For my Comic Book Hotties competition

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Posted by Nepth

Nice taste.

Posted by KillerZ
Posted by moviegeek17

Cool list. Thundra is my personal favorite though

Posted by Armored Victory

Very eclectic taste in women.  I like it!

Posted by brendon277

good list but my Personal favorite IS Elektra

You Can't say she's not sexy  
Posted by Roddy010

Posted by dstorres

I take it these are in no certain order?

Posted by Chris207

Great list...and wallpaper too!

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Posted by daedalus25
@dstorres:  a bit late on the reply, but no these are only in no particular order.  Actually I was working on putting these in order on a spreadsheet, but it turned out to be more work than I expected.  I just started working on it again.
Posted by daedalus25
@Roddy010:  Storm isn't on my list.  Blame the X-Men movies for that.  I really don't like Halle Berry at all, and my dislike of her transferred to Storm.  I've been slowly getting over it though, so Storm may make it to my list in the future. ;)  (Similarly, Mary Jane Watson also isn't on my list because I can't stand Kirsten Dunst.)
Posted by CRACKERMAN92

the ladies are HOT

Posted by Wytchblade

Some great choices.

Posted by GenesisX

Doctor Light and Saturn Queen are my favorites.

Posted by PowerHerc

Good choices.  Long list.  Good job!
Posted by doomsilver

very good taste

Posted by doomsilver

Kirsten Dunst, can't stand her either!