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that's not what I mean though. of course things are made for money. With this I mean they are milking it out too long. It just seems like they are seeing how much longer they can make money off of it.

I wouldn't say that is completely true, as Slott has mentioned that he had planned for Spock to be around for Spiderverse, and it was supposed to center more around him, but they brought Peter back early. Personally I think this storyline was planned for a while since Spider-man 2099's story arc in Superior. Now if they start doing a lot of mini-series and Vs. books (looking at you Carnage and Deadpool), then I'd say they were purposely milking it.

I'm thinking that it was being planned further back than that....I don't know if I ever said anything on the forums here but I had been kind of speculating at some type of Spider themed event since they brought Kaine back....my theory was that there were a ton of Spider themed heroes running around or being brought back...right now the Marvel Universe has Peter, Kaine, Spider-Woman, Spider-girl, the one remaining MVP clone, Spider-man 2099, and Julia Carpenter...now to be fair I never even came close to speculating at something as big as Spider-Verse but I had a feeling that they were putting things in position for something...plus I think that Julia has been hinting at Spider-Verse for a while now to

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@danhimself: Essentially she was a Hellspawn killer. I'd say more, but trying to explain ANYTHING about Spawn is a headache. I only read the first couple of arcs before I dropped it because it got so damned confusing!!! People say comics are confusing and hard to get into for new readers........ Trust me Marvel on its off days and DC as it was in the pre-New 52? Yeah they don't hold a CANDLE to the levels of confusion, retcons, semi/sorta reboots, and baffling leaps in logic that Spawn is.

I KINDA wish Marvel had somehow managed to get the rights to Medieval Spawn(Yeah that exists and was created by Niel Gaiman) so we could have a Spawn that at least made sense.

I know a little about them only because my brother collected the action figures but past that I've tried several times to read Spawn but just never found it all that interesting and as crazy as it sounds never really cared for McFarlane's art

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@twix_right_side: I like it because it doesn't just throw out the fact Angela is an angel trained warrior. Takes liberties and even FURTHER deviates from Norse mythology, but that's par for the course for Marvel at this point.

All in all this is the best way they could have brought her into the universe without having all of the Spawn baggage.

I was kind of thinking that when Odin sealed the tenth realm off from the others he inadvertently pushed it into the Image universe...thus still allowing for all of her history there to happen as it did...though I really don't know anything about her history at Image so this could already be screwing up her history there

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Peter Nguyen on issue 7! Can't wait to see some previews of that!

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best book on the shelves!

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There seems to be a small group of people who are having an issue with Grayson #1. More specifically they have an issue with Dick losing to Midnighter. I'm not sure if they're overestimating Dick or if they're underestimating Midnighter or just don't have that much knowledge about Midnighter. Maybe I'm wrong (I don't think so) but it seemed like the fight ended the way it should have. Midnighter was holding back on Dick and was still coming out on top until the fight was interfered with and Midnighter was bfr'd. Should Dick have done better?

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I really wish this would get fixed or at least acknowledged

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it sounds as though they're trying to make her appear younger....in all honesty it sounds kind of like it's a slight retcon....I just don't see how this direction or costume fits Barbara's character....it sounds like it would be better for a Stephanie Brown book

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