hey there,

hey there! my geek name is danvader64! my real name is daniel youngblood. here are some facts about me. 
1. i live in hiawasse georgia. 
2. i write fanfiction on fanfiction.net.
3. i am a huuuuge geek. [in fact i may be the geekist guy in middle school].  
4. i prefer dc over marvel because: 
a. marvel makes to many event comics. 
b. dc has some of the most original chars. i've seen. 
 c one of my favorite superheros is superman. 
favortite dc hero: superman. 
favorite dc villain: the joker[espically in the dark knight.] 
favorite marvel hero: either hulk or spiderman. 
favorite: marvel villain: magneto. 
favorite marvel team: fantastic 4 
favorite dc team: green lantern corps. 
favorite image hero: spawn. 
favorite image team: hack and slash. 
favorite image villain: the violator. 
favorite video games: team fortress 2, twisted metal, mortal kombat, street fighter, mario, sonic, portal, resident evil, marvel vs capcom, batman: arkham asylum[and arkham city],metal gear, final fantasy, kingdom hearts, gta, and a bunch more. 
#1 favorite movie: star wars.  
 #2 favorite movie: the matrix.  
favorite anime: dragon ball z, naruto, bleach, sailor moon, and one piece. 
favorite non cartoon show: deadliest warrior. 
favorite cartoon show: storm hawks. 
and thats pretty much the extent of it. also if you want to read some of my fanfics my name is the same as  the one here on comic vine, danvader64.