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Bring Eddie Brock back as Venom!

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@qtmxd: They're doing a really crappy job of marketing her.

@daredevil21134: Yeah maybe I hope your right. I'll take Page over McDuffie any day. How is she so liked, what so cool about her?

Arrow is cool name, how is Pizza Dog better?

Fans on the internet like goofy stuff these days.Mcduffie isn't popular at all.She'll be forgotten just like Heather Glenn and Gloriana O'brien.

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Elektra can't survive without Daredevil!!!

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@qtmxd said:

@daredevil21134: well, if it takes time, they will continue to have to do without my 3 bucks a month (or is it 4... I don't even remember.) I guess they can do anything they want with Luke and Jessica, and still keep their adult daughter Captain America around from an alternate reality. Mostly, this is about Avengers, Mile Morales, and Spider-Gwen, not number 80 in sales DD. Given that, I wish they would just give him to a grown up writer and let him (or her... what's Ann Nocenti doing lately?) do some real stuff.

This has to be something bigger than just Gwen and Miles.They could easily just bring them over.I think a lot the heroes will probably suffer a heavy dose of amnesia.They wanna keep their history intact but do a massive shake-up.I think Ultimate Fury will take the place of 616 Fury.Same might happen with Hawkeye.I doubt anyone cares about the alternate daughter of Luke and Jessica since most people don't seem to care about Luke and Jessica in general.The Inhumans will become the X-Men as we can already see.I'm optimistic that DD will have his maturity restored.Maybe this is what Alonso was aiming at when he said there would be a Defenders book.A fresh take on all 4 characters together could be really interesting.He also said that all the writers at Marvel have been told in advance to wrap up their stories by May so I guess we'll see what happens.

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@qtmxd: W is gonns making make Matt knock up that annoying piece of crap girlfriend of his because the continuity will most likely be erased with Secret Wars and he wants Matt to gou out on happy terms.I think that's how the Defenders will also come together.We might see Luke and Danny meet for the first time again.Everything will start fresh.Karen will be back.Luke Cage will no longer be a married responsible father and Jessica Jones will no longer have the personality of a cardboard box.I think DD will have a Year One kind of start like you said but I doubt it'll be cartoony.It's just gonna take time.

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So scary!!!

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@daredevil21134: Exactly my point, has the standard for good quality,palpable stories with some substance. Become that low? I really hate to think so, that a question dude. How does Hawkeye one of Marvel's best archer and top marksman, get constantly bested by lady who in comparison to him a rookie. Not just by her, but by lame annoying gangsters saying the word bro endlessly. There a dog on there named Pizza Dog, so no one has a enough sense and smarts to the dog an actual name? Like you said Clint is reduced to a lazy,incompetent,damsel in distress, sorry excuse for a hero who can't do nothing right, while Kate Bishop is the exact opposite. The current Hawkeye book is lame, I hope Lemire remedy's that. Cause Clint is of my favorites.

Same thing with Daredevil the book is a bad Jestson episode, how did top notch good honorable and righteous lawyer by day and then a no nonesene ninja operating. Who is dressed like the Devil, loser who makes lame jokes and quips. That also whooped by foes he should have no issue dealing with, were is the man gas a fire burning deep within him? Were is The Guardain Devil? Were is The Man Without Fear, how is are these stories relatable, groundbreaking and a breath of fresh air? I personal for the per W and S work more relatable.

Well I think his name was Arrow but the fans named him pizza dog,It's stupid.

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Put him on the Defenders already!

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@qtmxd: Yeah,comics as a whole have been pretty lately.

@testament: Ha Lil that would most certainly change the Jetson campy vibe.

@qtmxd:Same here I need to know there tone well be mature before I get excited.

@daredevil21134: I really hope so man cause this Jetson, campy, corny Archie crap has to stop. Folks actually like this crap, stuff like this is why it good to listen to Chevelle. There one of the major reason I been able to deal with this crap.

Fans these days just like too much humor in everything.I'm not against humor but what ever happenef to something called diversity?Hawkeye was turned into a lazy,incompetent,damsel in distress, sorry excuse for a hero who can''t do nothing right while an 18 year girl with less experience looks strong ,mature and smart.The book was filled with lame annoying gangsters saying the word bro endlessly,and a stupid dog named pizza dog.Yet,it won an eisner award and fans loved it.Same thing with Daredevil.It's mindless fun with a few seroius elements to it and fans love it because they say they relate with it.

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@daredevil21134 said:

@theheaven_guardian10 said:

@daredevil21134: I think well get are DD back, but how long well it take is the question. That a want I won't to buy and read a current DD run, That's would be very nice.

I'll see probably by May -August.I think they show iwill eventually influence the comic.Hopefully Kirstin's Mcduffie's death makes him go back to being depressed lol.

After seeing that horrible variant cover you showed me, I hope she gets mauled to death by Sabertooth. Or I hope she gets thrown in a garbage compacter. Something creative

Hahahahahahahahahaha!I honestly have no idea why some people particular on Tumblr like her.Creed would leave he a bloody mess.In the last issue Matt said he loved her.I seriously have not come close to hating anyone,especially someone I never met but Waid is pushing me hard with this crap lol.I miss rushing to the comic shop to pick up Daredevil before it even opens.