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doesn't really surprise me...that place has been a ghost town for a while now

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I don't participate in the battle forums so I could care less about feats....the story is more important

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I really miss the Boy Scout Superman of the Pre52 and I really wish that Mark Waid would do another run on the character

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@danhimself: Yea would be great to do a complete restart. But would miss Dick Grayson, Jason Todd & Damian Wayne if i'm honest.

I definitely would as well...Tim Drake and Dick Grayson are two of my favorite characters....I in fact never wanted a reboot at all...I loved the way some of the books were going in the Pre52...especially the Bat Books like Red Robin and Batgirl....but since I was forced into it I want it to be done properly...the 5 year time skip convoluted the hell out of the timeline right off the bat...then there's the whole thing with keeping Batman's and Green Lantern's histories without really keeping them...the New 52 is a mess....like we both said I would have rather had a complete restart over the the New 52

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@nybreezy said:

If I can re-do the DC Universe, like another reboot, I would do a full reboot. Make Batman alone. Only have Gordon and Alfred. Same for Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, etc.

Start everyone from the beginning and if the writers want to bring back characters, they bring them back by new storylines.

this...no five year time skip....start everyone at the beginning and don't form the Justice League until the first year has passed....then after that start introducing the Teen Titans

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an ongoing Joker book would never work

also you would cancel every single female led book? and replace them with nothing....no Wonder Woman? no Supergirl? no Harley Quinn? No Batgirl?...so no female led books but you'll have a book about orderlies inside Arkham?

then you're saying that they're Green Lantern books but there's no actual Green Lantern books...it's just 8 Sinestro books which is 7 too many Sinestro books

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love these books!!! I just wish that they would get a regular release schedule with them

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*sniff* this room is so dusty *sniff*

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I just hope that this is the end of the Kraang plot for a while and then that they finish up the Shredder plot soon as well....they've been great while they've lasted but they've gone on for to long now and I'd like them to expand into some other villains