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I love his response about Green Arrow. I get really annoyed when people make comments about Hawkeye being his ripoff, Iron Man being a Batman rip off, Quicksilver being a Flash ripoff, Black Cat being a Catwoman ripoff, etc. And not just because my preferred Marvel is obviously more guilty of copying power sets or motifs than DC is, because it is indeed superficial. None of these characters are defined by their powers for me. They're defined by the person in the costume and their motivations and actions. Hawkeye and Green Arrow are not at all similar characters, Quicksilver and Flash are not at all similar characters, etc., once you look past the powers or motifs and look at what really matters. I have this same attitude when people complain about movies not showing enough of a hero in costume, such as Iron Man 3. Yeah, we didn't see a lot of Iron Man action in Iron Man 3 until the final act, but I didn't come to see Tony Stark put on a robot suit and fly and shoot stuff. I came to see Tony Stark. I'm rambling now, but my point is, I love his response.

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I loved the creeping up on people reference

I didn't even make the connection when hearing the line. That's hilarious.

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That's so cool. And as a reminder, Peggy Carter is to appear in Age of Ultron. This helps explain why.

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HAHAHA awesome

@ostyo said:

Need more Prison Break actors.

T-Bag = Mirror Master.

T-Bag is already Clock King. He was excellent, but a bit underused. I think he's supposed to return either Flash or Arrow now.

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Injustice. If it was up against Asylum or City it would lose, but Origins is a letdown, losing points automatically for not living up to it's predecessors.

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Dammit, Ramos. I'm usually a fan, but there is no excuse for the shape of that woman's body.

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Well, he looks nothing like Aquaman, but I suppose this would be an instant fix to Aquaman's reputation, huh?

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Hulk destroys the buildings and harms people = Hulk is cool.

Zod kills people = Superman allowed Zod to kill people.


Your complete lack of understanding for what Hulk is and why people were pissed about Man of Steel is baffling.

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@mideonnviscera: raimi wouldve been perfect for strange. he blends horror and humor perfectly. if you dont like him because of spider-man 3, you can thank sony for that one. read up you'll find the truth.

We all know 'the truth' behind it, and you know what? Being made to use a character he didn't want to use is not an excuse for what went wrong with that movie. They gave him the stipulation of using Venom? Kay. That doesn't give him an excuse for poorly used villains all around (The Winter Soldier managed to use six villains. They don't all have to have a lot of development. Just make them not suck). That doesn't explain the retcon from the first film. That doesn't explain emo Peter or dancing Peter. That doesn't explain more cliche MJ in distress. That doesn't explain the awful casting for Eddie Brock. Come on now. A guy that makes a bad piece of art while being given stipulations is still a guy that made a bad piece of art. If I were working with a fellow musician and I told him that a song he was working on under my guidance needed to include an instrumental flute break in the key of G and he gave me back a song where not only did that break suck, but the entire song sucked, he would not be a guy that made a crappy song because I took too much creative control. He'd be a guy that made a crappy song.

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I don't know what it is about that FF suit that is so damn cool, but it just is. While Spidey has plenty of suits that are cooler than others, I typically don't even pay attention to the costumes and the changes. I would have barely even noticed that Superior was in a new costume if others hadn't pointed it out. I don't notice when Batman's costume changes between different comics. I've barely even noticed Captain America's quite radical live action costume changes. Not because I'm particularly unobservant but because the costumes matter so little to me unless it's a seriously drastic change. And, man, does that FF suit just pop out and make me pay attention.