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The Odyssey Continues 0

This issue didn't wow me as much as the past few issues have done so.  Still quite a strong effort from Phil Hester and Don Kramer (with Eduardo Pansica picking up any slack).  It's a powerful journey with some great scenes, but it doesn't feel like all that much happened.  I have a feeling this issue would've been much better in a compilation, reading each issue back-to-back.  As I've said before in earlier reviews, The Morrigan aren't that impressive as villains.  However, they've really stepp...

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Another great issue by Hester 0

This issue is jam-packed full of action, featuring Wonder Woman versus three old Wonder Woman villains: Cheetah, Giganta, and Artemis.  Now, Diana had been getting pretty cocky lately, having defeated the Dark Man, the Keres, the Huntsman, and the Minotaur.  But, these three former Amazons have surely given her a run for her money.  While it was great seeing these three beat the tar out of Wonder Woman, I didn't like how Artemis was given the spotlight out of the group.  Anyone who isn't familia...

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Wonder Woman vs. The Huntsman 0

This was a powerful second issue by Phil Hester.  Unfortunately, we do see the death of a fan-favorite character, but it leads into the further downfall of Diana as a person, as she seeks out revenge on the murderer.  The battle between Diana and Cernunnos the Centaur was intense, especially considering Diana had just had a spear impale her shoulder.  The dialogue of Cernunnos is particularly intriguing, and he makes a wonderful villain.  There's also the Minotaur, who reminds me a lot of Ferdin...

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