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At $3.99, this book might last 6 issues.

Eight issues over eight weeks actually, all eight issues based on eight different Marvel UK properties. It is an event taking its name from the nickname of the era when Dez Skinn became the Editor in Chief of Marvel UK.

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Has Anarky Jokers bio-logical son showed up in the new 52 yet?

No. Although the funny thing about the Anarky being the Joker's son storyline is that the issue where Lonnie is revealed to not be the Joker's son was written by Alan Grant but never sent off to be drawn by DC editorial.

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At least that means one person on the set of Batman/Superman knows how to write and direct a good film.

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@g_man said:

@bladewolf: Sorry if a five-star system is confusing. Also, this is why put words in the review. To highlight what we liked and did not like.

5 Stars = Great, loved it. Had a blast reading it.

4 Stars = Really good. Some distractions preventing greatness.

3 Stars = Okay. A decent read. Nothing to cheer about.

2 Stars = Oh man. What's going on here.

1 Star = Woof. This comic actually pissed me off.

*these are the way I interpret them and are not necessarily the official CV terminology.

A 5-Star system works better when you can split them in half.


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Geo did you intentionally make your Mad Hatter look like Matt Smith wearing Patrick Troughton's Doctor's outfit? Any way cool art!

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And this is part of being a Doctor Who fan. You are absolutely guaranteed to see the show die in front of you, and then get replaced with a strange, different show using the same name. Eventually, everything that Doctor Who is comes to a crashing halt and something new happens instead. Sometimes it's wonderful. Sometimes it's heartbreaking. But it's inevitable. It's why one of the few sections of fandom I get actively angry at are the "bring back David Tennant" crowd. Because, frankly, you only got David Tennant because nine previous versions of the show got cancelled. You knew your turn would come. You don't get to pull a version of the show other people enjoy away from them and replace it with your own. If you did, we'd bring Ian, Barbara, and the Doctor back.

Philip Sandifer writing on the first time a Doctor left.
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@jwalser3 said:

Boring ass trailer.

That would be because it isn't a trailer.

I've not read the original series but I've read the Chris Claremont series from a few years ago. It was a fun kid friendly series, and to tell the truth, it seems like the right kind of thing to pull from Marvel if you wanted start animating their stuff.