Infinity Ends, Inhumanity Begins: An Inhumanity #1 Review

Marvels biggest event of the year so far, Infinity, wrapped up merely a week ago but us comic book fans don't have to wait to long to see what ramifications are in-store for the 616 thanks to Matt Fraction's newest crossover, Inhumanity.

Issue one of Inhumanity is an excellent jumping on point for any reader regardless of any prior knowledge you may or may not have of the Inhumans. If your only experience with the Inhumans is from Hickman's current New Avengers run or even just Infinity, Fraction does an excellent job of presenting us with a brief history of the Inhumans without going into an overabundance of their backstory and overburdening or potentially scaring new readers away with loads of new information all at once.

Fraction also helps to tie up some of the loose ends from Infinity, such as where Medusa and the other Inhumans were sent to by Maximus' machine and Thanos' reason for going after Black Bolt and the Inhumans. However, with these answers comes more mysteries such as what other, truer motives did Black Bolt and Maximus have for setting off the Terrigenisis bomb and destroying Attilan, as well as another tease at an impending dark future for the 616 Universe post-Infinity.

The artwork for Inhumanity #1 continues on the path of excellence that was set down by Infinity. Even though we get a trio of art teams in this issue, none of the art feels out of place or forced, everything comes across as very natural. The colorers at Marvel have brought their A-games for Inhumanity just as the did for Infinity and this issue is a must buy just for the visuals alone.

And what review isn't complete without a brief pros and cons list and rating.

Pros: A+ artwork, an excellent introduction to the story of the Inhumans for those unfamiliar with them, and Hawkeye as the last Avenger standing

Cons: The overabundance of tie-ins listed at the end

Review score: 4.5/5

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Posted by GrenadeFlow

great review

Edited by Oscars94

It was amazing. And this is from someone who isn't familiar with the Inhumans!

Posted by BlazingNova

I still haven't picked up my issue for Inhumanity but hearing that the art work is still as good as what we saw during Infinity is good news for me.