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Loooved this first issue. I was kinda thinking "meh" when it was announced, but that was because I didn't think of who was working on it, and at that time had an awful taste in my mouth from the really really weak Avengers Solo mini. I didn't even finish reading the Hawkeye story in that one (the Avengers Academy one however, was very good).

But Fraction and Aja back together again, with a witty, scrappy hero...? That is right in Matt's wheelhouse. This first issue was truly excellent. The writing was fun and character-driven, and I was really happy to see it focused so squarely on Clint and his neighborhood rather than a myriad of super heroes and villains. It reminds us that Clint is simply a man with really great aim. Also, as G-Man mentions, Clint doesn't always make the right decisions – he's not Captain America – he's a regular guy, trying the best he can.

The Russian guys and their "bro's" cracked me up, and it was really there for the comedic relief. Fraction likes to play up his characters sometimes with some extremes (see Casanova), and I saw this in-line with that occasional penchant of his.

As far as David Aja's art goes – I really enjoyed it. Despite Clint and Danny Rand having similar looks and somewhat analogous personalities, both Fraction and Aja distinguished between them very well. Clint doesn't look the same nor act the same as Danny. He's a little scruffier, thicker, and more impulsive. Danny was always a little goofier and dopier than most heroes, and Clint is more sarcastic and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty whereas Danny tries to be more peaceful and zen. Clint will just sock a guy in the mouth for giving him lip – even if it lands him in trouble.

Aja's art also reminded me of more independent artists from Adrian Tomine to Hergé, and since they are two of my favorites, I really enjoyed the stripped-down graphic style. It's good to see people still drawing rather than leaning so much on tracing and 3D-modeling (glares at Greg Land and Mike Deodato). Aja is a true illustrator, and I am psyched to see what else he does with this series.

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That was a great issue. Just read 14-16 back-to-back, Mark Waid is doing a phenomenal job with my favorite hero... And I love that he drew comparisons to Hank Pym... those two connecting this way was really great, and I hope he develops that a bit more, they could really support each other. Not to mention Hank could use some of Matt's positive attitude.

Waid also nailed the stuff with Foggy. The poor guy has put up with a lot from Matt, and although he's given him ultimatums before, they never seemed to have much of an impact nor be taken seriously. This really does feel like he's trying to help Matt straight – for both their sakes.

And yeah... what was in Matt's drawer was pretty shocking... but certainly works for Matt's downward spiral and his hiding away of his difficulties.

If people don't find this issue to be that strong, I think you aren't looking at it in the scope of the overall story from other issues. It was a kind of an in-between piece of the story, and so maybe it doesn't have the completeness or action you may have been expecting it to. But what it did do was progress the presented conflicts and dilemmas presented previously. We have some closure to the nano-bot trouble of the previous two issues (although I wonder what kind of long-term infections those bots will have cause to Matt's brain if left to sit there!!), and we have Foggy & Matt's friction coming to a head. Matt couldn't keep sweeping his issues under the rug, and this is the beginning of him actually addressing them again. I think his next stop should be a trip to see Doc Samson and get the bugs off his mind (literally and figuratively).

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Oh man. Just came back too...! I've spent the past hour trying to find the perfect image of Black Widow to change my facebook photo to... Still deciding...!

I was especially happy with all the great character work they gave to Black Widow in this one! Hats off to Joss Whedon for writing such awesome material for the character, and to Scarlett Jo. for rising the challenge! She really impressed me working with the character here. I've always been kind of ambivalent about her acting, but she did a lot of good with one of my all-time-favorite characters.

The whole movie kicked tons of butt, though.

Tons of laughs, tons of action, tons of character moments... real fun stuff. Now to get some sleep so I can figure out when I will get to see the movie again...! :D :D :D

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Oh man. Daredevil has balls...

After doing that, DD shouldn't have been surprised if it were actually Black Widow that was responsible for the events of Born Again...!

Deadly is the Black Widow's bite, Matthew... she may not have yet, but she'll get back at you... oh she'll get back at you...!

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@Starleafgirl: Hey! That's funny you just replied to my comment.. as I just noticed you on CBR yesterday in one of the SHSO threads, and gave you props for the Penance icon! And I hadn't even realized you were the person who's list I had commented on a couple months ago... oh, what a small (internet) world..!

Anyway, very happy to hear that Chamber will be appearing in X-Men Legacy! I knew I could depend on Christos Gage to feature him. That guy is a hero to many an under-rated character. And I know he will be written with pathos and care by Gage... pretty much the reason I started reading Legacy. AND very happy to hear he is re-powered. Now if only we could see Synch raised from the dead, I'll be a happy little Gen X fan.

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I don't see a problem with how they started this arc at all. This was very much the prelude to Sleeping Beauty's story. It was a great way to start it, and completely appropriate given how we last left our heroine. It also allows us to get a little intro into Ali Baba and Jonah, neither of whom we have met before. We see what Ali Baba is doing there, what his goals are, get to know him.. and we get some insight into Jonah and some teases as to his motivations and stock in the adventure they are embarking on.

Besides meeting these two and some of the truly hilarious moments throughout their story, I think my favorite aspect of the story was the introduction of what would appear to be a central antagonist to the story ...and where that goes... Nicely done, Willingham, nicely done...

Personally, I'd rate this first issue right up there with any other issue of Fables, right at 5 stars, because it delivers all the great storytelling, adventure, twists, comedy, and fun that the flagship series does... but now we get it TWICE a month! Huzzah!

@Roninidas said:

And I love the cover art by Adam Hughes. Freaking Awesome. I am little disappointed my comic store didn't have this issue.

Be sure to ask you comic store to order it for you! That or you will have to find a new comic book store...!! For shame, comic store, for shame! :P

@fables87 said:

I really hope this spin-off lasts awhile. Seems like every time I read Fables I just can't get enough of it. There so many characters and so many backup stories needed. I remember some people told me this comic had too many spin-offs, but obviously they never read the comic.

I agree completely. Every time it comes out, it is the very first comic I read. I can't remember the last time I didn't read it the night I bought it... I honestly don't think that's ever happened. Fables is also the ONLY series I have ever bought the collected additions of as well as the single issues. I suppose it's partly because that's how I started reading them and those handsome James Jean covers were too tempting to pass up.. but the series really, really welcomes re-reads. There are so many characters and nuances that beg you to revisit and explore them over and over. Not to mention, this is the very first comic I mention, reach for or lend out when I am trying to get a friend, parent, girlfriend, teacher, random person browsing the comics section, elderly person... anyone really to get into comics and reading a really fun, rewarding series... to show them just how great comics can be, Fables is my number 1.

For all these reasons, I don't think we have any need to worry Fairest won't last a long time. The two Cinderella series sold really well, and hey there were two of them, meaning that the first was popular enough to get a sequel! I'm excited for the third installment of Chris Roberson's Cinderella stories. I think the only reason Jack of Fables didn't last as long was because the scope was so narrowly focused on Jack, a character that most people hate! The guy was a total jerk! But with Fairest, the scope is as open as the mother series, and will have as many and as diverse adventures as Fables.

And I think aztek_the_lost hits it on the nose there with his point that Fairest doesn't feel like a spin-off at all, but rather just another great story arc of Fables!

Posted by daredeville

@Meteorite: Ay, ay to that too. I also want just want to be reading stories with him in them again...!

Edited by daredeville

I absolutely loved this issue. I read it two times back to back as soon as I got it home, and already plan on reading the whole Saga straight through sometime this week. Remender is proving to be an amazing storyteller.

Babs, you did a nice job describing the gist of the issue. You picked up on a lot of the same things I did, in particular Fantomex's taking charge.. man, has that guy been amazing in this book. I didn't really think about the end/beginning symbolism with Archangel/Sun contrast.. good catch!

The issue was truly heartbreaking. The whole scene with Betsy and Warren was really beautiful and just... sooo good. It looked like Esao Ribic was on pencils for that "dream" sequence. That was a good choice, and helped to really elicit a different tone from the rest of the book... and all the while we know that Opeña's bleak world still existed beyond the limits of those few bittersweet frames... whew.

And like any great on-going series, I'm left with lingering questions...

@yumyumbubblegum said:

My only complaint would be the appearance of a certain someone, who I thought had died, at the end. It would have made a greater impact if that certain someone died, living his dream.

@longbowhunter said:

Kudos to Remender for not going the obvious route and killing a character off.

These two comments summarize my conflicted feeling about the ending. I would have loved to linger on the feeling we were left with from the dream sequence for a little while longer. Then again, I would have felt cheated if we had the final scene of the issue at the beginning of the next issue – it would feel like he just withheld part of the tale.

It is a tough call as a storyteller, and they could have done something like throw in an ad and the "Next Issue" cover before showing those last two pages... sort of like "Well, that's it, here's a touching moment between Jean and Betsy, and Fin... Just kidding, here's two more pages."

But even then it's difficult for the pacing to come across. You have to hope your readers take a little breather between scenes, or that the emotional beats come across regardless.

However, although we see an up-beat, it is quickly followed by a down-beat.. and it is almost more heartbreaking than if it simply ended with the dream... If it ended soon after the dream and before that final moment, we would have had some sad, but heartwarming closure... but what we get with the "full" ending, is... whew ...emotional roller coaster at it's finest.

Either, way it is a fantastic end to a fantastic story.

AND I am absolutely ecstatic that Remender will be taking over Secret Avengers AND he will be working alongside one of my favorite artists, Gabriel Hardman... That's gonna be good...

Posted by daredeville

Very happy to see that someone is actually delivering on their promise to use Bobby Drake and let him develop as a character. And I really like the way Aaron brings it up too – having Logan talk to Bobby about stepping up to the plate and being responsible... it is appropriate for the characters and it feels like a promise to readers that Aaron will be doing just that. And I'm going to hold him to it!

Overall, I did find this one a little tougher to follow visually, and Bachalo's layouts were at times a little too zoomed-in to discern the action at times. I generally like his work a lot and am happy to see him on the X-Men again... and cannot wait to see him drawing Chamber again!

Speaking of which, I hope to see him soon! Along with some romantic-tension or re-kindled love between him and Husk! Love those two!

Also, I like the idea of Bobby & Kitty together if this issue is any indication of things to come...!

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Great issue... didn't see... what happens... coming. My brother did, mainly due to Nick Fury's words throughout Cap.

Either way, I love it. I enjoyed Fear Itself, and thought it was more fun/scary than some past events (Secret Invasion). However, I do feel like it's best moments occurred outside the main book. Invincible Iron Man had great and horrifying confrontations with the Grey Gargoyle, and a fun trip to Sfartleheim (sp?). Fear Itself: Home Front featured a great Speedball story that rounded out his path since Civil War. And Avengers Academy saw the kids going to war with really great character moments for the students and the teachers that brought wonderful perspective to the entire event.

This issue is another great piece of the Fear Itself event as a whole, tying up lose ends and bringing certain stories to a close.

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