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Cassandra Cain, or no one in the old DCU

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As if this move didn't make any less sense the sale rankings for November just came out

  • Batgirl was the 17th best selling comic for November.
  • It was the second best Batman book, beating both Batman and Robin, and Detective Comics.
  • It was also DC's 4th best selling comic.
  • It also out sold each Before Watchmen book for that month.
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Last week there were rumblings that Gail Simone had left Batgirl now that her exclusive contract had finished. Gail said on her tumbler that that was not true she hadn't left Batgirl. Well it turns out that was only half true.

On Wednesday of last week, new Batgirl editor Brian Cunningham informed me by email that I was no longer the writer of Batgirl.

— GailSimone (@GailSimone) December 9, 2012

So Gail was kicked off of Batgirl.

You have to wonder who is going to pick up the book next, Scott Snyder, Scott Lobdell, or Jeff Lemire that seems to their solution for everything at the moment,

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

It's a shame that Dredd and 2000AD only get coverage after the paired up with IDW

Bleeding Cool and CBR have been doing a fair bit of 2000AD coverage this year. I think there have been a good dozen-ish interviews. There was one with John Wagner where he was asked why he brought back the Dark Judges and in true John Wagner fashion he said, I'm messing up Mega City One anyway I may as well throw them in as well.

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@bob808 said:

I always saw Judge Dredd as some kind of a fascist.

Fun fact Dredd is a fascist. It is kinda the whole point. Knowing that is the first thing you do need to know to start understanding a good Judge Dredd story.

The most interesting thing about potentially reading about early Dredd is that, a Dredd fresh from the Academy of Justice sees morality in full on Black and White. I'm not saying today's old man Dredd sees morality in many shades of gray, more like he sees Black, Grey, and White.

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@mr.obvious: Starfire has a generic female comic character's ass. You know one of those asses that only looks like that because most artists out there really should just draw a porn book to get their sexual urges out of their systems. The same thing can be applied Scandal Savage that was brought up by

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I know we comic book fans like to complain about all the stupid little aspects of the books that we love so much. We want to know if Tim Drake was a Robin or not, we want to know where our favourite characters are. We want to know why Jim Lee was allowed to essentially design a universe, and we just want to know why Rob Liefield, just why? The thing is I feel like we are getting side tracked from the most important question of all.

Does Dick Grayson still have the best ass in the DC Universe?

Dick Grayson simply had the best ass in the DCU. Even the most right-wing anti-gay men have looked at the Pre-Reboot ass of Dick Grayson and said, "Man, that is just perfect." You see, Dick's ass looks like an ass the is both muscular but not too muscular. It is both an ass that looks like you could sink your fingers into his cheeks, but also bounce coins off of it if you wanted. With Dick's levels of athleticism and strength I bet he could also snap a pencil in half with those cheeks of his if he wanted to.

The thing is I haven't read any Nightwing in the reboot. So for all I know in the new DC Universe Dick's might be all flabby and gross, it might be reduced to once in a blue moon appearances. Hell, it might shoot fire and project laser-beams for all I know, but I need to know.

Does Dick Grayson still have the best ass in the DC Universe?

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So is it supposed to look like Wonder Woman is about to give Superman an Ace Crusher/Diamond Cutter/RKO?

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Great, now I'm thinking about The Dark Knight Strikes Again. I'm going to get drunk and try and forget DKR2 exists again.

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@kennyshat: If you ever do want to jump on with Dredd then I recommend checking out Case Files 2, 4, or 5 for more "standard" Dredd stories then there is the fantastic Judge Dredd: America.