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@danhimself you forgot the time ultimate! Reed Richards (This is before he went crazy) was talking to 616! Richards and Franklin (I don't remember the specific issue, but I know that he tried to go to the 616-verse and ended up in "marvels zombies"-verse).

Also, I appear to be in the minority that isn't excited about this.

he was tricked...he was talking to the Zombieverse Reed the whole time

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@danhimself: it is coming it's called Spider-Verse

Spider-verse isn't Spider-men 2 though...Bendis said that he's going to wait until Spider-verse is over before doing Spider-men 2

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@danhimself: True but what writer hasn't?

people have higher expectations when it comes to a writer like Miller so when he falls off as badly as he did it's a much bigger deal....I mean he went from writing books like The Dark Knight Returns and Daredevil which are praised by more than just the comic book community to writing books like All-Star Batman and Robin and the The Dark Knight Strikes Again which are considered some of the worst books of all time

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@jayc1324 said:

The guy wrote the best batman story ever, revolutionized daredevil, influenced all of the bronze age of comics, but no let's all hate on him. Comics as a whole wouldn't be the same without frank miller but no he sucks

he's also written some serious crap

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It's embarrassing to Marvel how little they seem to have their **** together lately, especially compared to DC.

what are you talking about

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I definitely don't agree with flipping it every minute....I was always taught to flip it only once and from everything I've seen from tv cooking shows that's what they tell everyone as well....flipping it more than that doesn't let a good sear form and you lose a lot of the juices that way

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@g_man said:

I wanna see the chimney that Peter cleaned since THEY HAVE NO CHIMNEY!!

I miss the plus and minus system that we used to have because this certainly would have warranted a plus

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@tommythehitman said:

Hey... remember when 616 and the Ultimate Universe WEREN'T crossing over every five minutes?

...yeah. Good times.

Hey! Remember when that one guy at Marvel said:

"If the 616 and Ultimate Marvel universes EVER have a crossover it means we've ran out of ideas?"

Yeah... I remember that too.

every five minutes? exaggerating a little aren't we? they've crossed over twice...three times if you want to get technical....once with Spider-men and another two times with Cataclysm...and in Cataclysm we got almost zero interaction between the two universes other than Galactus and Valeria Richards

as for the "we've ran out of ideas"....this was addressed during Spider-men...they're response was basically that times change

I for one welcome more crossovers as long as it's not over done and at this point it's not even close to being over done....I look forward to the possibility of 616 Jean, Bobby, and Kitty meeting their 1610 counterparts

I also REALLY REALLY look forward to Spider-men 2 when that eventually comes out

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New Warriors is getting cancelled :(

This upset me quite a lot.

Me too! 12 issues? WTF?!?!

New Warriors should count itself lucky. Ultimate FF only got 6 issues and Iron Patriot only had 5..............

I didn't read Iron Patriot but Ultimate FF was horrible