Marvel Characters In Video Games - Part 3

For whatever reasons, comic characters have always had a tough time translating over to video games. Due to my love of both, this has always bothered me. A recent exception has been Batman: Arkham Asylum, which has shown that it is possible. I recently ran through some of the more high-profile characters, but now, in my third and final entry, I thought I'd take a look at what I call third-tier characters... 


As I've mentioned in the previous two parts, most of the characters fit prominently into one team or another. Avengers and X-Men have been the primary examples. This tier is no different, featuring: Asgardian Gods, Avengers (again), Excalibur, Inhumans, New Warriors, and X-Force. As I've also said before, team games (such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance) don't generally add much to the genre as a whole, and are primarily there for arcade-style fun. If that's what you're after, then there are already many of them out there, but for me, a quality game means character development, plot, and atmosphere, which team games are sorely lacking. And so, I move on to the singles... 

Black Cat

I think that Black Cat is more of an auxiliary character to Spider-Man's world, so I'm not sure she would feature in her own game. I could be wrong, but her similarity to DC's Catwoman could also cause problems. I think she's probably better off sticking to the cameos she makes in Spider-Man's games.


Dazzler is one of those characters that I'd never even heard of until looking around Comic Vine, so if someone like me who has always been familiar with comics has never heard of her, I doubt she'd make for a successful solo venture.


Ahh, Deadpool. Due to his wisecracking and teleporting ways, he was a favourite of mine in MUA2. Having said that, could he hold his own game? I think so. His combination of melee and firearms would provide some nice variation, and his trademark breaking of the 4th wall is something I can't remember seeing in a video game any time recently, so I'm sure it would be a hit. Violence mixed with comedy--who wouldn't like it? 

Doc Samson

Samson is more of a Hulk auxillary character, I feel. Sure he has strength, but I don't think he could add anything to a game that hasn't already been done before in the various Hulk ones.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a personal favourite of mine, and part of the reason I started this blog set. I think he needs a game myself, though his similarities to Batman might curb enthusiasm. My thoughts are, if they made it more like a GTA-style game, it would separate him from Arkham Asylum enough to stand on his own.


I wasn't even sure if I would add Moonstone to this list as she makes most of her appearances as part of the Thunderbolts, so falls back into the team game category. She can also fly, which as I've mentioned in previous entries, doesn't usually make for good games, unless that flight is limited, but then you have to explain why it is...


Nova is another character with flight, so would suffer from Moonstone's fate, but he's also primarily a character of the whole sci-fi aspect of Marvel that I don't think many non-fans are even aware of.


I think Spider-Woman could hold her own in a game. Despite being associated with Spider-Man in most people's eyes, I think her differing powers are enough to make a game of her's much different to his. 


Really, I think Deadpool, Moon Knight, and possibly Spider-Woman are the only ones off this list that I think would suit their own game. If you believe otherwise, feel free to comment and state your reasons. I'd love to hear them as always!
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Posted by Illyana Rasputin
Posted by Danial79
@Illyana Rasputin I would too, but only if it were an RPG like the one G-Man described where you can walk around the school and interact with other characters
Posted by I'maDC/ImageGuy!

I wanna see a Moon Knight game so badly like Arkham Asylum meets the Punisher from Volition. 

Posted by Illyana Rasputin
@Danial79 said:
" @Illyana Rasputin I would too, but only if it were an RPG like the one G-Man described where you can walk around the school and interact with other characters "

I would prefer an RPG, as well. :)
Posted by Gambit1024

A Deadpool game would be very interesting. I could see it work like Vieutiful Joe in terms of graphics. 

Posted by GREGalicious

I find it a little strange you've never heard of DAZZLER and have been familiar with comics a while. Must not be too familiar with X-Men cause she's certainly been around for years and even starred in one of the most popular X-Men videogames ever. Black Cat could definitely hold her own in a game if she had a good writer to have her doing something besides flirting with Spider-Man:-( So many great characters are WASTED because of lacking writers or piss poor storylines...

Posted by infonation

@GREGalicious: Good point, sometimes even the best characters are handed a raw deal by lame writing and lame artwork and end up looking so bad that as a result and become so unpopular they are all but forgotten!

Posted by CapFanboy

I'd love a daredevil game.

Posted by jhazzroucher

Storm for me. So many stuff that she could do.