Which Dark Avenger will join New Avengers? Who will die?

New Avengers #23 promo

  • The Shocking Conclusion To The Dark Avengers Saga!
  • Will One Of The Dark Avengers Become A New Avenger?
  • And Will There Be A Shocking Fatality In The Avengers Battle Of The Year?

I'm guessing it'll be Skaar to join and Victoria Hand to die

Anyone else have any thoughts and who will die?

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Posted by Rainja

I agree about Skaar becoming a "New Avenger", in regards to the fatality im clueless though. :p

Posted by zmanm407

I think it's either Jessica Jones or Victoria Hand that dies.

Mockingbird just nearly died in the title, and was just given Super Soldier and Infinity Formula "powers."

It won't be Ms. Marvel, Iron Fist or Squirrel Girl, because they're involved in the Avengers vs. X-Men crossover that's coming up.

It won't be Spider-Man or Wolverine, because.. they're Spider-Man and Wolverine. (Also in AvX)

Luke Cage is with the Thunderbolts. (Also in AvX)

The Thing is involved with the Future Foundation. (Also in AvX)

Doctor Strange is with the Defenders. (Also in AvX)

Daredevil just came back from his soul-searching, he just joined and he's got an ongoing.

The way I see it happening:

Jessica Jones dons the Jewel outfit but under the pseudonym Power-Woman, leaving Danielle in Squirrel Girl's care, and dies probably saving her husband from a beat down by Osborn.

Or Victoria Hand throws herself in front of an attack meant to kill a New Avenger, the most dramatic choice being Spider-Man.