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awesome list
Posted by Jor-el Zod

pretty dope list. only person i don't like is rayner everyone ic cool
Posted by PowerHerc

Diverse and eclectic list.  Nice.
Posted by RoninTheFury

I agree with PowerHerc. I really like the diversity of characters you added here. very unique.

Posted by doomsilver


somebody likes naruto....

pretty cool list though.

Posted by Unwritten Duck

Hard to believe Huntress isn't number #1. Great list though.

Posted by jrock85

I see lots of my favs on this list.

Posted by TheGoldenOne
Posted by Video_Martian

You are awesome for loving both Daredevil & Barry Allen :)

Also, great list.

Posted by TheCannon

Cool list!

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Nice list but it could use more green.

Posted by darktiger

bro this list is hard core

Posted by Cyclops4President

I like Daredevil as well, he was one of the first Heros I encountered. I have always had...admiration for him. I also like Iron Fist on here, Cap, Flash, and moon night on here. Maybe you could replace Gambit with my FAV Cyclops! LolL Jk