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For those of you complaining, what do you want from Slott? You all complained the entire run of Superior Spider-Man until it ended and now suddenly you act like you loved it from the start, and now you're complaining about what's going on with Black Cat. It's pretty clear what's happening, Felicia is pissed about SpOck ruining her life and now wants revenge. Given that Peter did that little fake out on her yelling that he's still Otto in ASM 1 or 2, Felicia has no reason to trust Spider-Man so even with Peter yelling "I was possessed by Octavious," it's not going to make her go oh ok all is forgiven.

On top of all of this we have some great side stories going on with Silk, Anna Maria, and Parker Industries (plus we see Ulrich is still around and calling himself the Goblin King) and we know shit will hit the fan once again come Spider-Verse.

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This was such a great issue. I've been aware of what's going on with Damian's death and Batman's quest to bring him back but I haven't read any of the Batman and ... series and this issue did a great job of informing new readers of what's going on. I liked that the events of Final Crisis are mentioned in the book, it does muddle with were exactly the New 52 takes place as far as overall timeline goes, but it's still nice to see DC isn't completely abandoning history. This issue alone has me hyped for a story that I originally didn't give much thought to. Even if this results in Damian coming back and a return to the status quo, it seems like the ride to getting there is going to be a fun one.

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Wow what is going on with that art in this book? Couple it with the fact that the story so far hasn't been that great and you've got one big disappointment of a relaunch. This book should have been great, young team with a couple of vets in Kitty and Jessica Drew leading them but it's just not coming together at all.

Bendis did such a great job with this cast at the end of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Fiffe doesn't seem to have remotely the same grasp on these characters that Bendis had. And I feel like Pinna never read about or heard of Miles or Ganke prior to working on this book given how terrible both of them look not just in this issue but in previous issues as well.

I had such high hopes for this book but it looks like I'll be getting rid of it from my pull list until Fiffe and Pinna get better or a new creative team takes over.

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And now I've got a new phone wallpaper. Thank you Leonardi.

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There have only been 3 movies I've ever seen in theaters in which the audiences applauded during the movie, Return of the King, Skyfall, and now Godzilla. Absolutely perfect Godzilla movie and it ranks up there with some of the best in franchise history.

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So I'm guessing they do not know that Thanos is frozen in time, since it appears that's who they are after.

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I absolutely love how pissed off people still are about this. It was pure genius by Marvel, they kept it hidden perfectly until the movie premiered and when the twist was revealed it was comedy gold. You guys need to lighten up a bit and understand that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will not do everything the same way the comics have, otherwise that would be just plain boring.

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This has been a very good event so far and Bendis and Wood have done a good job with the story up to this point and I hope that a Bendis twist doesn't come in and just throw out everything that's happened in the first half of this event. My major complaint right now is the inconsistencies in the art. Lopez's art in X-Men, I thought, was fantastic but then the art in Uncanny X-Men by Bachalo was all over the place, but mostly terrible, especially with the female characters.