50 Awesome Gay Guys

A list of fifty of my favorite gay and bisexual men in superhero comics.  Though I capped it at fifty, I probably could have kept going. There are a lot of really great characters out there. I've covered the full range of heroes, anti-heroes, villains, and supporting cast.
 Listed (roughly) in order.

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Nice list!

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Thank you!
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Since when is the olympian gay?
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@mighty dude:
Last October at the DC message boards, people were discussing some of the clues Gail Simone had been dropping since Achilles first showed up. She popped into the thread to confirm it, and has since confirmed it in other places like the forums at Comic Book Resources. 
In the last issue, a fellow named Patrick Cleese showed up and Achilles seems to think Patrick is the reincarnation of his lover, Patroclus. 
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since when is madrox gay?

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I was thinking more bi than gay. He's manifested at least one dupe that is attracted to men, and when asked about it in the Madrox mini-series, he responded "Everyone's got at least a little bit of it in them."  (PAD has referred to this dupe as "gay" in interviews.) I doubt that Jamie Prime would ever act on his same-sex attraction, but the dupe(s) -as a manifestation of his personality- might. I think that qualifies him as at least queer.  
Thank you for asking! It reminded me I need to fill in the descriptions on this list when I get some free time.
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: )))

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 madrox isint gay collosses isnt gay

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Thanks, man!
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Thank you! I'm glad you liked the list.
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Glad you liked it!
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@GT-Man: Colossus was gay in the ultimate universe. He's dating Northstar. 
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Comic writers somehow found a way to portray gays as something deeper then the stereotypical flamboyant guy on every TV show ever. I don't know how anyone let them, but I applaud them for it.

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I didn't know half of these characters were homosexuals. Very enlightening. I'm glad comic books have opened a new door for homosexuals. My cousin is gay so it really hits home. Nice list, as well!
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John Constantine is not gay btw, maybe Bi-sexual, but that is only suggested in his wording.  I think he only cons people he likes me.  On page he never slept with any guy, only women.
its a pretty good list, but having John on it makes, feels like a "gay" reach... sorry I didn't recommend it. I would feel wrong recommending it when JC is on it.

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Loved the list!

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I don't mean to seem a kill joy but some of these characters are not gay. 

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The Tasmanian Devil is gay? But at the end of that one cartoon the female Tasmanian Devil gets off the plane, and he's like "OOWOWOOOAAGHH!" Then Bugs Bunny marries them and they get on the plane and leave.

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Some of them are bi. Which characters are you disagreeing with?    
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Awesome list, Pied Piper, the Cavalier, and Captain Stingaree are all favorite gay characters of mine =D

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A lot of these characters have had their sexuality retconned a number of times. For example, Tasmanian Devil has been fullly gay, bisexual, and fully straight in the comic books at various times.

I don't recall John Constantine ever demonstrating anything beyond the most minor bicuriousity, and if you want to include every straight character who has been momentarily bicurious, you will have to include Green Arrow for once admitting to Black Canary that there is a homoerotic vibe to his close friendship with Green Lantern, and that seems a bit of a reach.

Also, John Constantine has been shown to love playing the straight guy game of "gay chicken", and that appears to apply to almost all the seemingly gay quips he has made in the comic books. If John were genuinely bisexual, he would clearly have acted on it by now!

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@name_already_chosen: Taz was presented as straight until Justice League Quarterly #8 (summer, 1994), when he came out as gay which has been his orientation ever since.

As for Constantine, he has made a couple of references to boyfriends in dialog and thought bubbles/narration, and has been shown having sex with men on panel on two occasions.

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Actually, Damon, no. Not long after Taz came out as gay, he was then retroactively made straight again in another comic. Then back again. This went on for a while at the time. If you don't recall it, you're lucky, or you have a very good "dork age" filter to help you ignore when comic book companies have their brief spasms of cowardly continuity ambiguities.

Can you recall the issues when Constantine had sex with men on panel? I'm not doubting you, but asking so that I can find those issues myself. I have kept up with Constantine fairly well, but it's always possible I missed an issue here or there in which he appeared, and I'd like to know what issues I'd missed.

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Madrox was never gay! Maybe his dupe was but never him. I always got the impression he was a ladies' man. I mean he had a thing for almost all the female member of the X-Factor.