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I need to get the pint issue, I think buying this on digital I missed something - it doesn't seem to work as described in various reviews.

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Can anyone tell me why 616 Phil is nicknamed 'Cheese'?

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Nice review, Corey. I really enjoyed this issue, though Vicki Vale is usually smarter than this. Her reputation will be shot if it comes out that she just publishes whatever the authorities tell her.

I liked the art a lot, even Hush - a villain who never impressed me - looked good. And I loved his taunting Batman about preferring his partners dead.

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'I've seen some have concerns over the art but the more you see, the more you'll agree it's fitting for this comic.' How very presumptuous, Mr G!

The art has energy, and Tradd Moore has his own style, yes, but I so don't like the art that I won't be back, so it's not going to grow on me. The bendy bodies and Robbie's creepy eyes even before he's Ghost Rider just put me off.

But good luck to the book, and Tradd, Felipe and the rest of the team, and nice one Marvel, for trying new things; I hope the book finds its audience, and a big one at that.

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I agree with Cody that expository dialogue isn't James's strongest point ('as you well know...') but bless him for at least making the effort to give us all the info we need. All he needs is an editor with a decent ear for dialogue.

This was the best issue yet, with the only realiy daft bit being Captain America needlessly wrecking a quintet. He couldn't find an old, derelict building? The Avengers should kick him out!

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I really liked the rendering of the art but found the constantly red swirls and stuff to be akin to a migraine. And it was impossible to follow with guided view on digital. As for the story, yes indeed, can we move on please, we've heard all sides on the 'Scott killed Charles' bit.

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That was fun, you run a nice interview, Tony. I'm not too keen on the initial gloom of this FF story, but I don't doubt James will take us to happier climes. I'm looking forward to seeing where Invaders goes hugely, especially as regards the 'British invasion'.

And Donna Troy's unlikely pottymouth aside, James produced an entertaining and imaginative JLA run and should pat himself on the back. Here's to future triumphs.

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@g_man: Please, please, Tony, listen to the posters who want an end to the constant musical interruptions. I find I'm not getting to the end of episodes lately as it's so annoying for you to be constantly derailing the actually-rather-fascinating commentary you three deliver when the focus is firmly on the subject of comics. It really does seem as if you're not actually interested in anyone else's opinions, being more interested in what you can play next on YouTube. It's way too ADHD, for me.

When your co-host, Mat, is asking you to quit it with the fannying about and you're just ignoring him, well, it gets kind of uncomfortable to listen to. I don't know, maybe it's actually some big joke between you all, but it certainly doesn't feel that way.

Also, I'm not sure all the testosterone is good for the show. Obviously, the excellent Jen is rather busy at the moment, but is there no other woman who could come in occasionally? Three guys together can lead to the podcast sounding like a frat party.

Anyway, keep up the otherwise great work.

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Well, there you go - I never knew that the Breakdance films are called Breakin' in the Colonies ... took me a while there to realise what you were on about! I suppose the UK distributors reckoned we'd think a film with the original title was about burglars. (Did you know that where you say 'burglarise', we say 'burgle'. And now Wally, Donna and Stephanie do too.)

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That would be it, then ... I liked late Jimmy Olsen, what with Mr Action and bitchy Meg.