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We all know Damian is coming back

we do? no one at DC has said that Damian is definitely coming back....they have only said that there will be a Robin by the end of Robin Rises...they haven't said that this Robin will be Damian

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If they wanted to follow other people besides Rick in the Walking Dead, why don't they just..... follow other people besides Rick in the Walking Dead. This is not a spin off. This is the same series.

because Rick is the main character of both the comic and the television show...they want to show what's going on in other areas of the country not just Georgia

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But still what does it do for us?

how about billions of dollars in tax revenue each year

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@IVIard: what is it with you and metroplex's battle mode (someone has a bot crush). And it's difficult to think thor(feat) without is hammer especially from that era.


Nova Prime is dodging or giving Thor a lot of problems due to Nova's "Nova Force", allows flight at faster than light speed, a healing factor, and energy powers. These energy powers include the ability to create an electromagnetic beam or a gravimetric pulse. It can also be used to create Star Gates.


is this Nova Prime or Nova Prime in this battle?

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love is crazy thing...one of my best friends had been dating a girl for a long time...even married her eventually...she was actually sleeping with another one of our best friends the whole time....we all tried to tell him...the guy she was boinking even told him and he still took her word over everyone else

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@IVIard: you making a new thread tag me too @danhimself: please enlighten us i just know them from the few issues i have on my laptop like all hail megatron story arc or title whatsoever.

I don't want to offend you here but if you only know what you've read from a very few issues then you shouldn't be in a thread debating against them

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I think that it would be kind of cool to do this as sets of miniseries....like have 6 or so episodes during the Walking Dead's off season focusing on a different set of survivors from different parts of the globe each time

In his reddit ama Kirkman said the biggest thing he didn't like about the show was that in the end of season 1 the cdc guy said that it was happening in other countries, so I don't know if that'll happen. It is a cool idea though.

I think that the reason why Kirkman said that would be because he has never once hinted or talked about what is going on outside of the U.S. in the comic

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@danhimself: Enlighten us !

I'm not going to say that one side beats the other but to say that the Avengers stomp is hugely wrong especially if we don't have a definite roster and we can include characters like Metroplex or any of the original thirteen Primes

Metroplex: In the Marvel U.K. Transformers comic however it says he's 698 feet (212.8 meters) tall.[4] He can lift 70,000 tons. His armor is the equal of any Transformer's; to merely scratch it would require at least a low-yield nuclear explosion. He has left shoulder-mounted twin high-energy MASER (microwave amplification through stimulated emission of radiation) cannons and a retractable omni-directional receiving and transmitting rod antenna in his right shoulder.

The Thirteen Primes are essentially the Gods of the Transformers Multiverse. Each existing as singular beings across the multiverse.


Within the multiverse in which most Transformers fiction occurs, the Thirteen are multiversal singularities—across all the different universal streams, only one incarnation of each of the Thirteen exists, moving between worlds. The group's roster has not been fully revealed, and known members include:

  • Prima - The first Matrix-bearer and first Transformer born from Cybertron, the leader of the Thirteen.[4]
  • Vector Prime - The guardian of space and time, who spent most of his life outside of reality, observing it and occasionally stepping in to help.
  • The Fallen - Formerly the guardian of entropy, whose true name was stricken from history when he betrayed his brothers and became a Herald of Unicron.[5]
  • Nexus Prime - The first combiner, and the guardian of Rarified Energon.
  • Logos Prime— an enigmatic figure who, in the present day, sought to pass on his incredible powers over time and space to an heir.

The Liege Maximo was implied to be one of the group, but has not been confirmed in any canon source. Also, Maccadam was rumored (albeit half-jokingly) to be one of the Thirteen in The Ultimate Guide, but this has not been touched upon since.


Within the Aligned continuity family, which exists separately from the rest of the Transformers multiverse, the full roster of the Thirteen is known. Each possesses a specialartifact of great power that is tied to their identity and role in Primus' plan. Listed in the order of their creation by Primus, they are:

  • Prima - The leader of the Thirteen, a warrior of light who wielded the Star Saber.
  • Vector Prime - The master of time and space, which he could manipulate through his Blades of Time.
  • Alpha Trion - Holder of the Quill, which he uses to record the past, present, and future of Cybertron in the Covenant of Primus in his role as recordskeeper of the Primes.
  • Solus Prime - The master artificer and creator of many of the Primes' weapons through use of her incredible Forge. She was the first female Cybertronian.
  • Micronus Prime - The conscience of the Thirteen, and the first Mini-Con, able to link up with and enhance the power of his siblings through the use of his Chimera Stone.
  • Alchemist Prime - Student of the elemental structure of the natural world, aided in this by his Lenses, which allowed him to see further and deeper than anyone, in both material and spiritual senses. Co-founder of Cybertronian civilization with Alpha Trion.
  • Nexus Prime - The first and greatest combiner, granted the ability to divide himself into separate forms by his Enigma of Combination. Unpredictable, fascinated by change, and a lighthearted prankster.
  • Onyx Prime - The first beast-form Cybertronian, a primitive and spiritual being able to view other times, places, souls and even the afterlife through his three-faced Triptych Mask.
  • Amalgamous Prime - The joker of the Thirteen and the first Shifter, unpredictable and easygoing. He was first Cybertronian with the ability of transformation, granted him by his Transformation Cog, which became the basis for the cogs in all subsequent Trasnformer life.
  • Quintus Prime - A daydreamer and perfectionist whose drive to express his ideas led him to become a scientist. His artifact was the Emberstone, which gave him the ability to create life; the Quintessons were among his creations.
  • Liege Maximo - The manipulator. Though his artifact was notionally the toxin-loaded Legian Darts, his real skill was his ability to talk others into his way of thinking—a black art that ultimately caused the downfall of the Thirteen.
  • Megatronus - The warrior of darkness, Prima's opposite number, whose role as the necessary counterbalance set him apart from his fellow Primes. His artifact was the Requiem Blaster, created for him by Solus; this act began a doomed romance between the two that led to his turning on his brothers and becoming known as The Fallen.
  • Optimus Prime - The mediator of the Primes, who united the Thirteen by being the first among them to raise an arm in greeting. He would subsequently be reincarnated as Orion Pax.
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seems that there are lots of people in this thread who have no knowledge whatsoever about the Transformers

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I think that it would be kind of cool to do this as sets of miniseries....like have 6 or so episodes during the Walking Dead's off season focusing on a different set of survivors from different parts of the globe each time