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It's nothing personal mon ami, I simply don't know enough to argue against your point or know if they'd be succesful. It's a bit beyond my scope of knowledge.

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@_gaff_: I don't know if you'd hit him with a sniper shot. It depends on a few features. You could use a really good silencer and given his distraction, the gun salute, and distance you could probably pull off the shot... But you have more than enough to take him in a straight up fight.

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It's a good strategy. I'm on the fence. It could work I think but there's a lot of variables that could go either way. Alot of things that could go sideways for you. It seems to have a fifty-fifty chance of going your way. Not a bad plan at all though.

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Nor do I, if that is what happens. But even if Matian can't reverse what happend to their mind, he could probably shut their minds down.. Use his power to shut down their minds or render them unconcious. Green Lantern knows Arrow enough that he could probably take him down as well. Bats two. Flash is the real wild card if you're able to get him in your control. Lantern can also counter the kryptonite by encasing it with his rings power and thus aiding Superman. Even with Hulk's strength and Kitty intagibility and Trion's durability (Juggernaut's durability has been questioned alot. I'm not sure abou at the Trion stage but I hear it makes him completly invulnerable. If that's the case then I think it disqualifies as an amp that would make the conflict unfair. Correct me if I'm wrong it is something I've heard lauded in threads with the character) Provided he's not invulnerable and given the speeds of characters like Wonder Woman, Manhunter, Lantern, Marvel, and Superman whom are all superhuman levels of speed and reaction with your own reaction time being limited to human stats (I see no amp to this field) chances are you will still be tagged a number of times. Especially by Wonder Woman whose combat skills are what they are and Manhunter's ability to turn intangible might be able to affect you while you're intangible which means you'd have to be able to react fast enough to go intangible to avoid damage from Superman, Wonder Woman, Marvel, and Lantern, then become tangible to avoid Manhunter's attack. Each of them have strength that I feel is comparable to Hulk's own as well. Which says nothing to whether you are or are not able to catch and control Flash. Since it seems to require direct eye contact, Flash is fast enough to react before the power has a chance to catch hold I believe. If Flash does avoid your control, then you're in serious trouble during the final brawl.

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@dangerousloki: Medusa Mask manipulates emotions, I hit him with fear and his willpower goes out the window. It is one of the most powerful emotion manipulation weapons in existence capable of defeating even the will of Black Adam, who has Divine Willpower.

Exiles Mimic has copied Deadpool, the Phoenix, and the Hulk. None of these are mutants. He gets the full powerset. He gets Wolverine's claws and healing factor and senses. The awesome part of Exiles Mimic is that you get their skill too. That is how he is able to beat people with their own powers despite being only at half their power. Also, you said I get all my knowledge of comics which means I know more about their powers than they do. Exiles Mimic's powers can't be overloaded due to how they work. 616 Mimic can because his work differently.

Soul Sword kills anything magic, I was being generous by allowing them to be depowered. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe. Madrox's power copies items just as easily as it does himself.

The Atom once turned Superman's Kryptonian molecules into Kryptonite by rearranging them by hand. The Atom is one of the most powerful people on the League, he can reasonably kill everyone without much difficulty.

Too many attacks will force Batman to divide the team. Skrull Detection Immunity makes it impossible for him to suspect that these attacks are anything but genuine.

There's nothing to suggest that fear manipulation would rob Hal of his will to my recollection. In point of course, a Green Lantern needs to be "fearless" to wield the ring (That was the claim in the earliest GL comics.) And we've seen characters like Superman, Batman, and others of strong will consistently break through fear manipulations with their will alone. Without some scan or instance of Hal being so gripped by fear he cannot use his ring, there's no reason to believe this strategy works to do that unless you can offer some evidence to suggest it would.

Also, my knowledge of the soulsword is limited but there's nothing I can find to say that it kills on contact. It can kill magical creatures. It's lethal to them. But that's a different thing. It means it can hurt them, breaking through whatever magical defenses they may have. But that's far different then you suggesting it slays anything magic. The implication there is that anything magic exposed to it is killed.. like kryptonite to Superman. But I can find nothing that says this is the case.

Proof is needed to show Mardox can copy a weapon like the Soulsword and that said weapon has the same powerlevel and abilities of the original because I don't know anything about that.

And accordig to the Wiki for Mimic, the Exiles version does not gain the knowledge or skill with his mimickry. It's the only source I have available that makes any note of this. I haven't found a source that says it's wrong. Though I haven't found a source to act as confirmation of it either. Even knowing their powers, that doesn't mean you know how to utilize them. It's the difference between knowing how a car operates.. vs actually being able to get in a car and drive. The knowledge of a skill is not the ability to use said skill.

Also, nothing you've put forth would be able to counter Wonder Woman's skill in combat, she is easily skilled enough to overcome a single combatant, or even multiple combatants who themselves don't possess combat skills. She's formidabble, just as tough as Superman, and if you can't put her down, she can finish her challenge and assist any of the others. Same with GL. And you don't have a counter for Martian's telepathy.

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First I create multiple duplicates of myself and I create several instances whereby I come into contact with MMH, Superman, and Flash. The Skrull Detection Immunity makes me immune to all form so detection beyond physical sight so they can't track me. This is so that I can copy their powers using Mimic's powers. They will be at half strength but they stack together (1/2 MMH + 1/2 Superman = Superman-level stats). As I am now as powerful as the most powerful members of the league, I begin the plan. Each of my duplicates orchestrates different disasters around the world that will divide the League.


He is drawn to Metropolis by "Metallo" attacking. He defeats him quickly but every hit the dupe makes allows more and more miniature me's to get inside him. Once inside they convert parts of him into Kryptonite bring him down to the human. They then destroy his brain.

Wonder Woman:

"Cheetah" is attacking somewhere. So Wonder Woman flies in only to get hit with the Soul Sword and depowered whereup she is murdered.

Green Lantern:

"Sinestro" is attacking Coast City so Hal flies in at full speed. He is then hit with the Medusa Mask and depowered and is murdered.

Captain Marvel:

"Black Adam" is attacking somewhere and Captain Marvel flies in only to be hit by the Soul Sword and depowered and murdered.


"Zoom" is attacking Central City so Flash comes running in. He immediately gets hit by a cold field he is not expecting because he is an idiot. This allows shrunken dupes to infiltrate him and kill his brain.


A "white martian" is attacking somwhere summoning in J'onn. Using Superman's heat vision, I know him for a loop. The Medusa Mask leaves him reeling. The Soul Sword keeps him tangible. He takes the full brunt of my attack. Soon more mini me's get inside and start taking him apart molecularly.

Green Arrow and Batman are not an issue as I have separated the team. They die via speed blitz.

Really, with the powers available, this is too easy. You need to be more restrictive to make this a challenge.

I don't see Hal instantly being depowered with the Medusa Mask. His powers work on his Will and while that's considered part of the emotional spectrum I'm going to need to see some evidence the Mask can effect his will directly. Also. I'm going to need some showing of Exiles Mimic copying of non-mutant powers otherwise he wouldn't be able to copy any of the leagues powers at all. Also you wouldn't have the knowledge of how to use those powers effectively even if you could copy them. The Soulsword doesn't seem to say it depowers anyone with a magical nature, it's lethal to magic beigns abd breaks spells. Also there's only one Soulsword. So you could only use it on one of the League at a time. Not three of them, clones or not. Also how would they be able to turn parts of Superman to kryptonite? Not sure I get that. And can't Mimics powers be overloaded? And does it copy entire powersets or just powers? And Batman and Green Arrow can assist any of their team. Batman on point coordinating can be quite dangerous to your plan.

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  • The Soul Sword
  • Skrull Detection Immunity
  • Medusa Mask
  • Multiple Man
  • Exiles Mimic


  • The Atom's Belt
  • Captain Cold's Cold Gun
  • Creation Blades

Is this alright?

Now you just have to explain... I think the creation blades migh be a bit over powered but.. I'm not sure about them. Anyway just explain how you'd utilize these to win

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@_gaff_: A good point. Yes they would. wellI think that counters my argument. *Thumbs up.*

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@cjdavis103: I think that's a mismatch. Theres too many variables to account for. But even then it's not perfect. Playing the league off against each other isn't likely to work. They have too many instances of them being turned on each other, manipulated to attack or mind controlled. Etc. What makes them cohesive is how much they've been through together. Also this mostly just depends on bombarding the League with an army more than anything else. I consider that a mismatch as you can essentialy just have people armed with everyones weakness and swarm the league.

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@dangerousloki: Ill get to this tomoroow its late :p. Also the title of this thread is Variant 1 will there be a second ? I like this idea alot!

That's the plan. Though each of the variants focuses on different aspects. Variant 1s will be like this. Coming up with a strategy for a precise goal. The other variants will have different objectives and concepts. I'm still tinkering with the conceptions.

@dangerousloki: Thank you. I actually was trying to figure out Gog's plan originally, but it relied to much on pawns. So I just went Gog+buffs for myself+temporal perception.

Gosh, that's probably my favorite post-Zero hour, pre-IC arc that DC did. And then IC happened, and we didn't get to finish Gog's arc before he was retconned away :(

Can't say I read it. And thank you. I'm rather enjoying this response so far.

Ok here's a question people..... Should I add Aquaman? I knew I was forgetting one major Leaguer but I couldn't remember whom until just now. Would adding him make things more interesting?