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Iv been known to be awesome. About 99.9% of the time. Alot of people have said, "Matt your so f***ing great, how to do you manage?" They said 'How do you keep up with your own Awesomeness?' My response always been that I just was born this way. Its hard being like this. Harder than most people imagine. I get looks on the street, Im getting hassled all the time. Im not saying 'woe is me, Im incredible' Im just saying life would be easer if I was uglier and less charming. Like the people reading this. Comics help me put all that behind me and enter a whole different world with excitement and adventure. Hundreds of people with extraordinary gifts and abilitys roam ingthe streets. In my mind  thats how I want this world to be. Just a bunch of people like me going about. Thats why I read comics and thats why Im on this site.