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why is Greg Weisman not writing this and why isn't it a continuation of Spectacular Spider-man!?

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@jonsmith said:

My thing is: Why did Daenerys execute the dude? She was planning to hold a lawful trial for the Son of the Harpy, and he killed defenseless people as well. How hard would it have been to say, "This man killed a a prisoner, a Son of the Harpy's, defying my rule and wishes. What would you have your Queen do with him?" And if they all called for mercy, boom, public speaks, let him go. She's still loved by her people, and since she was already planning to give a trial to the Son, something the Harpies wouldn't care about anyway, she's not appearing any weaker to them than she already would have. As for setting the precedent of majority rule, state that this particular case is unique due to the politics at play, and this is to be a display of the public's opinion on the matter, telling their queen their wishes. So it's a one off thing. Everybody wins.

But no, let's kill the dude. That'll solve everything.

because half of the city wanted him dead and the other half wanted him spared....there was no right decision....either way one of the two sides would have been pissed off

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not happy with the Thing's appearance....reminds me of the Rock Biters from the Neverending Story

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Star Wars!!!

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I don't see how anyone could possibly watch that and not get super pumped!! it's about time we start getting some good current gen console games

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@thehumanporch said:

@feartheliving: And this is a realistic Superman that makes mistakes.

Like I said I'm fine with him making mistakes, just wish he should some intelligence, it's almost like Pa Kent taught him nothing.

he didn't....this is the same guy who scolded him for saving a bus load of children

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@starscream_vs_you: I'm probably going to be one of those people that will always want the Pre52 back....I feel no connection to these characters anymore

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@danhimself: The whole event does feel like it is for us readers who have been reading since we were kids doesn't it?

it does but at the same time I almost feel like this is going to end up being another middle finger to us as well....since we know that once this is over we're going right back to the New 52 it feels like they're saying "you want this? ok! here it is!!! .... for a few months then you're never seeing them again"

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I keep seeing the same "BAD" in every review here for all of these Convergence issues and they all boil down to the same thing....they aren't new reader friendly.....I'm almost 100% positive that DC wasn't trying to make them new reader friendly....these issues are for us old heads who grew up reading these books and not for anyone else....I knew exactly who the supporting characters were and didn't see anything wrong with how they were handled....not everything needs to be new reader friendly...it's nice that DC is actually doing something nice for us older readers for once

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man I'm really surprised at the upbeat opinions here....I actually think that this is absolutely horrible casting....I haven't seen anything from her that resembles quality acting