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I'm a fourteen year-old. My height is 5' 1", real short aren't I...? My hair color naturally is dirty blonde, at the moment it's sort of a mahogany brown, so... I love video games, reading, drawing, and trying to flip myself off a four-wheeler, hehe. My life's not all that great like some people's, but... I make a living out of it or try to at least... There's nothing really all that interesting about me... I am a bit weird though, as some people put it... But I just figure I have a gift for things. I can run in the dark and no one can hear or see me (freaks people out), my hearing is like a dogs (very irritating most of the time), and sense of smell isn't anything new either... IF I was a dog..... So, yeah, some people think I'm part wolf or something. My eyes are a light blue that change with either what I wear, or how I feel. They have a yellow tint around the middle which makes people think the wolf part, hehe. Well, I think I'm already writing too much... I know that not many people like to hear boring Bios, or converations like now, so... Ah well..... You can skip this for all I care, I don't mind. If I can, I'll move on to a video game of my favorite that I absolutely obsess over... Guitar Hero, every damn day, whenever I get home from another damn day of damn school..... I play it for over two hours... By then my hands hurting so much I can't move it, heh. I just like how you can actually play the song, without having to learn to play an actual guitar. Hell, I can only play piano right now... I don't think I'd have much success at playing guitar. I'm also.... erm.... A bit of a singer..... Yes, I like to sing when I'm home alone, or walking by myself, or when no ones around... I have stage fright when singing in front of other people. But it appears I got over that when I sang "Since You Been Gone" in front of the whole ninth grade at a party... I couldn't beleive that I finally did it. Everyone said I was good, but, y'know... You never really beleive them, but your always shy to accept it. In my case I'm stubborn, hehe. I also love all sorts of music, not as much country anymore but... Techno is my most favorite. Holllywood Undead and Linkin Park are also my favorite bands, there are, of course, many others besides that. I guess this is the last thing I'll say before I'm done typing... I know you all must be very bored reading this... Or IF you're reading it... I doubt anyone will, so... My dream..... My dream would be... To one day find the right person who I can spend the rest of my life with... Get a nice job, after college... Have a few kids, and hell, maybe break loose at a few partys... But I really... Would like to meet a nice guy I can trust, count on, love, beleive in, and turn to... Any other questions, please feel free to ask.