This here is my "Pull List" and features comic series I am currently reading month to month. They are in order of what I am enjoying the most to least, but if I am buying them, there must be some kind of enjoyment still involved.

Support This Book! • The top features comics that I am currently endorsing specially because they have either just ended or began, and need the support. I don't make any endorsement lightly – these are books that I believe deserve attention. Despite their special feature at the top, they would be high on my list regardless. (Cloak and Dagger and Avengers Academy currently hold this place) They are simply well-produced books I have enjoyed that need more people reading them.

New Readers Welcome! • I also highlight books with a good jumping on point, but again, they wouldn't be featured if they weren't some of my favorites. (Avengers Academy, Daredevil, and Swamp Thing currently are at a good place for new readers)

New to Me! • In contrast, other books that are new to me, but I can't say I recommend yet are on the bottom as I am still feeling them out, or are not as whole-heartedly thrilled with them as those on the top. They are sort-of ranked.

Leaving • Books labeled "Leaving" are ones that will be leaving my Pull List soon. They are ones that were released a month or two ago and since ended, but are still worth your time. They are only at the bottom because they are not new titles. The reason they are still on the list is that anyone who may ever read this list should check 'em out!

On the Rocks • These ones are in trouble. I will rarely have any even listed as this, simply because I wouldn't be buying them if they were no good. There is usually one aspect or another that keeps me on them... but they are in hot water.

Updated 01.10.2012 - Fatale, Avengers: X-Sanction, Fantastic Four, WatXM:Alpha & Omega Added, FF Dropped. Added: Uncanny X-Force 18 reaction. more on DD, Fables, Avengers CC, Casanova, Black Panther, Defenders, Fearless, Wolvie & X-Men

01.12.2012 - WatXM:A&O description.

07.01.2012 - Whew it's been a while.

Added: Winter Soldier, Exile on the Planet of the Apes, Spaceman, Saga, Mind the Gap, Fury: My War Gone By, Fairest, The Hypernaturals, Fatima: The Blood Spinners, Spider-Men, X-Men Legacy, Avengers vs. X-Men, AvX: VS, Astonishing X-Men... Man I am reading a lot of comics.

Removed: Betrayal on the Planet of the Apes (ended, was great!), Avengers: Solo (ended/Hawkeye story was crummy), Uncanny X-Men (too many X-Men titles), Kick-Ass 2 (ended, was fun), Superior (ended, was pretty good, but done with Millarworld titles), probably a couple others.

08.04.12 - Added Captain Marvel, Revival, Hawkeye... some others to be added/removed still I think...? Daredevil, Hawkeye, Defenders moved up to the top of the list, probably tied for the number 1 spot right now... until I catch up on reading Fatale that is....!

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