Who would you want in Marvel vs Capcom 3?

I've seen several MvC3 "wish lists" around, but I thought I'd ask something a little different. Not only do I want to know who you would most like to see that hasn't already had a turn, but what moves you would give them? 
Just as a reminder, here are the characters that have already been in one of the previous games: 

  • Apocalypse
  • Blackheart
  • Cable
  • Captain America
  • Colossus
  • Cyclops
  • Deadpool
  • Doctor  Doom
  • Dormammu
  • Gambit
  • Hulk
  • Iceman
  • Iron Man
  • Juggernaut
  • Magneto
  • Marrow
  • Omega Red
  • Psylocke
  • Rogue
  • Sabretooth
  • Sentinel
  • Shuma-Gorath
  • Silver Samurai
  • Spider-Man
  • Spiral
  • Storm
  • Super-Skrull
  • Thanos
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Thor
  • Venom
  • War Machine
  • Wolverine
  • X-23
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Posted by Danial79

For me, it would probably be: 


I would like to see his moves resemble those he has in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, which included spikes sticking out on all sides, a rapid slashing attack, and a boomerang-looking projectile. I think these would perfectly suit a fighting game. 


I think Ghost's phasing and invisibility would make for some interesting moves. 


All of Hawkeye's moves would obviously use his various trick arrows, which ever ones the devs thought were the coolest. 


Medusa would use her hair to strike out, or grapple/constrict. Although these alone aren't very powerful moves, I think the fact that it was her hair she was using would make them interesting-enough. 


Rockslide would obviously have Hulk-like smashing moves, but could also incorporate throwing his hands as projectiles or something along those lines.
Posted by Matezoide2



Posted by Danial79
@Matezoide: Daredevil and Ghost Rider would indeed make great additions, though Dormammu is already in there, so having two flaming heads in the one game might cause confusion :)
Posted by gambit987

Ghost (phasing moves and shooting electricity,...)
The mandarin (all these rings means a lot of attacks
Loki (magical attacks)
Baron zemo (sword based attacks)
Hawkeye (a lot of trick arrows)
Beast (cool melee attacks)

Posted by The Mango


Would be very strong with his axe and sword, but also uses modern weapons like grenades and machine guns in his special moves. 


Would be very similar to Colossus from MVC2, perhaps with a mace.


 He would have a bunch of super moves stolen from other characters. His default combat would be similar to Cap, but with a sword.

Ms Marvel

Obviously would be similar to Rouge from MVC2, but with energy blasts instead of draining. The unique thing about her is that if she's blocking, ranged energy blasts would actually increase her health a bit (but her melee blocking would be a bit less effective to make up for it).

Black Bolt

 He would mostly use his fighting skills and energy/matter manipulation in battle, his voice would only be used in his most powerful super.


Basically all of his attacks are ranged (at least medium range), and they include things like throwing stars, knives, darts, even gravel (for example his weak crouch attack could be throwing a handful of gravel he picks up from the ground).


 His combat is based significantly on deception and magic, he teleports around a lot and strikes from unexpected angles.
Posted by Danial79
@gambit987: Beast was in X-Men: Next Dimension, and IIRC, his fighting-style was very similar to Blanka from SF2. 
@The Mango: Can't Taskmaster only copy a move if it isn't super? Also, I think Bullseye would be cool. He could have an awesome counter where he grabs a projectile from mid-air and throws it back at the attacker :)
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Ms. Marvel

: she'd be a great fighter, have cool projectiles, flight and, (hopefully) an awesome Binary super move  

Green Goblin

: tons of move types- projectiles, bombs, flying attacks, melee, he'd have great comebacks and quips, and he's nuts so that'd be fun 

Black Bolt

 : uber powerful moves and supermoves (he should/could have an awesome whisper superkill), great strength, cool powers, could summon the Inhumans for one of his supers 


Simon Belmont

: one of Capcom's most famous, cool whip moves, awesome attack possiblities like Holy Water, Daggers, Axes and Crosses, cross-promotion for the new Castelvenia game 
Kratos : (I'm pretty sure we'll see him in this one) awesome strength and weapons,  one of capcom's most popular characters, brutal super moves, cool magic like Medusa's head and Artemis' bow, lots of violence

Gene (from Godhand) : awesome attack possibilities, funny style, ummmm....cool tattoos?
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@Shadowdoggy: I used to love Super Castlevania IV on the SNES! Simon would make a very cool addition.
Posted by Shadowdoggy
hell yeah, that was an AMAZING game! 
and they'd be pretty stupid not to put Kratos in 
there could, of course, be some sort of stipulations protecting them from using him 
or Capcom might want to keep him for other projects later on 
but I imagine if they had the chance to use him, they'd add him in
Posted by The Mango

Uh, Kratos is owned by Sony.

Posted by saiyan_earthling
@Shadowdoggy: Simon isn't from Capcom. Castlevania is Konami.
Posted by Shadowdoggy
oh yeah 
well....that would have been cool 
thanks for the reminder
Posted by Mainline

Just use Nathan Spencer, the Bionic Commando, to cover your whip-type weapon needs.

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cool pic!
@Matezoide said:


Posted by Shadowdoggy
good call
Posted by Mutant God

Namor, Daken, Squirrel Girl, She Hulk, Red Hulk, Loki, Black Panther, Vulcan, Moondragon, Lady Deadpool, Domino
Posted by Danial79
@Mutant God: And how would each be used?
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Kratos is owned by Sony
Posted by Shadowdoggy
that's what everyone keeps telling me 
oh well, too bad
Posted by Danial79

The reason I asked people to include "moves" is because all of the lists I've seen were pretty-much people just listing their favourite characters. The problem is, not all characters are suited to a fighting game, so I wanted to make people think about their decisions. I mean, I love Blindfold, but she has no place in a fighting game at all. You need to think like a game developer and consider exactly what the character would bring to the game...

Posted by saiyan_earthling
@Shadowdoggy: It's cool =)
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Ms. Marvel

Moves : 
Airforce Attack  -   Ms. Marvel dashes forward with a powerful flying punch that sends enemies flying back. Can also be done in the air.  
Photon Beam - Ms. Marvel fires a blast of cosmic energy that stuns enemies for a moment, can be done in the air as well. 
Marvelous Punches -   Ms. Marvel delivers a flurry of punches that can be chained together three times in a row, each time increasing the level of damage dealt.  
Missle Commander - Ms. Marvel flies up and then slams down into the ground, doing damage even if it only hits near the opponent 
Throwdown - Ms. Marvel grabs the enemy, flies up into the air and then smashes them down into the ground. Can be done in the air.  
Cosmic Uppercut - Ms. Marvel uppercuts the opponent and sends them flying into the air. Can be directly followed by any of her air moves.  
Flight - lifts Ms. Marvel up off theground and allows her to float for a short time, also keepingehr immune to ground effect attacks 
Super Moves : 
Mega Blast - Ms. Marvel fires an extremely powerful blast of cosmic energy that hits the enemy multiple times. Can also be done in the air. 
Energy Syphon - Ms. Marvel surrounds herself with a sheild that makes her temporarily invulnerable while absorbing attack damage and turning it into health (consumes all super move energy bars) 
Binary - Ms. Marvel unleashes the power of a white hole, switching to her Binary form and unleashing a radial wave of cosmic energy that hits the enemy over and over again. Can be done in the air.  
Posted by Arkham J
    Wesker RE5Virgil DMC3
Posted by Danial79
@Shadowdoggy: Sweet :) Have you seen her in MUA2?
Posted by Shadowdoggy
oh hell yeah 
she was great in that game! 
I used her all the time
Posted by The Mango

I forgot to mention

Green Goblin

 He would obviously have his glider and pumpkin bombs.
Posted by saiyan_earthling

Iron Fist, Elektra, Nightcrawler and Bullseye. 

Vergil, Date Masamune, Juri and Jedah

Posted by Danial79
@saiyan_earthling: Would love to see Iron Fist. You'd think he would be the first to make it into a fighting game :P
Posted by darkcloakx

luke cage, iron fist , domino, black panther , storm, she-hulk , hawkeye, dr. strange, moonknight.

Posted by saiyan_earthling
@Danial79: I hope he does.
Posted by RavenDark

Dr. Strange - Levitation (avoids low kick)
                      - Eye of Aggamoto (stuns, knockback)
                      - Crimson bands of  Cyttorak  (paralyzes a few sec and drains health bar)
                      - Shield of Kherubim (possible block anim) 
                      - Winds of Watoomb (displaces character(s) around the map)
                      - Images of Ikonn (creates two fake doctors on the battlefield to confuse and reduce the heat) 
                      -and more.....

The Mystic Hands of Dr Strange
Namor- Imperius Rex! (Power strike)
            - flight (sustained jump ability via those small ankle wings) 
            - tsunami (water anim over the battlefield deals medium dmg and boosts Namor's power level and heals him slightly)
            - Known to use an ancient magical atlantean sword and(or) trident of Poseidon

Invaders Now! #1

Gorilla-man! -....'cause there is not enough gorillas!
                       - known to use advanced weaponry... 
Gorilla Man #3

Posted by csimon

Marvel Dose the Halo Comics and means Master Chief    How cazy would that be if Master Chief was in it and you could play him on PS3 that would be cazy. 

Posted by csimon

Wesker RE5 Please Please let it be
Posted by Aronmorales

I'd love: 
Ms. Marvel 
Black Panther 
Black Bolt 
Ghost Rider (I know he was de-confirmed, but a guy can wish, right?) 

Spider Woman

and I'm iffy on Sentry 

and I think I could go for Soki.

Posted by Shadowdoggy
@Aronmorales said:

I'd love: 


and I think I could go for Soki.


I'm all for it!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by #1ElderScrollsFan

Posted by gambit987
@csimon:  Wesker is allready confirmed
Posted by Shadowdoggy
Visions too, please
Posted by csimon
Where did you see or read that I can't  believe I missed that.
Posted by Shadowdoggy
there's already a video up and everything 
it's on this forum
Posted by Hazlenaut


Tiffany or Roberto from Rival Schools: They just have follow most of Roberto move in the rival school game and combine his teammates for assistance same goes for Tiffany.

Mike Haggar from Final Fight: one of his special move grapple moves would be six head buts than flying pile driver.  

Wang-Tang from Power Stone: his power fuse mode will come when he has his special or he


Kingpin: some of his attack is summoning his men and using surprising weapons, but his strength and speed makes him fight like a wrestler.

Invisible Woman: sheilds invisibility or throw move by putting the character in a barrier and throw in them

Iron Fist: fire punches thousand hand strikes. It will be easy to find a stlye for him    

Posted by RoosterCogburn

Simon Belmont

Posted by Shadowdoggy
@Hazlenaut said:

Invisible Woman: sheilds invisibility or throw move by putting the character in a barrier and throw in them

I'd preorder it today!!!!

that's what I said!!!! 
but apparently he's actually Konami 
Posted by Danial79
@Shadowdoggy said:
"@RoosterCogburn: that's what I said!!!! but apparently he's actually Konami D'oh!!!  "
Yeah, it's a shame too cuz he'd make a cool fighting game character :)
Posted by GT-Man

Kratos  : Uses his two blades and stabs the player with it 10 times in the eyes and body
Pac-Man : Uses his boxer gloves hits them with loads of massive attacks
Kirby  : Suck them in and shoots them out does a lott of damage or sucks them in then takes their power and does a combo with the player powers
Mario : Fire balls apparently
Master Chief :Gets the alien sword and hits the the enemy with it
Posted by Shadowdoggy
yeah....but not in that horrible castlevania fighting game they made 
just awful