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Absolutely horrendous. I'm constantly reminded why I stopped buying any of the mainstream comic books. The whole "more practical" mentality is complete bollocks.

To paraphrase something I once heard, the more realistic they try to make superheroes, the less believable they become.

The reason Spider-Woman's costume has persisted for so long is because it was perfect. It didn't need modifying. It's a little sad that the vocal minority feminists are dictating the direction of comic books. Most of them don't even read comic books, and they never will. Yet DC and Marvel think they're somehow going to gain readers by appealing to them. On the other hand many female readers (at least based on the ones I know and the various blogs I read) actually enjoy the sexiness of the female superheroes and aren't asking for these costume changes.

Oh well. That's enough of the soap box for me. Fashion is cyclical, and in another decade or so, spandex will be the "new" hot thing for super heroes. (Just take a look at the X-Men when they went through their "realistic" phase.)

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@linkjt: While she is definitely getting a lot more recognition, it's only because Marvel is trying to throw her into everything they can. But the same could have been done with Ms. Marvel - it's just they didn't. It's nothing to do with the name but how much Marvel is willing to market the character.

And also, her sales haven't improved at all. They pretty much hit an all-time low for Carol. Her sales were highest when she had her own "Ms. Marvel" title. The "Captain Marvel" book is just barely hanging in there. I'm still confident that Ms. Marvel is coming back, but it might be a long wait before the current regime at Marvel has moved on. (Or if they happen to make a successful Ms. Marvel movie, since these days the comic books tend to follow movie ideas.)

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Big thumbs up from me!

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No interest in reading it. If they're going to make a character who looks like Ms. Marvel, here's a novel idea - KEEP CAROL AS MS. MARVEL. It makes no sense to invent someone new to be her substitute when we already had one who is perfectly fine at the role.

The simple solution was to invent someone new to be the Captain Marvel wannabe until the real Captain Marvel came back (which everyone already knows is going to eventually happen anyway). Sometimes I have to wonder about the people running Marvel and DC. They make inane decisions like this then wonder why their books do so poorly.

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There's only one Ms. Marvel I care about:

Carol Danvers

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Was it always going to be under the "Ms. Marvel" title, or was it originally not even that developed?

It wasn't even that developed. There was some relay about what direction to go. There were several Marvel events that were in production at that point, and there was some question as to whether we wanted to tie this character into any of those events. It started out very open-ended.

I think it was Sana's idea, because we had been talking about the most recent other big, successful rebranding of a female character, that being "Captain Marvel," and the very interesting fan culture that's come up around that, and all the great work that Kelly Sue [DeConnick] has done with it. It was in the course of that conversation that Sana came up with the idea -- "Wouldn't it be interesting if this girl was a hardcore Captain Marvel fan? A Carol Corps person?" In that case, it would make sense for her as sort of a junior female superhero who really looks up to Captain Marvel, to take up the "Ms. Marvel" mantle.

Wait, what? Successful rebranding of a female character? Are they looking at the same sales numbers I am because Captain Marvel hasn't been successful at all. Maybe Marvel just doesn't care what kind of numbers Carol brings in because they had low expectations for her anyway, but when she's bringing in far worse sales rankings than she did as Ms. Marvel, then I don't call that a successful rebranding.

But they say this is a new hero for a new generation of readers. The same thing DC said when they created the New 52 universe. The big companies are making it loud and clear that anyone born in the previous century shouldn't be reading comic books anymore. Message received, Marvel. Message received. At least Carol's still Ms. Marvel in all the new Marvel games that have been released recently.

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@perfect_10 said:

@evilvegeta74: at least dc has consistantly had female led books as part of their roster of series, but NOT marvel. do not go by what is only out now but look at the facts: supergirl, batgirl, wonder woman, birds of prey at one point all were being printed at the same time, marvel doesnt do this. they do one female led book at a time and there have been years when they had NO female lead books. case in point: she-hulk was going, then canceled and replaced with ms. marvel, then canceled and replaced with x-23 then canceled and replaced with captain marvel. things are getting better NOW in 2013 we have captain marvel, fearless defenders and x-men (which in itself shows their lack of confidence in women to not call it x-women) and next year she-hulk is coming but trust captain marvel will end by the time that happens. you cant put marvel over dc with marvel's one year of "equality" when dc has had years of female lead books such as batwoman, batgirl, supergirl, birds of prey and wonder woman.

p.s. i choose image

You couldn't be more wrong as stated Marvel has been doing it for decades, it's onlyin recent yrs that Dc has started having multiple female titles other than WW and BG and honestly, will BG hold up! Also She Hulk has had multiple titles, so has Ms. Marvel dating back to the 80's and maybe 70's in MM's case now known as Capt Marvel along with Spiderwoman and Red Sonja. Also the majority of popular female characters have had Mini-series can that be said of DC comics female characters. I can name one for every one you mention, you first! Also you are overlooking the history of marvel and look at something recent. Before you step to the plate be ready to come out swinging! I'm ready, let's go!

Sorry, but perfect_10 is right. DC has had plenty of female-centric titles and has been doing it far longer than Marvel. Wonder Woman had her own comic book in the 40s. Supergirl in the early 70s (before Ms. Marvel). Batgirl, Catwoman, and Birds of Prey go back for over a decade. Batwoman has been going strong, and Worlds' Finest is still around. And there are dozens of mini-series such as Zatanna, Gotham Sirens, and Power Girl. And those are just the ones immediately off the top of my head without doing any real research. Your implication that only Marvel is capable of maintaining female leads in comic books is quite mistaken.

But DC aside, there are other comic book publishers with female leads such as Red Sonja, Vampirella, and Witchblade that have far outlasted anything put out by Marvel.

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@dernman said:

Nothing against Katee Sackoff but if she gets the role then she's going to be what I consider the perversion "Captain Marvel" then the character Ms. Marvel I've grown to be a fan of. *waits for someone to jump on that comment.*

Now I'm not sure I want her for the role but lots of people seem to like Yvonne Strahovski for it.

Yvonne is still my #1 vote to play Ms. Marvel.

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@lykopis said:

@daedalus25 said:

@lykopis said:

If the name of a character and her aesthetic features are what keeps you away from the Captain Marvel book, then you are not a fan of the character, Ms. or otherwise. Carol Danvers is still Carol Danvers -- it's ridiculous to claim the character is "ruined" just because of a name change, haircut and uniform.

What?? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. You can call her Carol Danvers all you want, but this ISN'T the same person. Any competent writer who has written Carol in the past would NOT have her changing her name to be Captain Marvel or wearing a costume similar to his. As I already stated, 40 years ago Carol created her iconic black costume so that she WOULDN'T be associated with Captain Marvel. She is Ms. Marvel and she is proud of that. The current Captain Marvel book is nothing more than poorly written fanfiction. It's because I'm such a fan of Ms. Marvel that I refuse to read it. I've spent 1000s of dollars supporting Ms. Marvel, so your claim that I'm not a fan is rather insulting.

Don't agree with you -- either you are a fan of the character or you're not. I can understand why fans of Spider Man aren't purchasing Superior Spider Man because it's not Peter Parker -- Captain Marvel is still Carol Danvers. I like her new look and I like her taking ownership of the Captain Marvel name. But hey, you have your opinion, I have mine.

I have enjoyed the series so far and plan to continue supporting it despite declining sales indicating it's going to be cancelled soon. That's what fans of a character do. If this new rendering of Carol is translated by you as not being the character you are a fan of, so be it -- I can recognize that. To me, this is still the superhero I have enjoyed for years and hopefully will continue to do so, regardless of costume and name change.

"Either you are a fan of the character or you're not?" What kind of nonsense is that? You can be a fan a character as written by most authors and not a fan of how others have treated them. It doesn't make you not a fan of the character. Just because you choose to blindly follow a character despite how badly an author chooses to butcher her, it doesn't make you a better fan. If someone decided to take over writing Batman and decided to have him run around in a pink leotard and shine rainbows at villains, would anyone who decided to stop reading not be a true Batman fan?

If you enjoy this new direction Carol has been taken in, then fine I respect your opinion. But don't pretend you're a better fan because of it. Carol Danvers isn't a real person. It's not like she could stand up for herself and say, "Hey! There's no way in hell I would put on that marching band outfit and call myself Captain Marvel." She does whatever her current writer tells her to do. So just because a "fan" likes a character as written by a majority of authors, it doesn't mean he has to like what EVERY author does to her. So cut it with the judgmental accusations already.

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Carol returns as Ms Marvel

If only that were true. Marvel's got tunnel vision with this whole Captain Marvel nonsense. Put this book out of its misery already. Give Captain Marvel back to someone more appropriate for that name, and let Carol be Ms. Marvel again!