Where Are They Now?

I've been reading New X-Men lately and I thought I'd do a little blog about the students, and what has happened to them since...

Alpha Squadron          

  • Rubbermaid: Deceased. Was de-powered after M-Day and killed on the bus.
  • Indra: I still with the X-Men and has recently returned to India.
  • Loa: Accompanied Indra to India.
  • Anole: Also accompanied Indra to India.
  • KidogoDeceased? Was de-powered after M-Day and presumably killed on the bus.
  • Network: Deceased. Was de-powered after M-Day and killed on the bus. 

The Corsairs 

  • Stepford Cuckoos: All three are still with the X-Men.
  • DryadDeceased. Was de-powered after M-Day and killed on the bus. 
  • Specter: Was de-powered after M-Day but was picked up by his Grandfather, so wasn't killed killed on the bus. 
  • QuillDeceased. Shot during Stryker's raid on the school. 

The Hellions 

  • WitherDeceased. Killed by Elixir after joining Selene's Inner Circle.
  • Dust: Still active with the X-Men.
  • Mercury: Still active with the X-Men.
  • Hellion: Still active with the X-Men though has lost his hands.
  • TagDeceased. Was de-powered after M-Day and killed on the bus. 
  • Rockslide: Still active with the X-Men.

The New Mutants 

  • Elixir: Still active with the X-Men, but after killing Wither, has had trouble returning to gold from black.
  • ProdigyDe-powered after M-Day, but had his past skills returned by the Cuckoos.
  • Surge: Still active with the X-Men.
  • Wind DancerDe-powered after M-Day, but was not on the bus. Joined New Warriors, but have disbanded...
  • WallflowerDeceased. Was shot by  Matthew Risman prior to Stryker's raid on the school.
  • Icarus: Deceased. Shot by Stryker.  

The Paragons 

  • PreviewDe-powered after M-Day, but was not present on the bus.
  • Pixie: Still active with the X-Men.
  • Match: Still active with the X-Men.
  • Trance:  Still active with the X-Men.
  • Wolf CubDeceased. Killed by  Donald Pierce.
  • D.J.Deceased. Was de-powered after M-Day and killed on the bus.  


Some of the students who retained their powers after M-Day were not in any of these squads. They include: 

  • Armor: Still active with the X-Men.
  • Blindfold:  Still active with the X-Men.
  • Bling!:  Still active with the X-Men.
  • Ernst: Hasn't been seen since New X-Men #38, but it has been suggested that she was actually Cassandra Nova.
  • Gentle:  Still active with the X-Men.
  • Onyxx: Deceased. Though he was somehow present  during Bastion's attack on Utopia...
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@jordama: I know. Your's was the inspiration for mine! I'm just an obsessive stickler for layout and formatting so I had to create my own :)
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I'd like to add that Ernst has had a few cameo appearances on Utopia, and Whedons run on Astonishing showed that she's not Cassandra Nova.

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I just realised that Surge is the only one of those characters I like.

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@RJMooreII: Surge is probably the only one I don't like haha.
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@Jubilantlad said:
" @RJMooreII: Surge is probably the only one I don't like haha. "
Yeah, Surge is one of my least liked as well :)
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