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Moon Knight has battled Hobgoblin and Dr Doom before, does that count? :)

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Interesting article. It seems I'm not loving this new series as much as everyone else is, but despite that, I'm glad the series is doing well. It's certainly washed the bad taste of Bendis' run out of everyone's mouth.

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I love that some of the Guardians art has them in their Annihilation costumes. As I've said since the Bendis run began, I'm not a fan of the new ones.

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Finally got around to reading #6. As a fan of Marlene and Frenchie, I was pretty sad to see the whole "we don't need him and he doesn't need us" story play out. Hopefully it's just for drama's sake and not the new status quo.

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Me! On here and a different one on Twitter :)

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@supermike6: The entire 2006 series is his best in my opinion, though the original series has some good moments.

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As much as I love Moon Knight and this series i'm really starting to miss the costume..I know he still uses it every once in awhile but i'd like to see him in it more

I'm with you on this one. The Mr Knight suit was cool for a bit, but now it's all we see.

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I want this so bad. I'm one of those that miss the DnA costumes and I think that Groot statue is just awesome :)

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@kostisfire: Is it (flash) out already? Really gotta watch it.

Well, Ellis's MK really is a detective, but don't forget all the action episodes, such as complicated fight choreography (#5) and flying around with a cape (#2). Plus the mistical elemets (#3-4) that are suposed to be CGI.

Anyways, maybe something between will do? Imagine a Sherlock and Supernatural blend!

There is a Flash screener floating around on torrent sites. It looks amazing! I hope they can keep that level of FX up though. A lot of sci-fi shows start off with an expensive pilot but then trim their CGI budget almost straight away. Doing that on a superhero series would mean certain cancellation.

As for an MK series, I can't really see it needing any bigger budget than Arrow, even with the mystical stuff, because it's downplayed and street-level.

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I'm hoping the film will take more from DnA's Guardians than Bendis'. His series just doesn't have the same charm.