the story straight after the previous issue with a conversation between Norman Osborn and Moonstone both trying to figure out what has just happened (at the end of last issue). The art in this issue is just amazing; Sana Takeda has once again done a fantastic job with bringing the story and all the characters to life. Pe...

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Deadpool has done it again! 0

 On the day I read this book I felt really down in the dumps, but then, I picked this up in the store and had a little read and within minutes I was literally Laughing Out Loud. The story picks up soon after the last issue with Norman Osborn sending Bullseye back out to try and kill Deadpool for the second time. It’s just pure entertainment from start to finish as the two mercenaries go at each other for the second time. The story is well written and brilliantly illustrated and should keep most ...

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Better on a second audition? 0

I made the point in my last Marvel Divas review that I’m a huge Black Cat fan and that if you’re not a fan or indeed fond of any of these characters you’re probably not going to enjoy this.This book continues the same formula as the previous issue with the four female super heroes Black Cat, Firestar, Photon, and Hellcat living their everyday non hero lives. The book continues the story soon after the last issues revelation. Now I have to say this series is the closest thing I’ve read, in the wo...

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Diva good, or Diva bad? 0

Let me just start by saying I’m a huge fan of Black cat and that’s why I decided to give this book a shot.This book basically serves as a mini story to help readers see what these characters have been up to lately and I guess it works .......mostly. There’s this strange guilty feeling that you get from reading this book, it’s that same guilty feeling you get when you are secretly reading a Dolly magazine in the back corner of a Newsagent.......not that I do that.....much....the problem with this...

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