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It's a TV spot. It's not supposed to show anything new. It's just that they can't play 3 minute commercials on cable.

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Not one thing even noticeably different. Yawn.

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Wait, when did Marvel say that they would be a year apart? I never heard that. I had assumed they would be roughly a half a year apart (two shows a year, like we typically get two movies a year), since we started getting Jessica Jones news roughly a half a year after we started getting Daredevil news. I figured that meant the production cycles were roughly 6 months apart. Anyway, I'll be really bummed if this is the case. I was hoping that these would come out fast enough that in a couple years we would be talking about other Netflix shows to follow, such as Moon Knight, or Punisher, or Elektra.

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It's funny how that certain commenter I think I read somewhere was right that they will have a shadow over half of Harvey Dent's face just to remind us that he will be dun dun DUN..Two-Face, lol. Yes, Gotham we get it, he will be Two-Face, face-palm.

Nearly every face in this article is half in shadow. It's happening to my face right now as I type this. That's not intentional. That's just how light works. *facepalm*

It honestly says a lot about this show that people have to stretch so hard to attack it.

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I can't tell if this is part of the weird Secret Wars promos or if it's an actual thing.

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All of the newly announced films have been previously rumored, and this was the only one I doubted. This feels like a mistake to me. I'm sure it will still be great, but this film is clearly not telling Civil War, and why would you screw up the opportunity to actually tell the story later on when the MCU is prepared for it? The name at least is a bad move here.

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This raises more questions about the recent events of Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man.

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I love his response about Green Arrow. I get really annoyed when people make comments about Hawkeye being his ripoff, Iron Man being a Batman rip off, Quicksilver being a Flash ripoff, Black Cat being a Catwoman ripoff, etc. And not just because my preferred Marvel is obviously more guilty of copying power sets or motifs than DC is, because it is indeed superficial. None of these characters are defined by their powers for me. They're defined by the person in the costume and their motivations and actions. Hawkeye and Green Arrow are not at all similar characters, Quicksilver and Flash are not at all similar characters, etc., once you look past the powers or motifs and look at what really matters. I have this same attitude when people complain about movies not showing enough of a hero in costume, such as Iron Man 3. Yeah, we didn't see a lot of Iron Man action in Iron Man 3 until the final act, but I didn't come to see Tony Stark put on a robot suit and fly and shoot stuff. I came to see Tony Stark. I'm rambling now, but my point is, I love his response.

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I loved the creeping up on people reference

I didn't even make the connection when hearing the line. That's hilarious.

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That's so cool. And as a reminder, Peggy Carter is to appear in Age of Ultron. This helps explain why.