Women of Star Wars

Star Wars is one of the few fictional universes where a majority of the women are strong and heroic rather than "damsels in distress".

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Posted by Liberty

Love the premise.

Posted by EganTheVile1

Azlyn Rae, Mon Mothma, Jan Ors, Sabe and a few others should be on this but great list!

Posted by Sewbie

Love the list - but am surprised at a few of the ladies missing:

Adi Gallia, Bultar Swan, Stass Allie, Ahsoka Tano, Droo Vos, Tahl, Bant, Queen Apailana, Yaddle...

...It also may be a bit of a stretch stretch, but perhaps even Queen Jamillia, Queen Neeyutnee, Riya Chuchi, Che Amanwe Papanoida, Breha Organa, Duchess Satine, and the female members of The delegation of 2000 (Nee Alavar, Bana Breemu, Ivor Drake, Shea Sadashassa, Chi Eekway Papanoida (Che's sister), Terr Taneel, Meena Tills) could be counted amongst the strong ladies of StarWars.

Then of course, we can't leave out all the lovely she-Ewoks (Kneesaa, Latara, Malani, Asha, Ra-Lee and Chirita), who are more feisty than you're standard teddybear look-alikes. :)