Ben 10-Generator Rex sequel

Cartoon Network stated that there is going to be a sequel for this awesome crossover.

And Rex is going to be visiting Ben's Universe, will Alpha return? There are no EVOs in Ben's world.

Will there be a new villain?

What're your thoughts?

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

This will be interesting, as Generator Rex hasn't been airing in forever (cancelled IIRC).

Posted by JonSmith

@DaemonTheDemon said:

And Rex is going to be visiting Ben's Universe,

And like that, you've lost me. I liked the first crossover partially because seeing Ben back in some decent animation, along with his aliens, was awesome. Bringing Rex down to Omniverse's level? I'm out.

Posted by DaemonTheDemon

@JonSmith: Tell me about it, the art is terrible, but still the sequel will be cool

Posted by AllStarSuperman

they all ready had another crossover in a cartoon network comic book i read

Posted by The Stegman

Does  Generator Rex even come on anymore?

Posted by XLR87T3

I would love to see Rex giving Ben a wedgie!