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  Bruce was out one night patrolling the streets of Gotham city, when he comes across a group of low level thugs trying to rob a man in an alley. Being the hero that he is, Bruce jumps in to save the man. Quickly defeating the thugs Bruce turns to see if the man was alright, but is hit in the face with a large piece of metal by the victim. As Bruce falls to the ground, the victim reveals himself to be two-face.
  Bruce then begins to slip out of consciousness as Dick shows up to stop two-face from removing Bruce's cowl. Saving Bruce, Dick returns to the bat-cave. He puts Bruce down on a bed, and fetches Alfred to aid in Bruce's recovery. Days go by as Bruce still hasn't awaken from his injury. But one night Bruce begins to come to. Alfred is bedside, as Dick, and someone are on the other side of the room conversing amongst one another.
Bruce: (holding his head)...What...happened to me?
Alfred: Sir, it seems that you suffered from a massive head injury from an attack by two-face. Master Dick was lucky in finding you.
Dick: (walking over to Bruce)...Yeah, I was there tracking two-face for the murder of a high school kid named Miley Cosgrove. She was in dept to Harvey because she...(Tim burst into the room)...
Tim: (crying)...Oh...my...god...BRUCE! (holding Bruce)...Are you ok, PLEASE say you are...PLEASE!
Bruce: Get a hold of yourself Tim. I'm alright, it's just some of the events are foggy.
Tim: (still crying)...You're not hurt?...Not at all?
Bruce: No, now let go of me.
Tim: PLEASE BRUCE...let me help you.
Bruce: (looking at Tim confused)...I DON'T need help, but I DO need for you to let go of me.
Jason: (walking over)...I got this Bruce.
  Jason slaps Tim, then picks him up, and throws him out of the room.
Alfred: (leaving the room)...I'll tend to master Tim.
Bruce: (surprised to see Jason there)...Thank you...you know...for that.
Jason: Oh don't go getting all sentimental on me. The pleasure, was DEFIANTLY all mine.
  Bruce and Jason then have an awkward moment of silence, as neither knew what to say to the other.
Dick: YO! Bruce...Jason...we were in the middle of discussing something here.
Bruce: Oh, oh yeah...what else happened Dick?
Dick: Well after capturing Two-face, Jason arrived. And I was almost tempted to ask him to wait with Harvey for the cops, but come on...It's Jason.
Jason:...I'm not even gonna take that as an insult. Because we all know I would've killed him if you didn't distract me, allowing Dent to get away.
Dick: Oh I distracted YOU?...Even though I was there first, and had everything under control?
Jason: If you really had things under control Dent would be DEAD...instead of in hiding right now.
Dick: What is with you...does it ALWAYS have to be about killing?
Jason:...(shrugging his shoulders)...Yeah!
  Bruce begins to laugh, stopping the argument immediately. The two then stare at him in disbelief.

Dick: (worried)...Bruce...is there something wrong with you, something you're not telling us?
Bruce: Huh?
Jason: Your laughing. That's a little weird...even for me.
Bruce: I just...(shacking his head no)...It just feels like we're a REAL family again. You two have grown so close and similar.
Jason and Dick: (together)...WHAT?...(looking at each other)...(turning their backs on each other)...I'm NOTHING like him.
Bruce: Like it or not you two ARE brothers. But it IS nice to have you both working with me again. Especially YOU Jason.
Jason: I'm going to ruin the moment if you keep getting all gay on me.
Dick: Gay? Really? You know there are celebrities that would get upset at you saying that.
Jason: So! I don't care. And besides, the only person that's gonna be offended by the word...is Tim.
Dick: Why're you always so harsh on him?
Jason: I don't like him. I mean, I don't agree with the way you...(using air quotes)..."fight crime"...but I respect you. Him...there's nothing about him that can even be refereed to as a man.
Bruce: Can we get back to the topic? What are your plans from here?
Dick: Well, I was thinking that we could all tackle this hunt for Harvey together. What do you say?
Bruce:...(getting out of bed)...Let me get suited.
Jason: Well, I'm in. But if I find him first, and he doesn't have any answers...He's dead.
Dick: Jason?
Bruce: (in his Batman suit)...Well, let's go.
Jason: I forgot how fast you do that.
  The three get ready to leave, as they choose which mode of transportation they were going to each leave in.
Bruce: I hope Two-face is ready for...The Dark Knight.
Dick: And...The Aerial Avenger.
Jason: Don't forget...The Red Right Hand Of Vengeance.
 Then at that moment, Tim comes running over to their side in a bleached Batman costume.
Tim:...And ME...(trying to be brooding)...The Bright Morning.
  Everyone then leaves Tim behind.
Tim: What?...It could catch on...

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I might write more to continue this later...maybe.
PS:...This is my interpretation of the characters. I don't care if it's wrong, this is JUST how I view them.

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@DarcStorm: interesting.
Posted by DarcStorm

Jea, at first I was gonna have Bruce with memory loss, and he was gonna be the person who believed that he was the Bright Morning. But as I was writin' it...I started likein' the direction it was goin' in...so I kept it goin' that way.
And thank you.

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@The Poet said:
@DarcStorm: interesting.
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Lol, I love the end! 

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@TypingKira said:
Lol, I love the end! 

I know...
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@DarcStorm said:

I might write more to continue this later...maybe.  PS:...This is my interpretation of the characters. I don't care if it's wrong, this is JUST how I view them.

Your not the only one xD

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@Deep_Six said:

@DarcStorm said:

I might write more to continue this later...maybe.  PS:...This is my interpretation of the characters. I don't care if it's wrong, this is JUST how I view them.

Your not the only one xD

What?...You view them like that too? Or were you saying that you were gonna finish writin' this?
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@TypingKira said:
Lol, I love the end! 
^ This
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There's really no point to this... but I just wanted to say that I REALLY LIKE YOUR NAME!
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@sentryssj4 said:
:  There's really no point to this... but I just wanted to say that I REALLY LIKE YOUR NAME!

Thank you kindly.
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