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As you all may recall, in the first X-Men film the central plot was Magneto attempting to capture Rogue, for the purpose of making her operate his machine instead of him, that way he could live.
What do you guys think, would the Magneto from the comics do the same? Or would he operate the machine himself for the sake of mutantkind?

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@unicornpuncher said:

Toad is one of the stupidest characters in the X-universe, and never has been nor will be a threat. I hope hes on the team just to be the first dramatic death.

It's so sad people don't respect him. He has one of the most interesting and emotional back stories of the original Brotherhood. He has really matured as a character since his first appearance. He also has f***ing awesome powers. I don't get while people always say he has lame powers... I'd much rather have a sweet 25 foot tongue and super strength than have Cyclops' eye blasts or Iceman's powers.
He has so much potential, the only thing that has really been holding him back in battle all this time is his own emotional issues. He has an inferiority complex, which prevents him from often using his ability's to their full potential. Besides, people also forget he had the balls to turn on Magneto, and even take on the Avengers.
Writers need to, like you, learn to respect the character. Then maybe we'll get to see him in a good story.
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No, just one. And Spider-Man and Wolverine certainly don't need to be on it.

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I agree, I really liked the choice of Topher Grace as Venom, I thought that could have been so great, if the script didn't suck as much as it did.  It's kinda disappointing we won't ever be able to see him to justice to the character now that we have a reboot.

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I always thought the storyline with Madrox and Layla going into Bishops future was stupid, and kinda weak...

Anyways, what I hated even more is that they got the M tattoos on their eyes. Does anyone else hate this? I love both characters, but the M ruins their look for me, and it was so contrived. The ink bonds to their genetics so it even shows up in the past?? What?

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1. Green Goblin
2. Doctor Octopus
3. Sandman

Carnage and Venom are overrated, and don't deserve to be that high on any list.  I don't understand why fans boys always drool over them... Ya know, there is more to a character than looking cool.

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Toad = f***ing awesome.
I like M.O.D.O.K. too, I think he deserves more respect.

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My submissions for Crane Daughters and Mechagorgon both got approved, but they don't show up when I search them, therefor I can't add them to my lists or add their comic appearances.  Anyone know why they don't show up?  Hope you can help me understand!

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Personally, I feel Jae Lee's art is some of the best in comics right now, although it may be an acquired taste for some.  Who are some of your favorite characters you'd love to see drawn by him?  I like to see Iron Fist (with Lee's modern style), Sunfire, Nightcrawler, Galactus, and Taskmaster (although we got a glimpse of him in  Heroic Age: Villains)

Heroic Age: Villains
So, who do you want to see?
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